#Reign 1×12 Royal Blood recap

Reign returned this week and so much happened!  Spoilers below!

clarissaClarissa, after finding out that Catherine is actually her mother, is going through Catherine’s things in her rooms.  She finds a small chest with locks of the royal children’s hair, probably from their first haircuts.  She picks up a small lock of hair with a ribbon tied around it, labeling the hair as prince Henry’s.

Two people enter the rooms, the servant saying they have it all to themselves since Catherine is still locked away in her tower, awaiting sentencing for her adultery.  They go to the bed, and Clarissa watches them from behind a room partition.

Mary finds Bash in the stable grooming a horse.  Bash questions why she missed their morning ride was it a date?  It was a date right?  They were totally going to have a date on horseback.  She apologizes, admitting she was up all night worrying since they have not yet heard from the Vatican about his legitimization.  He tells her not to worry, since it will not cause the Pope to make a decision any sooner.  And he promises her that as soon as they do hear anything the two will be wed like they want.

However, Mary tells Bash that she is also worried about Catherine’s youngest sons.  She has seen them moping throughout the castle, worrying about the fate of their mother.  Mary decides she is going to take them into a nearby village for a fair, to try and take their minds off of what is to come of their family.

Bash tells Mary how kind she is, kissing her goodbye.  Um, not that I am not all YAY MASH!  But really?  It was all, “I am not Francis but please open your heart to me” to kissing freely.  No relationship development?  No screen time getting to know you.  I understand they have gone through a lot together in a short amount of time.  But really?  Hiding from pagans and attempted death by bubbles and that’s it?

Mary, Charles and Henry head into the village.  She tells them about everything they will experience at the fair, letting them know there will be children their age to play with as well.  Charles tells her that he wishes his mother would be there with them, and asks if they will be able to see her before she dies.  Mary tries to get their minds of their mother’s impending death, saying Catherine would want them to have fun.

Along the way the carriage passes some villagers on the road, and when they look into the open carriage the villagers recognize the princes.  They attack the carriage, screaming “Death to queen Catherine and her lines” as they rock the carriage back and forth.

The servant is cleaning up Catherine’s room, closing the chest that Clarissa had left open.  Clarissa makes a noise, gaining the servant’s attention.  She sees Clarissa hiding behind a curtain and when she pulls it back Clarissa attacks, eventually snapping the servant’s neck.  

Mary informs Catherine of the attack on her children, but lets her know they are safe and with Bash at the moment.  Catherine warns Mary of the outcome of her actions, saying harm will come to her orphaned children when the line of succession changes.  Mary’s sole intentions were to save Francis, but she will do everything in her power to ensure no harm comes to Catherine’s other children, saying she will raise them as her own (with Bash).

She goes on to say that she wants to help Clarissa as well, having a mask made to hide her deformity and eventually integrating her into her own set of rooms.  Catherine thinks this plan is madness, that Clarissa has hid in the shadows her entire life and she is now more animal than human.  Catherine thinks the best course of action would be to kill Clarissa, but Mary cannot see Catherine wanting that on any of her children.

I was upset to see that Mary was willingly alone with Catherine.  After the attempt on her life, I would have thought Mary learned her lesson.  She does keep her distance though, taking a step back when Catherine takes a step towards her, but the door is still closed and Catherine is too conniving to be trusted.  I was amused by the handcuffs just laying on Catherine’s pillow though.  Did they cuff her to bring her back to her cell but then leave them?

Charles and Henry are playing together, while Clarissa watches them through a crack in the wall from the hidden tunnels.  She has the chest with the locks of hair with her, as well as the mask that Mary had made.  Clarissa seems happy about the mask at first, removing the burlap sack from over her head and putting it on.  But after looking into a piece of mirror, Clarissa smashes the mirror and continues to look upon the boys.

Pulling a lock of hair out of the chest, Clarissa pulls out a piece of her own head (including blood and scalp), tying it around the lock in her hand.

Bash and Mary question Hugo about how they can keep the princes safe.  He explains that a royal will never be safe, and he muses how Bash can grow up in Court but not understand the intricacies of it.  He says that although he was once against Bash becoming the next king, he knows how to pick the winning side.  He warns that the boys need to be dealt with, but says he did not insinuate killing them when Mary questions.  He explains that people are never happy, and blood will eventually be spilled, whether it is Bash and Mary’s or another’s.

