‘Prison Break’ 5×03 Recap: The Liar

Prison Break 5x03 The Liar

The escape is on, or is it?

Michael has had his 24 hour warning and now he needs to put his escape plan into motion. First he needs to get a message to Lincoln. Michael’s message though isn’t a message, it’s a map, showing Lincoln where he will be once over the prison wall.

Now that Lincoln and C-note have Michael’s map, they find his bunker with all his escape plans, and everything he needs to get out of the country. C-note finds out Michael is also trying to get the lead terrorist out, Ramal. C-note wants to know who they are helping escape Kaniel Outis or Michael Scofield?

Back in the prison and tensions are definitely running high between Whip and Michael as loyalty and trust is questioned. Whip and Michael were originally sent to Ogygia to break Ramal out, but as Whip lets us in, that was supposed to be four years ago, but the CIA have abandoned them. Now Michael is only interested in getting him, Whip, Ja and Sid out, but is he as Whip starts to question his intentions. This now explains why Michael tried to break out a week into being there and why he hasn’t managed to escape since. After being caught the first time, he was sent to the Shu for four years. But the question is, why is he doing all of this? Why has been sent on secret missions to break people out of prisons?

Back in the States and Sara’s got her own problems. The CIA are after her, they need her to lead them to Michael or Outis as they know him by. The only way to find Michael is to hack her phone. Obviously Sara isn’t stupid and baits the CIA into a phone shop. She’s got her suspicions confirmed and as she does a little escaping herself we hear the CIA agents discuss if Poseidon will just let them kill Sara instead of following her. Poseidon is the same person that put Whip and Michael in Ogygia. My next question is, why do they need Sara to lead them to Michael when Poseidon already knows where Michael is?

Before the agents caught up to Sara at the phone shop, Sara wanted to know who hacked her phone. Well she’s about to find out… it was she who hacked her own phone, her own fingerprint was used. Obviously we know Sara isn’t going to hack her own phone, so who got her finger print? Kellerman, that’s who. Remember in the last episode when he offered her a glass for her water, well that leaves fingerprints and fingerprints shady Kellerman can use.

With Whip starting to lose faith in the whole escape idea, Michael carries on with his plans. One of those plans is to steal a guard’s watch. Stealing that watch will set off a chain of events meaning the gang can escape. Now that the watch is missing, everyone is on lock down until it’s found, meaning Michael and co are locked in their cell and Ramal is locked in his, with no chance of escaping.

Outside the prison C-note and Sid’s dad are doing their part in the plan, creating a blackout. But this blackout comes with even bigger problems. As the prisoners have their cells tossed to find the stolen watch, this gives them the advantage to cause a riot, which leaves one of Michael’s men behind.

With no choice but to leave poor Sid in their cell, Michael, Whip and Ja continue on with the escape. They make it as far as the roof before being caught and once again Michael ends up in the shu. Michael however still has Ja’s phone that be borrowed earlier and uses the remaining 2% of battery to record a message for Sara. In his message he tells her this was all for her and she’ll see how much he loved her. But what was for her? How is Michael in prison helping Sara? How does Michael’s prison deal save her? This is also the moment we realise Michael is still Michael, thinking he might die at the hands of Ramal, Michael begs Sara not to let anyone put Kaniel Outis on his head stone, he wants his real name, Michael Scofield. Oh we knew Michael was still Michael and he never really became Kaniel.


Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 8/9c on FOX.

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