#Reign 1×13 Consummation recap – and my shipper heart weeps

13-6Reign is stepping out of its network’s comfort zone and making things a little bit racier.  Last night’s “Consummation” contained two sex scenes that were too much for television and were edited, making it suitable for all audiences.  Watch the unedited director’s version of the episode HERE.


Catherine is getting ready for her beheading, dressing suitably for a queen’s death.  Just before the ax falls on her neck, a maid places a sheet of paper within her line of sight, putting a stop to the entire thing.  Catherine was actually practicing for the event, planning the party that is sure to follow her demise.  She’s angry that Henry doesn’t want to be wasteful ahead of time, waiting to put things out until the actual beheading.

Lola is getting dressed in a cabin when there is a knock at the door.  Francis enters when she bids him to, saying she is almost dressed.  They stopped on their way back to the castle to rest, but Francis fears it may be too late to save his mother.  He also fears that his plan works out, which would leave Bash with Mary and Francis in exile with his mother.

They agree on the story they intend to tell Mary, that they met at a chateau along the way and traveled together for a day.  Lola is worried about Mary finding out, and Francis promises that would not happen.  She wishes him good luck in his future, hoping to never see him again since he will be settled somewhere with children of his own.

It is unclear whether they shared another intimate moment along their travels back to the castle, but there is only one bed in the room they stayed in.  So chances are they enjoyed themselves while resting.

A red haired woman and Nostradamus are together in bed.  This is the first edited sex scene.  They removed a few seconds of her riding him and moaning.  Honestly, not that risque.  I understand the CW is not HBO, but a naked back and some moaning isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Nostradamus thanks her and tells her she should go now.  She is worried about him, saying she will stay to ensure he is alright.

Nostradamus climbs onto a stool and wraps a noose around his neck.  He explains that he thinks he lost his gift, so he needs to reach out to the giver of the gift, which is death itself.  I don’t really understand why he is willing to put himself into harms way to get something back that has mostly caused him trouble.  Nostradamus kicks the stool out from under him, which seems to be an accident and causes the woman to worry and untie the rope from the wall.

Ignoring him berating her for stopping him, she questions if he had a vision.  He admits that he did, and what he saw will change everything.  And Nostradamus might even die because of this, by Catherine’s hands.

Mary and Bash enter the throne room, remarking on Catherine’s planning of her beheading party.  Henry enters and Catherine argues with him about the details of her death.  She is angry he isn’t giving her the lavish things she is requesting, saying everything is symbolic of her journey to heaven.  He informs her she will not be going to heaven.

Catherine also questions why he is killing her if the Vatican might not even legitimize Bash, which would revert the line of succession back to Catherine’s children.  Henry still intends on beheading Catherine because she is an adulterer.

While they are discussing the beheading party, bells begin to ring throughout the castle.  Mary questions what they are announcing, and Bash tells her there is a royal visitor to Court.  Marie de Guise walks into the throne room, noticing the ax and gives Catherine and Henry a look.  She tells them that French Court has gone to hell, but not to worry because she is there now.  Mary greets her with a simple “mother”.

The ConsummationMary and her mother speak in her chambers, and Marie questions what has been happening in France.  Marie sent Mary to wed the next king of France, Francis, to strengthen the alliance between France and Scotland.  And she now finds Catherine about to be beheaded, Francis away from Court and Mary engaged to a bastard.  Mary tries to discuss Bash, but Marie focuses on Mary throwing everything away for a superstition.

Admitting to wanting to speak to her mother about all of this, Mary mentions how long it has been since she has seen Marie.  Marie immediately mentions that she visited Mary on her 11th birthday at the convent, even though half the ships crew died along the way, but Marie was still there with a gift in hand.  She says it almost like it is Mary’s fault they died, and that the present was more important than an 11 year old seeing her mother after several years.

Marie tells Mary of the troubles in Scotland, that the Protestants are trying to take over, so Mary needs to align herself with Catholic France and marry Francis.  She does not want Mary to marry someone who might be king someday, when a prince is within her grasp.  But, Marie knows Mary is the queen of Scotland, even though Marie is ruling it while Mary is away.  And she knows her daughter is loving again, almost like it is a bad thing.