When alone, Bash tells Mary that he agrees with Hugo and the boys need to be sent away from Court.  He explains that he does not want them growing up afraid of their own shadows.  Mary reasons that they should stay and try to have a normal childhood, since she still had plots against her life when she was at the convent at age 6 I thought it was 9?.  Bash doesn’t think anyone could have a normal life in a Royal Court.

He tells her that she just feels guilty for taking away what is rightfully theirs.  She combats that with him being reminded of Francis every time he looks at them.  He is wounded, asking if she really believes that of him.  Mary forbids Bash from sending Charles and Henry away, saying she promised Catherine that she would keep them safe and that King Henry will side with her since she will give him England.

Bash leaves to have the guards doubled around his half brothers, asking if that will show he actually loves them.

I don’t know why this just dawned on me, but if King Henry is dead set on acquiring England, why doesn’t he wed Mary himself?  He can annul his marriage to Catherine (since she was proved to be an adulterer) and take Mary as his own.  I DO NOT want this to happen, but I am just confused as to why Henry just doesn’t wed Mary to get what he wants.

Lola enters what appears to be a brothel/casino in Paris, seemingly looking for someone she would recognize.  Someone calls her name, and she turns to find her brother, Frederick, embracing him with a hug.  He thanks her for coming, asking if she brought the money to bail him out of the trouble he got himself into.  Frederick begins to make excuses, saying he had a lot of bad luck, but it seems to be a tale Lola has heard before and she cuts him off.

They are interrupted by the owner of the establishment, and Lola hands him the money and gets ready to leave with Frederick in tow.  Unfortunately, she has caught the eye of the owner and he explains that Frederick tried cheating and he will need more, but money is not what he is after.

Nostradamus arrives at Catherine’s tower prison cell with a bible, explaining to the guard that Catherine might want to make peace before she is beheaded.  The guard inspects the book, ensuring there is nothing amiss, before allowing Nostradamus into the rooms, keeping the door open while Nostradamus is in there.  Why was this not done with Mary, since Catherine tried KILLING her before?

Catherine argues with Nostradamus, telling him she needed poison like she asked instead of scripture.  She wishes to kill herself before Henry can make a spectacle of her death.  She sends him away, but he leaves the bible on her bed.

Bash has brought the fair onto the castle grounds, trying to do something nice for Charles and Henry since they were attacked on their way to the village.  Mary is pleased, kissing Bash before helping the boys with their masks.

Lola tells the owner that she made arrangements to pay double what her brother originally owed, but he denies her.  He injures a man who was cheating at one of the tables, explaining to Lola that it is the normal practice of these establishments.  He did not injure Frederick because he begged, explaining his family was titled and very rich.  Lola asks why he wants her, and he explains that although he has taken money from titled men, they never treated him as an equal, and he wants to be able to touch what only they can touch.

Someone interrupts, saying his benefactor is willing to double the original amount owed for a chance to play for Lola.  A WOMAN IS NOT A PRIZE!  The owner explains he was already offered this amount.  Francis makes himself visible, saying he is willing to go 4x the amount.  He plays what I assume to be a form of high card wins, but his 4 loses to the owner’s Jack.  Francis asks to go again, offering to double it.

The owner tells him to multiple the amount by 16, and Francis agrees before Lola can stop him.  This time Francis wins with a King to Queen draw, and he takes Lola and begins to head to his rooms.  Before they get too far, the owner says he reminds him of someone.  Francis jokes that people tell him he looks like the next king of France, but taller.

Kenna and Greer are discussing the fate of the princes, with Kenna saying they should stay at the castle since it is the only home they have known.  She sees a boy fall, so she helps him up and asking if he is ok.  Thinking the boy is Charles, she takes off the mask to find another boy underneath it.  Kenna and Greer begin to remove the masks of the children around them, calling out for the princes.  Mary and Bash hear them calling, asking what is wrong.  Bash makes all the children remove their masks, but the boys are gone.

Mary has everyone in the castle looking for the princes.  Bash calls Mary to the side, saying he knows the boys are safe.  He had them captured and they are on their way to the Spanish border.  Mary is angry that Bash kept this from her, and they he planned to remove them from the castle the entire time.  Bash tries to explain that it is to keep the boys safe, but they are interrupted by Hugo coming towards them with guards and a captured man.

