‘Prison Break’ 5×04 Recap: Prisoners Dilemma

Prisoners Dilemma

They’re out, no need for timings and well thought out plans, all you need is for the prison to go into chaos.

Inside the prison Michael, Whip, Ja and Ramal have landed themselves in the shu following their failed escape attempt last week. Outside the prison, the whole country is going to ruin as Isil take over. What does this mean for the prison? Well the guards abandon ship and the prisoners are left to run riot.

One prisoner trying to take control who’s holding a grudge against Michael and Ramal wants revenge.  He wants inside the shu and he’s going to stop at nothing to get in. Before he gets his revenge, he wants Ramal as insurance as safe passage out of the prison.

Over in the states, T-bag and Sara are still working together to find out who Poseidon is. At this point, I think we can all say we think its Kellerman. But as T-bag ends up at Kellerman’s house drinking his first ever kale smoothie, we find out it isn’t him at all. Poseidon is an ex CIA agent that’s gone rogue. So no one knows who he is.  We know Kellerman isn’t lying thoguh as the two hit men that were after Sara show up. This Poseidon dude really doesn’t want his cover blown as Kellerman ends up shot in the head and T-bag has to call 911 for help. T-bag had to call for 911! Well there sure is a first for everything.

Back in Prison, Lincoln is trying to get Michael out but needs the keys from a guard that’s bailed. But Michael not knowing Lincoln’s coming for him as a plan, he always has a plan. While Michael spent the last four years in the shu, you’d think he’d become quite familiar with his cell, and we aren’t wrong.  He also has his trusty engineer skills that come in handy. Anyway, Ramal is in Michael’s old cell in the shu, and it all starts in there. After Ramal frees Michael, Michael can free Whip, Ja and even Ramal.

It turns out everyone wants Ramal on side for insurance.  Michael makes a deal with him, he helps Ramal escape and Ramal ensures him safe passage out of the country. As they finally escape picking Sid up along the way, it looks like Ja’s becoming a liability, so Michael has no choice but to kick him out of the escape plan. But Ja’s got something of Michael’s, it looks like a location. As Ja heads to the storage unit where Michael’s being holding all his and Whip’s stuff to help them escape, Michael, Whip, Sid and Ramal show up. This whole time it was a trap for Ramal, Ja was never out of the team.

Ramal isn’t stupid though and has his men barricade Whip, Michael, Sid and Ja in and things start to look a little dicey. But one person Michael can count on is his big bro as Lincoln comes in to save the day and we find out Whip is a little cray cray as he takes down Ramal.

But the gang now have even bigger problems as Ramal’s men filmed his murder and have declared war on them. So escaping prison was one thing, how do you escape the terrorists?

Back in the states and Sara’s problems are about to get even bigger too. T-bag’s managed to follow the hit men and they lead him straight to Poseidon, or should we say Jacob as we all know him as. That’s right, Jacob is Poseidon! Or we think he is anyway, the whole thing looks very suspicious.


  • Is Jacob Poseidon?
  • What does Poseidon want with Michael?
  • Why did Poseidon hire Michael?
  • Will Michael and Sara see each other again?


Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox

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