#Reign 1×15 “The Darkness” – Mary is done

Kenna arrives at Henry’s rooms, and he’s pissed that she didn’t come to him like they discussed.  She explains that she is still in pain from the last time they were together.  It seems like Henry is now into binding and a bit of pain (for his partner) with his pleasure.  He says she can use all of her limbs today, and is actually encouraging it.

Wanting to leave and help Mary get ready for First Light (more to come later), he stops her.  Henry pulls out another girl from behind a partition and explains that he paid a lot of money for her.  He wants the new girl to play with Kenna as he watches, explaining that she has a thirst for pleasure and he won’t be enough for her.

Henry watches as Kenna and his acquired purchase begin to kiss, eventually moving to a couch in the room.

Lola tells Mary that she is not going to First Light, where a man gives a woman a candle and if she is interested she will light it in her window.  She explains that she cannot go to a feast when the thought of food makes her nauseous.  Mary tells her that Lola will not be able to get a suitor if she does not attend.  Lola needs to find a husband before people become aware of her pregnancy.

Mary has a suitor from Paris, that she met on her honeymoon, coming to meet Lola.  When Lola questions what he is like, Mary immediately tells her that the man will be her husband, tacking on that maybe one day they will be interested in one another.  Lola is worried that he will not be interested, but Mary says he would be lucky to have her.

Leith kisses Greer goodbye since he needs to be in the kitchens helping with First Light.  He tells her that Castleroy is back at Court, hoping to give Greer his candle.  Greer laughs him off, calling Castleroy ‘Peppercorn’ and saying she is not interested in him.  Leith points out that there have not been any other suitors, but Greer corrects him, saying Leith has been interested.  He kills the mood, reminding her that he doesn’t count due to his lack of title and money.

Greer is hurt knowing she can never be with Leith.  He says it is fine, as long as he can kiss her.  She wonders when he will be tired of kissing, and he tells her when she will get tired of wishing it was more.  Are we supposed to assume they have not slept together?  Is she the last of Mary’s ladies that has her virtue intact?  Did Aylee die a virgin?  Leith hands Greer a letter from Scotland, from her parents, and asks if everything is ok when he notices the look on her face.  By this point the door to her rooms are open, so she thanks him for breakfast and he leaves.

Nostradamus questions Olivia again about what had happened to her when she went missing in the rooms.  Olivia does not want to talk about it because it won’t help her, but he changes her mind when he reminds her that it might help others.

Olivia explains that she fled when she was supposed to stay and help the others out of the castle.  As she was going through the tunnels, she came across the castle ghost and got frightened and ran.  She somehow escaped and was caught by people who live in the woods.  She begged them for help, but they told her she will help them.  Olivia was held captive for a few days while her captures listened to a woman speak of The Darkness, a evil being living in the woods.

Olivia has woken up in a dark cave, bound to the ground, and was fed on by a creature night after night.  She only survived on a bitter liquid that would put her back to sleep.  When not knowing how long she survived as the monster’s prisoner, Nostradamus tells her that she had been gone for months.

She tells him that one day her bonds were looser (due to being starved) and she was able to escape.  She came across a stream and ran along it, eventually being found by Bash.

Bash intends to leave France, saying his goodbyes to Rowen (the hunter he met in the woods).  She admits to knowing who he is, where he is running from, and asks if he really loved Mary.  As he leaves, they find blood splashed on the door to Rowen’s family’s home.  She tells him their family has been marked, and Bash decides not to leave, deciding to stay to help them fight the blood cult in the woods.

Kenna wakes up in Henry’s bed.  She turns over and finds her playmate laying next to her, dead with obvious hand prints on her neck.  Kenna attempts to move away, but her wrist is tied to the dead girl’s.

At the First Light feast Kenna approaches Catherine, asking to speak to her.  She tells Catherine that Henry’s sexual appetite has been growing and he did something to another girl.  They go to Henry’s rooms, finding the girl still in bed, and Catherine asks if it was truly Henry.  Kenna tells Catherine that Henry has an interest in choking, asking for it to be done to him in the past.

