‘Prison Break’ 5×07 Photos and Synopsis: Wine Dark Sea

Prison Break 5x07 Wine Dark Sea

It’s the reunion we’ve all been waiting for. Michael and Sara will finally come face to face, although it’s not under the best circumstances.

This week it looks like Michael might be biting the dust for real this time, and the only person that can help is Sara. But she’s not the only one enlisted to help, Sucre’s also back. All I can say is, at last, it was about time Sucre was brought into the fold.

And to top it off Poseidon will also be exposed, phew it’s going to be one hell of an episode.

Anyway, we have your sneak peek here. Fox has released the official episode stills and synopsis for episode seven titled: Wine Dark Sea. Check them out below.



Sara becomes fearful of her family’s safety when she discovers the real reason that Michael faked his own death. In the meantime, Michael and Lincoln continue to try find a way home with the help of Sucre, and the real identity of Poseidon is revealed in the all-new “Wine Dark Sea” episode of PRISON BREAK.

Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox

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