‘Prison Break’ 5×07 Recap: Wine Dark Sea

Prison Break 5x07 Wine Dark Sea

Last week we saw Michael and Cyclops fight it out in the middle of the desert leaving Michael poisoned. So this week, Michael is against the clock before he bites the dust and it would be for good this time. With Michael needing care asap, the gang need to head to Greece, so boat is the way to go. But now they’re a man down as Ja decides to stay behind. There’s no walls in the desert.

Now, Michael, Lincoln and Whip are headed to Greece, but who’s going to save Michael. He can’t go to hospital or any airport because of the whole terrorist Kaniel Outis thing, so the only option is Sara.

Sara’s decided to meet them in Greece and finally the two are reunited! But there’s no time for any lovey dovey reunion, she’s got some saving to do. Michael’s now in the clear. While Sara wants answers, all Michael wants is to see a picture of Mike, and doesn’t have to worry she doesn’t call him Junior. So while Michael’s looking through the pictures, he stumbles upon a picture that he doesn’t look too happy to see. Sara has a picture of Poseidon, but we know him as Jacob. We knew it was him, that whole story about trying to bribe the hitmen and then following them, we knew that story was crap.

Anyway Michael tells Sara all about Poseidon/Jacob  and how he tried to make a deal with Michael. But then when Michael wouldn’t take the deal, he made sure Michael had to no choice but to say yes. It was Poseidon who put Sara in prison, basically leaving Michael no choice but to accept.

The guys now need to get the hell out of Greece before Michael’s found. So it’s back onto a boat, and this time they need Sucre.

Before the guys get out of dodge, it’s time for Michael and Sara to part ways. Sara needs to get back to America and save Mike before Jacob does anything. Michael tells Sara to put on her mask just like Poseidon’s mask is Jacob’s. But Sara doesn’t keep her mask on for long as she holds Jacob at gun point. Her plan doesn’t go to plan though, when she asks her friend to pick up Mike from his friends but Jacob’s one step ahead. Jacob already has the hitmen at her house to take her and Mike down if Sara doesn’t do as she’s told.

Now on Sucre’s boat or rather the boat he works on, the gang can escape. While Michael and co catch up with Sucre, it’s not long before the US military are on board ready to take them down. While Sara was trying to do her own escaping back in America, Jacob made sure Michael’s face was everywhere. And one of those places was to make sure his face was seen on every boat. So of course, Sucre’s boss got the wanted poster and reported it. Now Michael, Lincoln and Whip have to escape again. But this time they have to somehow escape a boat that’s in the middle of nowhere. Good job Sucre knows a little bit about boats as he sends it into international waters, forcing the military to flee.

But they’re not out of the woods yet.  The military decide to bomb the boat instead, which means Michael, Lincoln, Whip and Sucre have no choice but to jump.

Need to now what’s happening next? Check out the promo or next week’s episode below.



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