Catherine tells Kenna what to say about the girl if anyone asks, saying she was last seen alive and bragging about sharing her money with relatives far away.  Kenna is taken aback, wondering why they won’t tell anyone, and Catherine reminds her that the kind is already aware and there is no one else to tell.

Mary points out the suitor to Lola, encouraging her to go introduce herself.  While Mary looks on, a servant offers Mary a pastry and tells her that her sister ate ten a day and was with child in less than a month.  Francis intervenes, saying the change within the sister probably had more to due to food than her husband.

When they are alone, Francis seems upset that Lola is speaking to her suitor, telling Mary that he is not the man he sees Lola with.  Before Mary can react and I am sure make a scene, Francis pulls her onto the dance floor.

Lola and her suitor leave the throne room to talk.  He tells her that he likes her, surprising her with his directness.  He says that he doesn’t have time to waste, since it has become apparent that his inheritance is contingent on getting a wife and child immediately.  He knows it is not romantic, but he can be if he had time and the ability to find a mate based solely on his heart.

He offers Lola his candle and she tells him to look in her window to see if love abounds.  He tells her it would be enough for them to just be companions.

Leith approaches Greer, telling her that Peppercorn has requested to see her in an nearby room.  He wants to have dinner with Greer, saying she deserves to be served a meal.  He asks if she notices anything different about him.  When she cannot guess, he tells her there has been no mention of peppers.  He realized he didn’t make a good first impression at their first meeting, and wants to start off again.

Peppercorn motions for Leith to pour them more wine.  Peppercorn tells Greer that First Light is the perfect opportunity to make his intentions known, but the mood is killed when Leith deliberately puts his arm in the way of the two looking at one another.  While he is professing his feelings his shirtsleeve catches fire.  Leith rushes over with a cloth, putting the fire out.

Greer asks if Peppercorn is ok, and he admits that he is fine.  She then rushes around the table asking about Leith, seeing if he was burned.  Leith says he is fine as well, and Peppercorn realizes that the situation is a little odd.

Catherine rushes into Henry’s war room, finding him talking to himself and looking over maps.  Henry is questioning why “she doesn’t die already” and Catherine realizes he is talking about the current queen of England.  Catherine informs Henry that she is aware of the dead girl in his rooms, and then questions if he killed her and the girl he threw from his window.

Henry tells her that he is too busy ruling a nation, that these things are house keeping matters and fall under Catherine’s domain.  She tells him what she has heard from his servants, things about him being ill, and wishes his to see Nostradamus.  Henry refuses, saying he will bring in a healer from the village.  He admits to been having headaches, but says he is not ill because the stability of nations depend on a healthy ruler.  Before he sends Catherine away, he tells her that his headaches will be their secret.

Olivia watches as Nostradamus is mixing medicines.  She says it looks like magic, which he denies.  She notices the clothing that he left for her, but she refuses to join the living and pretend that everything is fine.  Olivia knows she has done terrible things, coming to Court with bad intentions and then leaving them behind when they needed her most.

Nostradamus tells her that she will be fine, but Olivia believes there is evil inside of her.  The monster that fed on her chose her for a reason, and he put the evil inside of her.  Olivia is judging herself, and she knows she should be punished.

Francis enters Lola’s rooms and questions if she is going to accept her suitor’s offer.  She says he will make a good husband.  Francis doesn’t agree, saying he cares for Lola and that the night they spent together meant something.  Lola thinks that she needs to be as far away from Court as possible, to make things easier on their friendship.

Bash is sealing all of the entrances to Rowen’s family’s home.  He tells them how they will protect themselves, but they don’t think it will work.  No one faces the monster and stays unharmed.  Bash tells them they will fight and he will show them how.  Inside, Bash is sharpening tools when Rowen hands him a drink.  She says he isn’t in the castle anymore, and they need to face the things that come hunt for them in the night.  Bash collapses from the sleeping agent Rowen put in his drink.

Leith tells Greer that he was offered an apprenticeship in one of Peppercorn’s homes in Spain.  He is excited because his family has only been servants and this would make him a member of the merchant class.  She tells him to take it when he wonders what to do, saying this will be good for him and they never had a chance anyway.  He kisses her, telling him he loves her when she begs him to say he will take the apprenticeship.

