#Reign 1×14 Dirty Laundry – Olivia is back and is out for blood! (sort of)

reign-olivia (1)Seriously, you have no idea how excited I was for this week’s Reign! Mary and Francis come back from their honeymoon. Bash accuses Francis of trying to kill him. Lola attempts an abortion in the 1500s. And Olivia is back after mysteriously disappearing and NO ONE QUESTIONING WHERE SHE WENT. Honestly, I had few good thoughts about Olivia’s first time on Reign, but I was concerned when no one mentioned anything. But, I guess that is how things go in French Court.

Mary and Francis are traveling back to France from their honeymoon in Paris.  Mary looks out the window, seemingly depressed about going back to French Court, making Francis worry.  She wants to go back to two months ago yay for a semblance of a timeline to when they were wed, to do it all over again and then start their honeymoon instead of heading back to reality.  But, both realize they need to get back and face the politics, backstabbing and murder that is French Court.

Francis tries to alleviate Mary’s worries, saying his mother is no longer a threat and Bash is far away in Spain.  Mary hopes Bash is happy, but Francis couldn’t seem less interested in his bastard brother’s welfare.  They both agree that they can do something that will make everyone around them happy, and that is bringing little royals to life in the castle.

Henry is trying to placate Bohemian visitors who want to start a war due to a mistake on France’s part for firing on one of their ships accidentally.  While apologizing, Henry notices that Archduke Ferdinand’s eyes keep straying towards Kenna, while his sister is looking upon Henry himself.  After the official business is over, Henry informs Kenna of Ferdinand’s apparent interest in her, saying he could be the next suitor she can try to woo.

Kenna is weary, listing the faults of the other suitors Henry has sent her way.  Henry does admit that Ferdinand is a deeply religious man and would expect Kenna to be a virgin, which she doesn’t think she can pretend to be because the entire castle knows of her reputation.  Henry promises that everyone will keep quiet as long as she doesn’t feel bad for tricking him.

After introducing the two, Kenna pretends she is not used the attentions of such a powerful man.

Mary and Francis arrive back at the castle, where they are greeted by Mary’s ladies.  Mary informs Greer of a man Mary thinks might be a good suitor for her, and informs Lola of one in Paris for her.  This causes a look to be shared between Lola and Francis, which Kenna catches.

Catherine greets the newlyweds, lovingly saying how much she missed both of them, but that she needs to speak to Francis alone.  Mary jokes, letting Francis know that the politics and backstabbing has begun.

Catherine informs Francis that Bash had not arrived in Spain like they planned.  She says that the guards that were sent along with him were found dead shortly after Francis left on his honeymoon.  Francis questions if Bash’s body was found with them, but Catherine says he either killed them or they were all attacked and he somehow escaped.  Catherine goes on to pat herself on the back, saying Francis is lucky to have a mother that pays attention.

Dirty LaundryBash is walking through the woods with a crossbow.  Bash, honey, were you really living in the woods for the last 2 months?  And if so, where did you find the crossbow?  Did you make it?  He is tackled to the ground, but gets the upper man and is able to pin down his assailant.  He realizes it is a woman, recognizing that she is a hunter.  She explains that he was about to fall into her boar trap, showing him its location.

The two go back to the woman’s home did they mention a name?  I know her brother has a name, but I do not remember her’s where she introduces Bash to her brother, telling him to be nice to their guest.  While she takes the pheasants that they killed into the house, Bash and the brother hear rustling nearby.  They initially think it is the boar, but a dirty Olivia comes crawling out of the underbrush towards them.

Oh my God!  They thought she was a boar.  Someone who grew up surrounded by royals was accused of being a boar.  Also, OLIVIA IS BACK!

Dirty LaundryGreer and Kenna are showing off their dresses that Mary brought back for them, joking that Kenna’s white dress is virginal and ironic.  Lola comes towards them from the changing area and Mary seems concerned that she is not wearing her own new dress.  Lola explains that although it is lovely, it is a bit snug, and Mary tells her they will bring it to the seamstress.

Taking a seat next to Mary, Greer asks if she is pregnant yet and tells Lola that everyone will want to know when Lola is taken aback by the question.  Mary says two months is not a very long time, quickly offering pieces of candy to everyone to change the subject.  Lola declines, which surprises Mary because she knows it is Lola’s favorite.  Lola then takes a piece is seems sick while eating it.

reign-olivia (1)The female hunter questions how Bash knows Olivia, since the clothes she is wearing is made from fine silk.  While inspecting her, bite marks are noticed on her arm.  Olivia has been fed on, touched by the darkness, and needs to leave.  Worried, Olivia grabs a knife and starts slicing into her arm, telling them to take her blood.  Bash catches her as she faints, saying she needs a physician.

