Queerly Not Straight: Friendly Reminder that ‘Roswell, New Mexico’s Michael Guerin is Bisexual

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You know what’s bisexual?

This is bisexual.


And so is this.


I know, I’m blowing some of your minds and you’ll never be able to recover. But it’s true. Both of these make Michael Guerin from Roswell, New Mexico bisexual. Simple as that. The odd thing, and something that I personally can’t wrap my mind around, is the visceral reaction many Roswell, New Mexico fans had when Michael and Maria slept together.

Michael is bisexual. Michael was not in a committed relationship with Alex. And oh yeah, Michael is bisexual so that means he’s totally down with sleeping with men and women. And I don’t see how Michael did anything wrong when he had sex with Maria DeLuca. He has chemistry with her and this wasn’t a throw away episode where the bisexual gets his jollies off with everyone around them. Michael gets along with Maria and the sentiment is returned.

But what about Malex!? Well, dear reader. Malex is still a go. Michael and Alex weren’t together when Michael slept with Maria. And I’ve got to believe that someone like Alex wouldn’t get butt hurt because Michael slept with Maria. They weren’t together and he had pushed Michael away countless times. Michael wasn’t supposed to save himself like some virgin sacrifice for whenever Alex was ready to try something between them.


If anything, I think Alex would understand why Michael and Maria slept together and just keep moving along because it doesn’t change how he feels about Michael or Maria. Hell, even Maria would understand and be like, “Guerin, it doesn’t matter if we boned. That’s in the past. I see you trying to work things out with Alex and that’s amazing. Also, you break Alex’s heart and I’ll go after those appendages like I promised.”

I know we’re not used to adults actually adulting and not doing shit just to stir the drama pot, but Roswell, New Mexico isn’t that place. They don’t have time for the drama pot because death, aliens, and possible serial killers are more important than who boned who. Also, give Cadly Mack some damn credit. She’s leading you down a different road when it comes to a bisexual like Michael Guerin and it’s ok to have faith and believe that Malex will be ok because I think they will be in Mack’s hands.

I have one small bone left to pick in this “Michael and Maria slept together and the heteros are trying to erase Malex.” Michael DOES want to be with Alex and no one is trying to erase Malex. You don’t look at someone the way that Michael looks at Alex and not want something epic together. And Maria and Michael sleeping together, it doesn’t mean that Michael cares about Alex any less or that they’re doing Malex dirty. Michael had an experience as a bisexual man and that’s it, advance to go, collect $200 dollars.

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So, this is the end of your friendly reminder that Michael is bisexual. He slept with Maria. And now he’s trying to work things out with Alex and get to know each other better. No one did anything wrong and Michael and Alex are adulting the hell out of this by trying to get to know each other for more than just a good roll in the hay. Simple. That’s it.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Queerly Not Straight posts every Tuesday with opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx community since I am Latinx.)

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