Rushing into Bash’s rooms, Mary tells him that she remembers her mother like she always was, but Mary now knows what to look for.  Marie was lying to her, and she will try to stop the wedding.  So Mary tells Bash they need to elope immediately.

Bash makes plans to set up the wedding arrangements for him and Mary.  He explains that they should not leave together because it would give away their plans.  She is to meet him near a chapel before sunset unless she hears from him before then.

Marie comments on Catherine’s ability to move freely through the castle, but is corrected when Catherine explains that she is heavily guarded and only allowed to move around to make arrangements.  Marie questions how captivity has been, if she was in the dungeons with fleas or paraded through the town.  Catherine questions why Marie is painting such a bleak picture of her punishment.

Catherine is blamed for the current state of French Court.  Marie sent Catherine her daughter to groom her to become the next queen of France, but Catherine argues that Marie sent Mary away so she can rule Scotland herself.  Marie explains that while Mary was away she had to act as king.  Catherine questions if the people realize their king has overexposed breasts Marie’s wardrobe is rather brazen for the time.  I am surprised this wasn’t edited.

Greer brings Mary a covering for Mary to wear while she professes her love for Bash in front of the priest.  While they are talking to Kenna, Mary notices Lola coming into the castle, followed by Francis.  Lola calls out to them as she approaches, embracing Kenna and Greer, but only curtsying to Mary.

Lola explains that she met up with Francis at a chateau after her carriage was swept away in the night, taken down a river.  Kenna asks about the chateau, looking between Lola and Francis.  Lola leaves to settle in, taking Greer and Kenna with her.

Left alone, Francis explains to Mary that he is only there to plead for his mother’s life.  Once he has accomplished when he return for, he intends to leave again.  Mary thinks that he is leaving so people do not think he is trying to get back the throne, but Francis clarifies he doesn’t want people to think he returned for anything that now belongs to his brother.

Catherine gives Nostradamus the mask that was returned after Clarissa died, saying he was more of a parent to her that Catherine ever was.  Catherine tells him where she was buried, and that she asked them to mark the site with a cross even though it was not hollowed ground.  She asks if Clarissa had any happiness in her life, and Nostradamus says that she used to sing a song that her adoptive parents sung to her before they sent her away.

Nostradamus tells Catherine that he has stopped having the visions of Francis’ death after Clarissa was killed.  He had always seen Mary being the cause of Francis’ death, but that was before Nostradamus or Catherine knew Clarissa was the first born.  Nostradamus now sees Francis living for years past his union with Mary.

Nostradamus wants Catherine to use this information to save herself.  Catherine doesn’t think it will make a difference because she is still accused of treason.  She promises him that if things don’t change, she will see Nostradamus burn before she is beheaded.

Catherine finds Francis when he is on his way to speak to his father.  He is going to make Henry change his mind and then Francis will take Catherine far away from French Court.  Catherine stops him, telling him that his fate has changed and he is free to wed Mary now.  She promises not to harm Mary in the future and that Mary would not harm Francis by loving him.

Francis admits he still wants Mary, that he wants to save Catherine’s life and take the throne.  Marie interrupts them, saying Francis needs to act quickly since she heard from the servants that Mary and Bash mean to elope in a nearby church.  I LOVE Marie’s absolute hatred of prophecies and how she is excited about how quickly and easily it changed.

When Henry returns to the castle, he is told someone is waiting for him in the throne room with information about the line of succession.  Henry assumes it is about Bash, but is told to meet with the person in the throne room.

Francis finds Bash near the church.  Francis tells Bash that the prophesy has changed and Mary will be his again.  The two argue about Mary’s love, and Bash claims he has had Mary in a similar way that Francis had.  Did they have sex?  I didn’t think so.  I am not sure how much time has passed, but I didn’t think it was enough time for Mary to want to have sex with Bash.  I understand her virtue has already been comprimised, but I still didn’t think she would immediately jump into bed with Bash.  Not that I would mind if she did, but still.  The two have a round of fisticuffs, which is broken up when Mary arrives.