Kenna and Ferdinand are walking through the halls of the castle.  He explains that he has been a widow for a year and his advisers are pressuring him to find a new wife.  He asks Kenna how she feels about an older suitor, and she mentions that he is also more experienced.  She tells him that her body is the lord’s vessel and she needs to make sure she is pure for the man she will one day marry.  He is pleased that she feels that way, giving her a chaste kiss on the cheek, telling her she should meet his sister because they are alike.

Meanwhile, Henry is entertaining Ferdinand’s sister in his rooms.  She is glad that their two nations are able to work together so well, saying this as he is removing her clothing and kissing her.  He brings her near the window, and one of his thrusts are a bit to much and sends her falling to her death.

Nostradamus is giving a priest medicine for his joints, who is complaining of the pain increasing.  Nostradamus sends him on his way when he notices Bash in an alcove.  Once they are alone, Bash brings Olivia to Nostradamus, who is confused to see her because he thought she left Court.  So they just assumed she ran on her own?  When she desperately wanted Francis as hers?  Inspecting the damage on her arm, Bash explains that the slashes she inflicted on herself, but the marks are old.  Nostradamus thinks they are bite marks, but do not know if they are animal or human.

Bash lets him know that the people he met said Olivia was chosen, and he wonders if it has anything to do with the animal that the pagans worship.  Nostradamus does not believe in such a being, saying the only thing that is evil in the woods is man made.  Nature is not a malignant force, so whatever darkness is created by man.

He tells Bash that he will attempt to help her, telling no one that she is in the castle.  Olivia needs rest and care, not to be questioned by dozens of people.  Nostradamus tells Bash he should leave, saying he is not safe at Court.

Mary finds Catherine in her rooms, gathering bottles for Mary.  Catherine tells her that she needs to start having babies, as it is her duty as a queen to extend her line.  Mary says she knows, and tells Catherine what she told her ladies, that they have not been married long.  Anyone else feel like Mary is evading these pregnancy questions?

14-10Catherine starts handing over bottles, explaining where to rub their contents and when.  Uncomfortable.  Also, Mary had a fourth bottle in her hands.  I NEED to know what Catherine told her to do with it and why it was cut!  Before Catherine can go, Henry interrupts and says he needs to speak to his queen privately.

Mary leaves the bottles as she rushes out of the room.

When alone, Henry tells Catherine that he was entertaining the Duchess in his rooms does she not get a name either? and they made their way over to the window.  Done with him, Catherine asks if she had caught a cold.  Henry tells her that she fell from the window to her death.  Catherine berates him, telling him that they are trying to prevent a war with Bohemia, and Henry goes ahead and kills the Duchess.

Henry is coming to Catherine for help to cover up her death.  He cannot go to his advisers because he is afraid that they will turn on him.  Catherine wants to know what she will get out of helping Henry, and tells him he wants the chateau that is Diane’s.  She is even willing to allow Henry to bring Diane back to Court so she can get her hands on what she wants.  Henry agrees, but starts to tell her how things are going to go.  Catherine stops him, telling him not to school a professional.

Kenna visits Lola and tells her they need to talk about her time with Francis.  She begins to list things that Lola is experiencing, guessing that Lola is pregnant.  Lola shuts the door to give them some privacy, and admits that she is pregnant.  Kenna congratulates Lola, saying that she guaranteed her place in Court for life, and she would have done the same with Henry if he wasn’t well versed in avoiding unplanned pregnancies.

Lola is upset, saying she is not Francis’ mistress and she only spent one night with Francis.  She does not want to stay at Court, especially if it means she cannot raise her own child.  She tells Kenna that she has heard of people who can end pregnancies, and asks if Kenna knows of any.  Kenna says she doesn’t, that Henry is well stocked, and when Lola questions with what, Kenna tells Lola that she shouldn’t be having sex if she doesn’t know.

I am concerned with this.  First, how will Lola have known since you are all CHILDREN and were supposed to be saving yourselves for your husbands.  Second, maybe you should inform her now so she doesn’t make this mistake in the future.  Third, what kind of contraceptive devices were around in the 1500s?  Seriously, Henry covered himself with WHAT?

Kenna tells Lola that she thought one of her handmaids was pregnant a while back, but she disappeared for a few days and then came back thinner.

Mary goes back to her rooms to find Bash waiting for her, and he tells her that Francis tried to have him killed.  Mary tries to reason with him, saying Francis wouldn’t do that and he still values Bash as a brother.  Bash doesn’t want to believe it, saying Francis was angry at the love shared between Bash and Mary, and that Bash tried to take everything from him.

