‘Prison Break’ 5×08 Recap: Progeny

Prison Break 5x08 Progeny

Sorry guys, I know it’s late this week, but the recap is here, so let’s get recapping.

Well what an episode, we had two shocking revelations this week.

Before we get to that, we need to find out what’s happening with Michael and co. So Michael, Lincoln, Whip and Sucre are stuck in the middle of the Mediterranean sea after jumping ship. After been rescued the gang end up in France. Michael’s obviously eager to get back home, but Poseidon/ Jacob seems to know Michael’s every move.

Still in France Michael texts Sara, but he knows somethings up when “Sara” texts Michael calling Mike, Jr.  They agreed they would never call him Jr, so Michael needs to get home asap. It’s not Sara texting it’s Jacob.

How are they going to get home though when their faces are on every news channel and posted everywhere? It’s time for Lincoln to turn back to his past. Remember in episode one when Lincoln was running away from those gangsters because Lincoln owed them 100k. Well it turns out that gangster is Abruzzi’s kid. Now Lincoln needs to ask him a favour, good luck with that though when they want their money or him dead. But Lincoln and Michael need a flight home and what better way than through a drug smuggling operation that will obviously go under the radar.

We now flashback to six years ago and Poseidon’s prepping Michael for his next assignment. And we can already see Michael’s got his new ink on his arms. So has he been planning this whole thing all along? Because this would have been two years before entering Ogygia. How did he know he would need those tattoos? This is also the moment we see Jacob’s lair and Michael recruits Whip.

Back in present day and Abruzzi’s kid has got them their plane. At the airport Lincoln, Michael and Sucre board a flight for New York. But Whip is sent to Chicago to find out why he’s Michael’s whip hand.

Now back in New York, Michael and Lincoln meet up with Abruzzi Jr and he’s ready to take down Lincoln. But Michael and Lincoln have a plan, which C-note and Sheba have been roped into. Obviously Lincoln’s playing with fire so he needs an escape plan and that’s where C-note and Sheba come into it. They’re playing DEA agents in the plan which should scare Luca Abruzzi off and the plan works. Michael and Lincoln now team up with Sheba to find Sara and Mike.

At Sara’s house, Jacob’s holding her hostage and Mike is none the wiser as he draws his friend a treasure map. What’s special about the map? Well it isn’t just your ordinary map. Mike’s put clues within the drawing to find the treasure. Now who does that sound like? Mike’s just like his dad.

Michael, Lincoln and Sheba arrive at Sara’s house but no one’s home. Michael though does find out why Sara never contacted him. Over the years he sent Sara his paper cranes but Jacob always threw them away and now Michael’s found them. He thought he was been secretive with his codes but Jacob was always onto him. Maybe Michael isn’t as mysterious as he thinks.

With no luck at the house, Michael wants to meet “Sara” tomorrow. Now the trio can follow Jacob. Jacob’s abandoned his car and Michael thinks Mike has left him a clue or a treasure map in the car telling him exactly where he is. Problem though, Mike didn’t draw the map, Jacob did. It’s now time for the brothers to get to the lake house and do some saving, but this is also the part where Sheba and Lincoln part ways. Lincoln wants Sheba to go back to her family before anything happens to her. And we finally get the kiss, finally, we knew these two had something.

Back with Whip and he’s made it to Chicago. Following Michael’s coordinates, he ends up in the middle of a lake. Obviously, Michael will have left him something, but it just looks like a jar of blood. Anyway, when he gets back to land, T-bag’s waiting for him. Michael’s sent T-bag there and in his note to him, told him he might have to take a life. This was the moment I thought Michael was about to betray Whip and have him killed. But no an even bigger shocker. Michael knew Whip would thrive in prison, be able to handle himself. Why? Because his dad was able to handle prison life, it’s in his genes. Yep, T-bag has a freaking kid. He’s Whip’s father!!!

While we tried to get over that twist, Michael and Lincoln still had some saving to do. They head to the lake house, they’ve waited for Jacob to leave and Michael makes his move to save Mike and Sara.  While Michael’s on the saving part of the plan, Lincoln’s on lookout duty. And when it looks like Michael’s about to be rumbled because Jacob’s back, it turns out it’s not Jacob but Luca and he’s shot Lincoln.

That’s not the only problem they’ve got. In the lake house, Sara’s not Sara, it’s A&W and she’s armed. Now Michael somehow has to get Mike out of there before everybody ends up shot.

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