A Real Life One Chicago First Responder Moment

Jesse Lee Soffer and Nick Gehlfuss save lives on a weekly basis as Jay and Will Halstead on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med, respectively. But it’s times when those life-saving moments translate into real life that make our hearts go “AWW” and also our minds go “COOL.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Soffer recounted a night when he and onscreen brother Gelhfuss were leaving Soffer’s apartment when they witnessed a two-car accident that sent one car careening into a 10-foot ditch.

When Gehlfuss asked Soffer what they should do, Soffer remembers saying, “Run!” And the two actors rushed toward the car in the ditch without a thought. They were able to pull the woman in the car out through the passenger side window while calling 911 to the scene. Luckily the woman was okay and the quick, smart thinking of these actors that play heroes on television paid off.

But perhaps the coolest moment came when the woman saw Soffer and Gehlfuss and had a fangirling moment when she realized who they were.

“You’re that doctor,” she said when looking at Gehlfuss.

“Ahh!” she said when she turned and saw Soffer.

“She recognized both of us,” Soffer said. “It was hilarious. Like we’re saving her life pulling her out of a car. You can’t write this stuff.”

Not only do they save lives on their respective shows, but they’re heroes in real life, too!

Catch Soffer and Gehlfuss saving lives on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med on Wednesdays and Thursdays on NBC.

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