Preview: ‘The Fosters’ 2×04 “Say Something”

We’re obsessed with The Fosters, because this show touches our hearts. There is always so much going on and so much that really just has you stopping to think that your life really isn’t that bad and being a teenager is really flipping hard.

But here’s what we need to know –

1- When did Callie grow up so much?

2- How is Callie going to take meeting her sister? And how do you choose between your sister and your brother?

3- Will the Mom’s relationship survive?

4- When is Brandon going to move on from Callie?

5- Judging by the title of this episode – will the song ‘Say Something’ play?

Do you obsess over a TV Show? What is it? Is it The Fosters, like us?

And just a quick after note – if they end this episode on the door to Callie’s Dads house opening – it is on!

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