Bash goes on to say that Francis is the future king, and even if it was a fleeting thought, he has power over people who will do as he bids.  Bash threatens to kill Francis if his own life is in jeopardy, which causes Mary to lash out and say Francis is her husband and speaking like that can get Bash killed.  Bash warns Mary to find out exactly who Francis is and what he is willing to do.

Before he leaves, Bash tells Mary to leave a light in her window if she needs to get in contact with him.  And they will meet in the woods where they shared their first kiss.  I can imagine Bash sitting in the woods, staring at her window and waiting for the light.  Freezing in the snow.

Catherine and Henry are cleaning up the mess that the Duchess’ head left on the pavement outside his window.  Catherine remarks that it is leaving a stain, but hopefully people will think it is just wine.  She points to an area and reminds Henry to pick up all of the solid bits.  Man, I absolutely love Catherine.  She then starts to roll the Duchess “like a pastry” her chefs make, sad because she really liked that blanket.

Lola is interrogating a servant, questioning where she went to get rid of her baby.  The servant Claire from Degrassi!  I stopped watching a few years ago but I love when shows filmed in Toronto use the same actors.  says that the procedure is dangerous, that women do not always survive.  Lola tells the servant that she needs to know where the place is located, for a friend really Lola, did you think that would work? and the servant says she knows there is no friend.

The servant is afraid to say where she went, since Lola might never come back.  Lola gives her a handful of coins, which the servant says will help her family for months.  Admitting the harm will only be on herself, Lola asks again for the location she went.

Catherine and Henry are carrying the wrapped up Duchess throughout the castle, dropping her when they get to the stairs.  They hear voices from down a hallway.  Henry says the Duchess was heavier than she looks.

The priest that Nostradamus gave medicine to earlier comes back to his rooms, looking for Nostradamus.  When he realizes Nostradamus is not there, he opens the cabinet and starts looking for more medicine.  Why am I not surprised he is stealing?  Upon hearing someone moaning in pain, the priest ventures further into the room and finds Olivia having a nightmare.  He attempts to sooth her, casting out the demons plaguing her with a prayer.

Olivia begins to wake up, opening her eyes and seeing the end of the priest’s cross dangling in front of her.  Olivia then turns it and stabs the priest in the chest.  She pushes him back, causing him to fall to the floor dead.

Francis enters Mary’s rooms and finds her brushing her hair in a mirror.  Realizing it is Francis, Mary begins to tell him about the conversation she had with Catherine earlier that day.  He stops her, saying he is more interested in the conversation Mary had with his guards.  He knows she questions them about the orders they were given regarding Bash.

Dirty LaundryMary tells Francis that Bash as in her rooms that day, telling her about how he thinks Francis tried to have him killed.  Francis is upset, saying Mary needs to trust him instead of doubting him.  Francis tells Mary that he is the crowned prince of France and he can create evidence if he wants, but Francis needs Mary to trust him.  He thinks Bash is trying to drive them apart, and he promises to end Bash if he continues.

When Francis leaves, Mary puts a candle in her window.

Catherine is writing a suicide note to Ferdinand from his sister.  Henry is shooting down everything Catherine wants to write, and he eventually has her write that the Duchess ended her life because she could not have the man that she wanted.  Henry begins to describe this man, with himself in mind, saying he was handsome and had the sexual prowess of a lion.  This causes Catherine to laugh, until she realizes Henry was being serious.

Kenna is sitting with Ferdinand.  She tells him that she has been wondering what a kiss on the lips would feel like ever since he kissed her cheek.  He makes sure she is ready for that step before placing a quick chaste kiss on her lips.  Kenna grabs his shirt and pulls him closer, kissing him deeply while he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, flailing them about.

Catherine finished the suicide note and places it somewhere that the servants will find it.  Henry carries her to the window.

When the kiss ends, Ferdinand says that she kisses like the French.  Kenna tells him they are in France, and any experience it might seem she has is just beginners luck.  He tells her that she would flourish in Bohemia.  They lean in to kiss again, but Kenna sees a body fall past a window.  She screams, explaining what she saw to the guards who come, and Ferdinand says his sister was staying in the room above them.  Her name is Cecilia by the way, 38 minutes in and the dead girl finally gets a name.

He goes running off, but Kenna calls out to stop him, asking what he was going to say about her and Bohemia.  He tells her he can’t discuss it now, since his sister fell to her death second death and Kenna turns away in a huff.

The next morning Mary and Kenna go to Lola’s rooms and Kenna complains about the timing of Cecilia’s death, since her brother was about to propose.  The servant in Lola’s rooms says she is not there, that she left that morning in her riding gear.  Mary realizes Kenna knows where she went and gets the information out of her.