When Mary learns that the prophesy has changed, she wants more information.  She ignores Bash when he says things between them do not have to change, asking more about the prophesy.

Returning to the castle, Mary barges into Catherine’s rooms and asks about the new information.  She is anger, wondering why Nostradamus’ visions have changed and wondering when they will change again.  Mary thinks Catherine has a lot to lose, so she is trying to make Mary do what she wants.

Catherine smashes a glass on her desk, slitting her wrist.  She tells Mary that she is willing to die so the truth will get out.  Catherine will have nothing to gain if she is dead, she just wants what is right for Francis.  Mary holds a cloth to Catherine’s wrist to stop the bleeding, saying she doesn’t know what to do since she loves both Francis and Bash.

A servant interrupts them, saying Henry would like to see them both in the throne room.

Henry tells everyone gathered that there was a messenger from England and the queen is dead.  Mary asks if she was named the successor, but Henry says Mary is the next in line by all right.  He tells Mary that she will take the English throne, with a French husband at her side.  Mary, with conviction that she should have been showing this entire time, tells him she will make decisions for herself and not be bullied by Henry.

Henry enters his rooms alone, but a servant tells him Kenna requests some of his time.  When Henry says no, he is informed that Kenna is naked beneath her robe.  Henry grants Kenna access to his rooms.

Kenna tells Henry that she wants to stay at Court, to be at his beck and call, but still have a rich noble of a husband.  She wants to keep her station, but still be Henry’s.  He tells her that she has learned a lot since coming to French Court, and Kenna wants to learn more.  Henry will bring one suitor to Kenna a week until she chooses one she will marry.

Greer enters Mary’s rooms to her pacing.  When questioning where her mother is, Greer says she is with Henry.  Mary thinks Marie is trying to get more out of Henry before Mary weds one of his sons.  Before they can discuss who she will marry, Catherine knocks and enters, asking to speak to Mary alone, causing Greer to leave and me to scream because no one has learned their lesson that Catherine is dangerous.

Catherine tells Mary that a letter has arrived from the Vatican about Bash’s legitimization.  If the letter states that Bash will be legitimized, Mary will no longer have any doubts about having a bastard at her side.  However, if it denies Bash, then he cannot blame her for returning to Francis to have a king at her side.  Mary admits that she is worried, but opens the letter and looks up at Catherine.  Catherine tells her she is now free to marry the man that she loves more.

Mary goes to Bash and tells him that she cannot marry him.  Also, shirtless Bash.  Yum shirtless Bash.  He tells her not to listen to Marie, that they can force the Pope’s hand to make him legitimized.  She knows they can, but she cannot continue with him.  He wants her to say that she loves him, at least once, which she does.  But upon his prompting, she says that she loves Francis more.

In the hallway, after leaving Bash, Mary sees Francis at the other end.  She runs towards him, kissing him when she reaches him.  He is handed the letter from Catherine (from the Pope), and Francis finds it blank.  Mary explains that Catherine allowed Mary to see what is truly in her heart, and Mary realized that it had always been Francis.

Francis asks if Mary will marry him, and she says yes.  Mary just asks him to protect Bash, to make sure he is not punished for reaching for the throne.  Francis tells her that he will make sure he is not punished.

Francis enters Bash’s rooms and tells him that Bash must leave Court since he reached for the crown and was denied.  Bash admits that he knew the crown was never in his reach, but he had Mary.  Francis was willing to leave forever, to be exiled from what he always knew as his home, and now it is time for Bash to leave and do the same.  Francis has plans for bash to go to Spain, and to keep going from there.

Bash tells Francis that if he recognized Bash in Court as harmless and not a threat, everyone else will in time.  Francis says he does not want this, so Bash realizes the truth has come out between them.  Francis only wants distance between them, and that is the only way Bash will survive.

