‘Reign’ Season 2 Premiere Synopsis, Photo’s, and Video: ‘The Plague’

It’s time for the return of Reign and here’s the 5 things that we are hoping get answered.

1) Will Francis’ child with Lola destroy Mary and Francis marriage?

We’re hoping that it doesn’t but we’re putting noting past this show. I mean you would think that it would go with history, but we know that it doesn’t.

2) How will Mary deal with her new found role as Queen of France?

We know that Catherine isn’t keen to letting Mary take over, but with the King dead, it’s true, she is her subject now.

3) Will Bash be over Mary?

We love Bash and Kenna, but we love his love for Mary. And let’s face it – Kenna isn’t exactly the greatest. She’s been around the block too many times, and though we love her – we want more for bash.

4) Will Clarissa come back?

Yes, we don’t believe that she is dead. Do you?


This trailer for Reign has Queen Mary in power over France, Francis with Lola and paranoia erupts as The Black Plague sets in.


The official synopsis for the season 2 premiere of Reign titled “The Plague,” which airs Tonight, Oct. 2 at 9/8c.

PLAGUE ROCKS THE KINGDOM — The new King and Queen of France, Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary (Adelaide Kane) are plummeted into chaos after the Black Plague ravages the land and creeps inside the castle, threatening lives and the stability of their new rule. Francis finds himself on the wrong side of the quarantined gates, with Lola (Anna Popplewell), as they try to make their way back to safety. New and murderous foes are introduced as nobles grasp for power, pressuring Mary — and Catherine (Megan Follows) — even as the death count rises. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) and Bash (Torrance Coombs) find themselves separated; Kenna’s life endangered as she risks all to save their young ward. Greer (Celina Sinden) is forced to watch Leith (Jonathan Keltz) move on with a new love and is shocked to realize he’s involved with her fiancé’s daughter. Fred Gerber directed the episode written by Laurie McCarthy (#201).

Executive producer Laurie McCarthy also spoke to Buzzfeed about the show’s sophomore season, calling it “haunted” and “shocking.”

“We talk about this being the haunted season a lot on the writing staff,” McCarthy said. “They’re people who are born of such privilege, but they’re haunted by their responsibility and they’ve all made choices that have spilled a lot of blood. If you’ve committed a lot of sins, you may be haunted by nightmares or visions.”

“When you have people with so much power, they can influence others,” she added. “But when they influence, the outcome can be shocking. And if you have people who are mercurial in these positions of power, they can make enormous things happen and I’m excited about everyone seeing that. This season is going to be just as scary and sweeping and epic, but more complex — and there will be surprising twists and turns.”









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