‘Reign’ Promo: “Reversal of Fortune”

Oh Reign, how you are screwing with me. You are always screwing with me. It’s like you have my heart trying to figure out all the things, and then there is nothing to figure out and then it all just hurts.

Now, I want to say that I can like Mary, but quite honestly, she’s making me hate her more and more each week. I am all for women standing up for themselves, but some of the shit she is doing – is just as shitty as the stuff that Francis has done. I mean not as shitty, but shitty the same.

I work a lot. Fangirlish is my baby. I work in social media professionally and I love it - which is probably why I don't keep up on my own. I don't sleep enough and I obsess too much over my favorite things. I need to work on combing my hair more. Or at elast I need to stop dying it different colors.