Prison Break 5×02 Recap: Kaniel Outis

Prison Break 5x02: Kaniel Outis

He’s breaking out! Michael’s doing what he does best, timing his escape to a T, but there’s a problem. Michael isn’t escaping today, but let’s be honest that isn’t going to knock him back, he’ll keep trying.

Back in the states and Sara’s doing everything a mom would do, taking her kid to school and receiving videos proving her dead husband isn’t dead, you now ordinary day to day things. Now Sara wants answers which leads her to the State Department and who should just so happen to work there?….Kellerman. Now we know these two have history and it’s not a good history. But despite that Sara listens to what he has to say about Michael. He shows her who Michael is now, which is Kaniel Outis, Michael is now a distant memory. Kellerman makes the point that someone is erasing Michael from history and someone who’s smart enough to do that is Michael. But I’m thinking the company is also smart enough to do that, look what they did to the president’s brother.

Still in Yemen, Lincoln and C-note are still getting clues from Michael thanks to his handy paper cranes. This time his crane takes the duo into the Suburbs with the help of Sheba. Michael’s clue leads them to the ‘Sheikh of Light’ a man stuck in the suburbs. But why do they need this ‘Sheikh of Light’? Well he works for the electricity company and his son, Sid is in prison with Michael. Sid’s father is part of the escape plan. He needs to create a signal 24 hours before the escape is set to take place and then create a blackout so Michael, Whip and co can escape.

Inside, Michael and the rest of the prisoners are gearing up for the release of the terrorists from the Shu. But Michael’s mind is still on his escape. We know Michael likes to take drastic measures to put his escape plans into motion and this one sends him to the infirmary. Looks like Michael’s still crazy as ever. There’s something in the infirmary that Michael needs, this time he won’t be falling in love with the nurse, no he needs drugs. Earlier we were introduced to one of Michael’s cellmates and he’s going cold turkey. Obviously if he’s part of the escape, Michael can’t have a liability, so the drugs were for him. But Michael also uses this to his advantage, drugs in exchange for the prisoners cell phone. Michael’s ordering Pizza.

After getting intel on Michael from Kellerman, there’s even more news on the now Kaniel Outis, or is it Michael? Kellerman sends Sara footage from four years ago which shows Michael murdering someone, but Michael wouldn’t do that, or would he? As we know, this wouldn’t be the first time someone’s been set up.  We all know how Lincoln ended up in prison. So is someone setting Michael up? Or did he in fact kill someone? It all looks like a company job to me.

It’s not over for Sara yet though. Sara goes to pick up Mikey from school, but where is he? Not to worry he’s there, but he’s looking for the pizza man that left him an origami flower, so that’s why Michael wanted a pizza. But check out the flower, it looks a lot like the one Michael made for Sara in prison in season one. As we know, any origami made by Michael will have a clue or a warning and he’s making sure his family is safe as he warns Sara to get her and Mikey to a safe place as a storm is coming. Michael must have a plan as to why he’s in prison, because he’s leaving clues for everyone as if this is part of the plan.

Back at the prison and the terrorists are being released from the Shu, this could spell bad news as they will try to kill the foreigners, meaning Michael. It might be too late but then Michael gets his 24 hour warning, so the escape is on. Then there’s a shocker, Michael knows the lead terrorist, in fact they seem quite friendly, he even calls Michael brother. So Michael was never going to be killed by the terrorist, no Michael was taking him with him on the escape.


Questions we have after episode two

  • What is Michael up to?
  • Did he really kill the man in the photos?
  • Why is he friends with the terrorists?
  • Why has he changed his name?
  • Is the Company back?

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