Lola enters the cottage and finds several instruments laying out on a table.  The woman who is going to do the procedure asks if Lola knew what she was getting herself into.  She tells Lola to think hard about the decision she is about to make.  And if she decides to proceed she will give Lola a piece of leather to bite on when they begin.

Mary meets with Bash in the woods, explaining the place that Lola went and tells Bash they need to get there immediately.  She tells him that she wants to go inside alone once they get there, since Lola will be embarrassed.

Henry tells Catherine to let him do all the talking.  She tells him he has handled things brilliantly so far.  Before they get into the throne room they are stopped by Nostradamus.  He tells them that one of his patients has stabbed and killed the priest with his own crucifix.  Catherine says how awful that is, but it is not high on their list of priorities at the moment.

Ferdinand reads the suicide note and immediately knows it is forged.  Cecilia never learned how to write, so she could not have left a suicide note.  Ferdinand thinks there was a plot against them and it came from within the castle.  Before things could get out of hand, Catherine takes the situation and shapes it to their needs.

She explains that she walked in on Cecilia in the throes of passion with a man she has barely known.  Catherine, not being the judging type And Kenna’s head pops up was not going to say anything, but she figured she should investigate when news of Cecilia’s suicide became known.  Catherine had the man questioned by torture until he admitted to writing the note since Cecilia took her own life because she was upset she ruined her virtue and her family’s name.  

Ferdinand believes Catherine’s story, but wants to see the man.  They bring him to the dead priest and Catherine admits that her torturers can get a little rough when the deal with someone who is not cooperating.  Ferdinand doesn’t want this scandal to come back to his family, so he wants them to cover up her death and say she drowned in the lake.  Henry tells him he will keep the secret to ensure their friendship.

14-11Mary finally arrives at the cottage that Lola is having her procedure done.  Lola was given something to make her drowsy, but finally comes to and recognizes Mary there.  Mary asks the woman to give them some time alone.  Mary tells Lola not to do this, that they will figure things out.  Lola explains that Mary would not want that if she knew the whole story, and Mary guess that Lola’s baby is also Francis’.

Mary tells Bash that she didn’t put the light in the window because of Lola.  She wanted to tell him that she believes Francis.  Bash wants her to realize that he is only there to protect her, and that the French will always put their interests before hers.  She tells him to leave, that there is nothing left in France for him.  She wants him to hate her, if he has to hate someone.  He says he would if he could.

Henry thanks Catherine for her help in covering up Cecilia’s death and preventing war between France and Bohemia.  He realizes how well they work together instead of against one another.  He wants her to stay with him, to renew their relationship, leaning in to kiss her.  She stops him, telling him to ruin it.

As Catherine walks away, she pauses slighting, looking worried before continuing on.  I am so impressed that the writers didn’t have her jump right into bed with Henry again.  I know she lapsed a few episodes ago, but it was to save her skin.  But having Catherine realize any relationship with Henry would be toxic and walking away, even though there was a time that she wanted him to put his sole focus on her, is a huge step and I am so happy with this outcome.

When Mary and Lola return to the castle, Lola apologizes.  Mary questions if it is because she slept with Francis or because she is pregnant.  Lola tries to explain that Mary was with Bash at that point, and Lola didn’t think she would ever see Francis again.  But Mary stops her and says that Lola would see Mary though.  And Lola knew that Mary still had feelings for him.

Francis is unaware that Lola is pregnant and she wants to keep it that way.  Lola explains that once Francis knows she essentially becomes him as well, she will become nothing more than a woman who is bearing a royal’s child.  Mary says Lola might become his mistress, but Lola tells her that is not an option.

Lola wants to figure things out before she starts showing.  She explains that although it will change her life, it does not have to change Mary’s.

Bash visits his hunter friends.  He tells her that he is leaving France and only stopped to say goodbye.  She tells him to stay for supper, the night, her… and to leave the next day.  He pulls her hand up and finds a mark of flowers, and she explains it is because she used to pick flowers as a child.

Kenna enters Henry’s rooms and says Ferdinand left without a goodbye.  Henry says that his departure means Kenna will be in France longer, and therefore in his bed longer.  He brings her to the window, the same one that Cecilia fell from, and she tells him not to let go.

Nostradamus asks Olivia if she remembers killing the priest.  He wants to know if she remembers, if she knew what she was doing.  She tells him the darkness is coming and will take them all.

The episode ends with close ups of Nostradamus, Catherine, Lola, and then Francis (sleeping) and Mary in bed awake next to him.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  How will Lola’s child affect Mary and Francis’ marriage?  Are you as excited as we are about Olivia being back at Court?

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