‘Prison Break’ 5×05 Recap: Contingency

Prison Break  Contingency

Oh no I can’t handle this, Sid not Sid!

Before we get to the scene that smashed our hearts into a million pieces, we’re going to start with Sara’s situation. So last week T-bag found out who Poseidon is, or who we at least suspect it is. Now T-bag’s delivering the news to Sara. She’s not happy that she’s been sleeping with the enemy, obviously, who would be. Sara’s now freaked and with Lincoln out recusing brothers and everything, Sara’s on her own. Jacob tries to explain himself and he’s got a whole story worked out to explain the pictures. He was trying to protect his family, by bribing the hitmen and then tracking them. And now Sara has to identify them in a line up. But this whole story just doesn’t sound that convincing.

Now, back in Yemen and Michael, Lincoln, Whip, Ja and Sid are on the run. Problem is though, they don’t have anywhere to hide when every terrorist knows what they look like.

Wanting revenge for the death of Ramal, Isil put a bounty on their heads,  getting to the border isn’t going to be one easy task. Obviously, Michael has a plan, get to the border and catch a train. But his plan was worked out four years ago and a lot has changed in Yemen in those four years.  Michael wants to carry on with his plan to head up north to the border, but Lincoln has another plan… the airport. But before they even start Lincoln wants answers and he wants them now.

This is the moment everything starts to make sense. Remember when Kellerman exonerated everyone but T-bag? Well it turns out he didn’t have that kind of power, so no one was exonerated. So while everyone’s enjoying their new found freedom, Michael gets a call from Poseidon. He wanted to make a deal with Michael. He work for him and help break criminals out of prison and everyone gets to remain free. Michael tells Lincoln it was all for family, it was all for love. He’d rejected the deal at first, but then when Sara was imprisoned he had no choice but to save her, making a deal with Poseidon.

As the gang head to the train station, it’s already been taken over by Isil as Lincoln tried to tell them. So now they have to run once again. Isil might be after them but there’s one terrorist in particular out for them and that’s Cyclops. It isn’t long till Cyclops has caught up to them, and as they try to escape not everyone makes it out alive. While everyone runs for cover, Sid’s shot down by Cyclops, and I’m not ok with it, why Sid? Like he hadn’t had a hard enough time already. Now the gang have to make it to the airport and it’s their only option left if they’re going to make it.

At the airport, C-note’s doing his part in the escape plan but things start to go eerie when Isil show up. Michael, Whip, Lincoln and Ja are now against the clock if they’re going to make it to the airport in time. C-note’s found a plane, and a pilot but as Isil take over, there’s no other option but for Lincoln to let C-note and Sheba go if they’re going to survive. So now, Michael, Lincoln, Whip and Ja have been left behind, are out of options and have no way of getting out of the county.

Check out the promo for next week below. Things are looking even worse for Michael.



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