‘Prison Break’5×06 Recap: Phaeacia

Prison Break 5x06 Phaeacia

They’re still not free! Michael, Lincoln, Whip and Ja are still on the run trying to find any way possible out of Yemen. But before we get to all that, let’s start with those crazy ass hitmen.

So last week Sara identified the hitmen and they went to jail. Now we all know it’s not going to be as simple as that and they would stay behind bars. We know Prison Break and we know what people like the company do, so it was no surprise when they got bail.

Back out in the real world, the two of them are still following orders, which is to find Michael. To do that, they end up at a company that deals in surveillance and can get anywhere in the world, so that works out well for them. Having made a deal to get in the surveillance room, they manage to find and watch Michael’s every move. One half of the hitmen team wants Michael but the other maybe not so much as he tips Isil off on the whereabouts of Michael  or Kaniel as they know him.

Now let’s get back to Michael and Lincoln. They’re still on the run with Isil still hot on their tail but they’re not the ones to worry about. Cyclops is the one to worry about, and he’s determined to find them and kill them.

Michael, Lincoln, Whip and Ja head to the desert but before they get even get on the run, Michael makes a pit stop. I don’t know if Michael thinks he has all the time in the world or gone a little crazy, but somehow he thinks he has time to video chat. And he doesn’t have as much time as he thinks, as Isil show up. But he does manage to get a picture of himself to whoever he was talking to. Whip however knows how to make one shot count as he blows up Isil, leaving them the chance to run.

It’s now time for the gang to hit the desert but not without Cyclops far behind. The gang have two cars, but they stand no chance of escaping with Cyclops chasing them, so they need a plan. Michael’s going to be the distraction while the rest of them escape and get to freedom. So now, they need to move gas from one car into the other, leaving just enough gas in one for Michael to lead Cyclops away.

While Lincoln, Whip and Ja head to a village, Michael tricks Cyclops into following him. But now Michael has a problem, he has no more gas. Tricking Cyclops into thinking someone’s left in the car, Michael takes the opportunity to steal his car. Obviously it wasn’t going to be just as easy as stealing it, no. No instead, Cyclops isn’t going down without a fight and a fight is what he gets, leaving him with a screwdriver in his eye, yes in his eye and Michael stabbed.

It’s now a race against time to try and find Lincoln. He’s supposed to follow Lincolns marks in the desert left by his car, but it’s not as simple as that. One , it’s a big ass desert and two, Michael doesn’t know where he’s going, he’s basically driving blind. And on top of that, he’s losing a lot of blood and the car he stole has broken down.

On the plus side Lincoln, Whip and Ja have made it to the village where a boat is waiting. Although all Lincoln wants to do is find Michael.  Determined not to leave his baby bro behind, Lincoln gets creative. In the car they got from Sheba’s friend are fireworks, so Lincoln sets off some signals in the hopes Michael will find them. And his plan works, Michael manages to get to the village, but it’s not all good news and he collapses. It looks like Michael doesn’t have long left to live.

Back in the states though, and the hitmen has found the man Michael was video chatting to. It’s an Elvis wannabe/impersonator. Now this makes no sense, who is this mysterious man?

Need to know what’s happening next, check out the promo for next week’s episode.



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