Marie is planning another ceremony for Mary and Francis in the near future, so all of France can celebrate their union.  She holds a pair of earrings to Mary’s ears as Greer assists Mary in getting dressed.  She explains that the earrings were a gift from Mary’s father.  Before the moment can get too emotional, she tells Mary to give birth to heirs as soon as possible, because sons are what gives queens their power.  She commends herself on how she dealt with Mary’s unfortunate sex though.

13-10Lola questions why Kenna was with Henry the night before, when Lola went to Kenna’s rooms.  She thinks it is a mistake for Kenna to be with Henry again, but Kenna stops her.  She tells Lola that she knows the chateau that they claimed to meet at had burned down and she has her own thoughts on what they did instead.  She doesn’t want Lola to talk about Kenna’s mistakes since Lola has made some of her own.

Nostradamus overhears a song being sung by one of the servants that is preparing for the wedding.  Nostradamus asks why she is singing that song, and the girl admits to being paid to sing it near him, but doesn’t know by who.  Nostradamus says it is impossible, and that the girl is dead, rushing from the room.

Before Mary comes down the aisle, Catherine remarks to Marie that the messenger who informed them of the English queen’s death is not there.  Marie thinks they left, since their job was done.  Catherine realizes that Marie paid him to give false news to Henry, and Marie says someone had to get the job done since Catherine failed.

Mary meets Francis at the alter, followed by her ladies.  They kneel, Francis signing before Mary, who looks back at her nodding mother before she signs herself.

Nostradamus finds the grave site where Clarissa was meant to be buried.  Instead of finding her dead body, he finds bloody hand prints and footprints, making him realize that Clarissa is still alive.

Francis and Mary enter the room that the reception is being held and the guests toss flower petals at them.  They laugh and dance and begin their lives together happily.  no mention of the dead Aylee and how sad it is that she couldn’t be there with them.  Just saying.

Bash attempts to leave, but Henry stops him.  He tells Bash he won’t leave just yet, because he needs to show him something.

13-3Marie meets with Mary, saying that the English queen is still alive, and Catherine is aware, but Mary should keep the information to herself.  Marie thinks Mary needed a little push, and they cannot be blamed for false information.  Mary tells Marie to leave Mary alone, to get out of her life, and never to bother her again.  She wants Marie to go back and rule Scotland in her absence, and Mary will return when Marie fails or is dead.

Nostradamus returns to the reception in time to have another vision.  It is similar to what he saw when speaking to Catherine, Mary and Francis in bed together and discussing their children and the things Francis will do with them after dinner.  However, this vision continues and shows Mary upset, telling Francis not to leave her, watching blood drip from his ear.  She promises to give him children, and that one year of marriage is not enough for them, and Francis tells her it is a wonderful dream.

Catherine approached Nostradamus, saying that she is glad his visions have changed and that Francis will have years to come with Mary.  Nostradamus agrees with her, since he cannot admit he has seen Francis die.

Henry tells Bash that he is not trying to hurt him, but Bash needs to realize what is his and what isn’t if he chooses to return to Court in the future.  Henry opens a set of doors and lets Bash instead, where people are watching the consummation of Mary and Francis.

Mary makes eye contact with Bash, causing Francis to look up as well.  Francis kisses Mary, trying to distract her, which works.  Lola, also off to the side with Greer and Kenna to watch, looks away from the couple as well.  I honestly do not know what was different in this scene than from the one aired on television.  It might have been longer, but it definitely did not show additional skin of have a bit more moaning.

Bash is brought to the woods by two guards.  He asks for his weapons, but are told he will receive them when they no longer are together.  Bash attacks one of the guards, killing him and holding the other down.  He asks who paid them to kill Bash, if it was the queen or Francis.  But the guard is already dead and cannot answer.  Bash rides away on horseback.

What did you think of this episode?  Are you happy that Mary is with Francis?  How do you think Bash will come between them in the future?

And did anyone else LOVE Marie de Guise as much as I did?  Catherine is amazing, but Marie puts all of her plots to shame.

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