Prison Break 5×01 Recap: Ogygia

Prison Break 5x01

Oh my God the moment we have all been waiting for. The moment has arrived; Prison break is back and is just as awesome as ever.

Everything about this episode was amazing. It was exciting, dangerous, action packed everything you’d expect in a Prison Break episode, plus it is just as bat shit crazy as the original.

Anyway, on with the recap.

We’re should the first scene begin? Fox River that’s where. It took us back to the start where it all began, expect this time no one was escaping. This time T-bag’s been released but not without his belongings which involved some gum, remember the gum from season 4, it was the gum the guys gave him for his journey back to Prison. But that wasn’t all the guard passed him, he’s also received mail from Yemen. What’s was the mail? It’s a picture of a not so dead Michael with a message.

Still in Chicago and someone who’s no longer living in Panama working at his dive shop gets a surprise visit from T-Bag. T-Bag’s gone to find Lincoln to give him the shocking news. So naturally, Lincoln then heads to Sara’s to tell her the news, but she doesn’t believe it.  I think she’ll believe the news soon though. It’s no coincidence that after they find out about Michael, Lincoln’s being followed, driven off a road and Sara’s husbands shot in their house. If this doesn’t sound like the company I don’t know what does. It’s already starting to feel like the good ol’ seasons. But who are these people that are after Lincoln and Sara? Is it the company?

Now Lincoln definitely knows somethings up, so what does he do to find out if Michael’s really dead? Digs up his grave that’s what. Well it looks like the picture of Michael alive in prison wasn’t a lie after all as his graves empty. But Lincoln isn’t stupid, he knows Michael, and he knows he’ll have left him clues to find him. So Lincoln takes the jacket from the grave and also has the secret message from Michael’s picture, which spells out Orygia. Orygia is a prison in Yemen.

Lincoln now needs intel on the prison and he knows just the person, C-note. C-note isn’t how we remember him, he’s now found religion. C-note offers to help him and the two make it to Yemen but not without some problems on the way. First Michael no longer exists on the internet, so there’s no trace of him and in order to get inside the prison Lincoln has to offer his passport, which he isn’t getting back. But who’s doing all of this? How is Michael not dead?

Back with T-bag and he’s received a very suspicious email inviting him to a surgery for a prosthetic hand. T-bag takes the doctor up on his offer, but what’s the catch? It turns out that the benefactor wanted T-bag to be the first one in the experiment, but their name is Outis which means nobody, and this name is also linked to someone else.

Back in Yemen and Lincoln and C-note make it into the prison. They have a problem though; Michael isn’t going by Michael, but by Kaniel Outis. So how is this linked to T-bag? Is Michael his benefactor? Also Michael’s new name is the name of a major terrorist, something Michael is not or is he?

So now after finding out that bit of info on Michael, Lincoln is in for another shock, when Michael doesn’t recognise him and doesn’t even know who Michael is. But check out his face, he’s lying, but why? Why send T-bag that picture, and then pretend not to know your brother? Why is he also going under a different name? Is the company that followed Lincoln the reason Michael is in prison? C-note also makes the point that Michael was always the one in control, which suggests Michael planned this whole thing. Another clue is the fact that Michael left Lincoln clues from the outset, and also sent T-bag that picture.

After just one episode, we have so many questions, but that’s the beauty of Prison Break, it’s never simple.


Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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