The man says Bash is the next Great King and he was going to harm the boys.  Bash sends him away with Hugo’s men, where Hugo says he will be questioned about the boys whereabouts.  Bash shares a look with the man first though, as if he recognizes him.  A pagan perhaps?

A wagon stops and the driver removes Charles and Henry from the back.  He tells them they have a long night ahead of them if they were to reach Troy by the morning.  Charles complains about the cold, so the driver goes back to the wagon to fetch a blanket.  A pair of feet are seen by the wagon when the driver returns.

Clarissa comes upon Charles and Henry, and Charles explains that she is his friend that he plays with at the castle.  Charles asks why Clarissa is wearing the driver’s cloak, and why she is wearing a mask.  Clarissa explains that Mary had the mask made for her, asking if he likes it.  Charles doesn’t know if he does and asks why she is there.  Clarissa is there to take care of the boys, explaining they will all be a family.  They blindingly trust her and leave with her in hand.

Lola is in Francis’ room at the brothel/casino, sharing wine with him directly from a bottle.  She thanks him for the wager he risked on a game of chance.  She explains that she has traveled all over Europe getting her brother out of trouble, but she will continue to do it because he’s the only family she has besides her parents.

Francis admits to knowing what it feels like to be adrift, much like Frederick.  He feels like he was betrayed by a brother he loved, Bash.  Lola feels sorry for his situation.  Francis knows Mary was trying to save his life, but thinks that Bash had his own reasons.

Lola is jealous of Francis, since he is no longer bound by any sort of duty.  She thinks he is free and can go about his life as he chooses.  Francis admits he doesn’t miss his mother’s meddling.  Lola explains that Catherine has been locked up until word about the annulment comes from the Vatican.  She begins to tell him about the plots Catherine devised to torture Mary and Bash, but stops herself, thinking Francis doesn’t want to hear about them.  Francis tells her to continue, that it doesn’t feel real yet.

The two share a moment, before the spell is broken and Francis suggests playing cards to occupy them until it is time for them to rest.

Nostradamus is called to Catherine’s tower cell, told she was coughing and then stopped answering.  The guard is concerned, since he heard Catherine admit to wanting to take her life and the door is now blocked from the inside.  Nostradamus and the guard push the door open and find Catherine hanging from the ceiling.

After untying the rope, Nostradamus hoists Catherine over his shoulder, carrying her out of the room.  He tells the guard he needs to attempt to revive her, because it will cause issues if she took her own life instead of Henry dealing with her like he wants to.

Catherine is told that the coast is clear, and she sits up from her resting place in Nostradamus’ rooms.  He helps her remove the hook from underneath her clothes, where the rope was actually attached to.  Nostradamus arranged for a wagon to meet Catherine on the east end of the castle grounds, where it will bring her safely to Italy.

Realizing there is something else she should know, Catherine is informed that her youngest boys were kidnapped.  She learns that Bash has sent guards to look for them, but Catherine believes that Bash has a hand in the kidnapping.

Catherine doesn’t want to leave until she knows the boys are safe.

Bash tells Mary that the boys did not make it to the first checkpoint, which worries both of them.  Mary is angry that Bash went ahead with his plan without telling her, and thinks he never should have now that they are actually missing.  He tells her that they would not have been safe at the castle either, since he recently learned that one of Catherine’s servants was found dead in the passages.  Mary wonders who could have done it since few people know about the secret passages.

Once Bash leaves to get more information, Catherine comes into the rooms from the hidden passage.  Mary, once again, doesn’t call out for help.  Because attempted death by bubbles was not enough.  She is worried about her sons whereabouts, and isn’t appeased when Mary tells her that Bash was behind it originally.  Mary and Catherine realize that Clarissa is the one behind the kidnapping, after realizing the her hair is wrapped around the locks of Charles and Henry’s.

Mary and Bash plan on tracking Clarissa and the boys, and Catherine wants to come along.  She knows she might be caught and put back into her tower cell, but she needs to make sure her children are safe first.  She also wants to give Clarissa the ability to take out her anger on Catherine instead of the children.

Lola wakes up the next morning in Francis’ arms.  They realize they just fell asleep due to the late hour and wine they ingested.  Lola thanks him again for helping to bail her out of the situation her brother got her into, but knows she must head back to Court.  Francis tells her it wasn’t a big deal, that it was nice act like himself around someone instead of hiding his true identity.

