#Reign – too hot for tv – but not for the internet?

fatedIs Reign too hot for tv?  Personally, I think it could be much worse.  However, the CW thinks the writers take things a bit too far.  If you don’t remember, Kenna’s masturbation scene (which honestly was not too bad in the original version) was shortened in the pilot because execs thought it was too much for television.

And tonight’s episode falls into the same category, with a few scenes being a bit too risque for the network.  There will be 2 edited sex scenes.  However, for the first time ever, the CW will release the un-cut version of the episode online.

The CW, which targets adults 18-34, would not comment on what exactly happens in the Reign scenes, but a spokesperson noted the network is not adding R-rated content here — just offering a more sexually intense edit of the existing program. One scene is at the start of the episode and the other is near the end. The latter involves Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), who this week chooses between King Henry II’s two sons who have been vying for her love. The on-air version will air Thursday at 9 p.m.; the online version will be posted on The CW’s site Friday morning.

What do you think about the way the network is addressing the issue about airing these scenes on tv?  Do you think this will have any affect on ratings?  Are you excited to see these uncut sex scenes?

Check out the rest of the story, as well as a picture from the first scene at Entertainment Weekly.

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