‘Prison Break’ 5×09 Recap: Behind The Eyes

Prison Break 5x09 Behind the eyes

Sorry it’s late, but here’s our last recap, it’s the last one guys.

So the episode starts six minutes before Michael tries to save Mike and Sara at the lake house. The last episode we didn’t know where Sara was, Sara wasn’t Sara, it was AandW. Now we know Sara was there the whole time, Jacob had her held hostage in the basement. As Sara tries to tell Van Gogh the truth, his doubts about the whole situation come back. Now he wants to ask Michael some questions and wants out but as AandW keeps telling him, he can never leave the operation and he ends up shot.

With Van Gogh shot, and AandW still after Michael, he, Mike and Sara need to get out. Michael tells Mike to run to his Uncle Linc but there’s a problem as Lincoln’s been shot and Jacob shows up. Mike’s taken by Jacob and now Michael and Sara have to get Lincoln to the hospital before it’s too late.

Now Jacob has Mike, he takes him to his secret lair. While they’re in hiding, Michael and Sara are hatching a plan. Michael demands Jacob hand over Mike, but when Mike calls Jacob his dad, it might be up to Sara to get their son back. On with their plan and Michael also needs the newly reunited son and father, Whip and T-bag on his side. All we know so far is, Michael needs T-bag to kill Jacob and the plan is all about timing, naturally, it wouldn’t be a Michael plan if it wasn’t well organized and timed.

On with the plan, and Michael lures Jacob to the zoo and now we know why Michael was obsessed with the zoo. The zoo was all part of Michael’s plan. While there, Jacob’s had his computer geek assistant translate one of Michael’s tattoos. It translates to: “never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake”. The zoo was just a distraction while Michael got on with the real plan…getting into Jacob’s lair. With Jacob now knowing he’s made the mistake, Michael calls to make a deal, give him Mike and he’ll give Jacob his hard drives back that he’s stole that holds all his incriminating evidence.

Right, now let’s not forget Lincoln. After been shot by Luca, Michael and Sara rushed him to hospital. Obviously Michael couldn’t stay, well for one, he was wanted by the FBI and two, he had some saving to do.  After his surgery and not on doctors’ orders, Lincoln’s discharged himself, he hasn’t got time to be messing about at the hospital and is ready to take down Luca once and for all.

Back with Michael and he’s ready for his showdown with Jacob and this is where T-bag and Whip come in. Everyone’s got a gun on each other, but when Whip tries to take on AandW it doesn’t end well. I really thought Whip might have had this one, but things go wrong. AandW clearly isn’t someone to mess with as she shoots Whip. And we’re just as devastated as T-bag.

At this point, Jacob’s called the FBI and as they swarm in, T-bag takes his revenge, killing AandW and Michael lures Jacob into a trap. While everything’s going down, Sara and Lincoln manage to save Mike and now everything’s on Michael to stop Jacob.

As the FBI fill the warehouse, Michael needs a quick change, why does he need a change of clothes? Well Michael’s got a plan to finally frame Jacob for the murder he framed Michael for. Michael’s got a whole scene set up that looks just like where the head of the CIA was shot, and Jacob would finally be caught. Jacob clearly not as smart as Michael thinks the FBI will find the whole scene, but Michael isn’t stupid. It’s all been set up that the FBI won’t find it, it’s all in the back of a lorry, so the evidence isn’t staying around for long.

As this is Prison Break, it can’t go without a few hitches. Jacob wasn’t going to let Michael go without a fight. At this point, the FBI have caught up and Michael’s arrested because of the whole Kaniel Outis thing. But he’s not the only one arrested, Jacob’s finally caught. It turns out Michael wasn’t only at Jacobs secret lair for the hard drives, he was planting evidence of the CIA murder. Remember that jar of blood Whip had? Well it was the CIA agent’s blood, so Michael had been planning this whole thing for  years.

Now Michael’s taken for questioning by the FBI and they even offer him a job. Michael’s not interested though, he just wants his freedom and he’s granted his wish thanks to Jacob’s computer assistant.  Michael’s now free for real this time, and I don’t think he’ll be breaking out of anymore prisons anytime soon.

Someone not seeing their freedom is Jacob. Where’s he at? Well he’s only gone and landed himself at good ol’ Fox River. Let’s hope he likes his new celly, maybe he can hold his trouser pocket. Yep, it’s T-bag!!! He’s back at Fox River.

And that’s a wrap, the last episode. Will a season six happen? Let’s hope so, we need more.

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