Francis tells Mary that they need to help Lola.  Francis tells Mary that the suitor she picked prefers the company of men in bed, and although most people won’t realize this a wife will.  Mary mumbles that this wouldn’t be a solution at all, making Francis question her.  Mary explains that Lola wants to be married, like all women, and Francis says he knows.

Mary asks if he spoke to her. questioning if they are confiding in one another.  She immediately apologizes, saying she doesn’t know where it came from.  Francis tells Mary about the time he spent with Lola, saying it was one night.  He says Lola felt guilty, and he does too now since he and Mary are now wed.  Mentioning her lack of surprise, she admits that she saw them arrive together and came to her own conclusions.

Barging into Lola’s rooms, she says that she lied to her husband because of Lola.  She wants to tell Francis what is going on, to make everyone aware, so she isn’t one day caught in her lie of not knowing about the pregnancy.  Mary also thinks it will save their friendship, and when Lola questions if they are enemies now, Mary tells her she is a liar because of Lola.  Lola doesn’t think the knowledge of her pregnancy will come out.

Mary tells Lola she needs to marry her suitor, since they both have secrets.  Lola wants to know the secret, and Mary tells her that the suitor prefers men.  Lola realizes what he mean by amusing companions, and says she will not have the chance of love.  Mary tells her she lost that chance, and she need to accept a marriage proposal before she ruins Mary’s marriage.

Entering her rooms, Mary finds Francis and several dozen candles lit.  He regrets not giving her a First Light candle, and regrets all of the mistakes he had made.  They kiss, Francis beginning to undress Mary.  She stops him, saying there are some days that pregnancy is more liking and some days where is less likely.  He tells her that he doesn’t make love to her to make a baby, but he wants a baby because he loves her.

Greer finds Peppercorn looking outside from a window.  She thanks him for offering Leith the job in Spain, and he tells her that he couldn’t deny her a request.  She wants to make sure that Leith won’t ever find out she asked for it.  Peppercorn tells her that she deserves someone who can provide for her.  Greer thanks him for all the kindness he had shown her, but she cannot accept anymore.

Bash wakes up with his arms and legs tied behind his back.  He watches as a tall monster with claws enters the home, slashing a goat the family left tied up for sacrifice.  The family is huddled on the side of the room, and Bash watches as the monster passes in front of them.  He calls out to it, making Rowen look up at the monster.

Rowen is dragged through the woods by her feet, screaming.

Nostradamus baptizes Olivia in a nearby lake.  He tells her she is brand new, and she can chose who she wants to be, that evil is a choice.  Olivia nods when he asks is she knows what she chooses to be, and he tells her she is new.

Bash is searching for Rowen, and her brother says she will not be found alive.  Bash was sure it was a man, but doesn’t know anymore.  He does know that he needs to fight it, and going back to the castle for help might be the only way.

Mary apologizes to Lola, saying she was reminded of what being in love is like.  She is afraid of becoming Francis’ parents, but Lola says she doesn’t want that.  None of them are like Catherine, Henry or Diane, and their relationship will not become like theirs.  Mary is also worried about not being pregnant, since she has been sleeping with Francis for months and nothing.

She wants Lola to reject her suitor’s proposal and to wait for the chance of love.  Lola is worried since she will begin to show, but Mary says she will continue to look for a suitor for Lola.

Lola finds Greer looking out on the castle gates.  Greer says she is waiting for her destiny, which is approaching sooner than she would like.  As a carriage comes closer, she explains that her parents have sent along a match and her fiance is on his way to French Court.

Henry stops Kenna, asking if she ate already.  He tells her she will need her strength, telling her the same thing he told the girl he purchased and then killed.  Catherine stops them, sending Kenna away.  She tells Henry that she needs to keep watch over him.  Henry says he is king, and he realized it is his right to break those in his way, regardless of who they are.  Henry is king, and everyone will know.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Were you as excited as we were about how little Mary cared about Lola’s betrayal and future?  If only she took the same approach with Francis.

And I know we are supposed to be staying away from Henry, but how exciting is his crazy?  

We can’t wait for the rest of this season!  Can you?

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