Francis knows that people think of him as just a young man who has everything he would want (freedom, money, the world to explore) but all he really feels is empty.  Lola tells him she feels the same way, calling the two of them a pathetic pair.

Leaning in, Francis kisses Lola.  She stops it, asking about Mary, but Francis tells her that Mary made her decision and he will never see her again.  Lola realizes that after today, she will never see him again either.  They share another kiss, but Francis stops again to tell her he doesn’t want to compromise her virtue.  She tells him she has had sex before, with just one man Colin?, and she wants to sleep with him.

I never saw Francis and Lola happening, never saw any indication that they had anything in common before this episode.  I understand that the writers are using it to cause problems in the future between Francis and Mary (as well as Mary and Lola), but I am kind of annoyed that this is the second show THIS WEEK that used sleep as a plot point to move the story forward.  It was done much better on Reign, but still. 

Mary, Bash and Catherine find the wagon, as well as the deceased driver.  There does not appear to be blood around, other than the blood from the driver’s slit neck.  Bash sends the guards off in one direction, while he goes with Mary and Catherine in another direction.  Mary finds one of Henry’s gloves, so the trio go in the most likely direction.

Clarissa is looking at a lake, her mask askew on her face, and she is mumbling to herself about how Catherine deserves what is coming to her.  Charles asks why they stopped, and Clarissa tells the boys they are going to play a game.  They need to find heavy rocks, fill their pockets, and then they will go for a swim.  Charles begins to question Clarissa, saying he doesn’t know how to swim, but she tells him to do what she says.

Mary calls out to Clarissa, gaining the attention of the boys.  Henry runs towards Bash, but Charles is not quick enough and Clarissa catches him, holding a knife to his throat.  Mary tries to reason with her, saying Charles is his friend, but Clarissa knows he is her brother.

Clarissa is angry with Catherine, knowing she was not wanted because of her face, making her need to live in shadows her entire life.  Catherine tries to talk Clarissa down, saying they are similar, doing anything they thought they needed to in the name of their convictions.

While Catherine speaks to Clarissa, Mary sneaks behind her.  When Charles tries to get away, Clarissa holds him back and Catherine calls her a monster.  Clarissa tells Catherine they will all be together when they are all dead.

Mary slams a rocks into the back of Clarissa’s head, where it comes away bloody, killing Clarissa.

Mary realizes Catherine was out of the tower before she found out about the boys being kidnapped.  Catherine doesn’t deny this, but she could not have left without knowing the fate of her children.  Catherine knows she does not have much time left in this world, knowing she will be killed as soon as they get word from the Vatican and Mary weds Bash.

Catherine thanks Mary for ending Clarissa’s life.

Bash finds Mary in her rooms, telling them that Charles and Henry are now asleep.  Mary thinks they need to give them extra attention for a while, and Bash agrees.  He also thinks that they will need more protection, since he now realizes they should not leave the castle.

Mary apologizes to Bash for the way she acted earlier.  And she realizes now that when he acts it is out of what he thinks is the best decision.  She now wants to make a decision that will affect the both of them.

Bash ProposingShe asks Bash to marry her.  She wants to do something for them, without anyone telling them what to do.  She thinks that if they get married, the Vatican will have to make a decision, and it will be in their favor.  Bash worries that it might not work out in their favor, that she may be married to a penniless bastard, but she is fine with that outcome.

Bash decides that they need to do things right, and he gets down on one knee and proposes to Mary.

Francis walks Lola out of the brothel/casino.  As they are saying their goodbyes the owner stops them.  He wants Lola to throw a coin at Catherine when she is beheaded.  Francis questions what he is talking about, and he is informed of the trial and future beheading.  The owner is glad to rid France of Catherine’s Medici money.

Lola tells Francis that she had no idea of this situation.  Francis says he never intended to go back to Court, but he needs to now so he can stop his mother from being killed.

The servants who were given the task of burying Clarissa decide against it, since it will take more time and effort than they are willing to do, so they toss her down a hill and hammer a cross into the ground.

What do you think of the end of Clarissa’s reign as the castle ghost?  How do you think her death will affect everyone’s life in the castle?  What about the Francis/Lola relationship?  Will it grow into something more?  How do you think it will affect Mary?

Are you as excited as we are about the future of Reign?

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