#Reign “Toy Soldiers” recap

A man, who we later find out to be Mary’s uncle, returns the body of a dead soldier to his mother.  He then informs the mother that he will need a new soldier, purchasing her remaining son for his army.

It’s been a month since Francis locked Mary in the tower, preventing her from returning to Scotland with her brother.  She’s spending time with her ladies, playing in the snow.  They make a comment about avoiding Lola, who says everything is fine since she isn’t that far along yet um… shouldn’t she be like 3 or 4 months already?  2 months for the honeymoon plus 1 since the tower incident.  And Lola is still not showing, or is too covered up to show.

Greer mentions a time not too long ago where they were discussing their first kisses, and now three of them are married.  Kenna informs her that she will be married soon as well, but Greer is afraid she will mess things up.  Greer’s family is now broke, so she doesn’t have a dowry to pay her future husband.  Kenna mentions that none of them have had the best of luck with husbands.

A servant informs Mary of bad news from Scotland.  Her mother is under siege, the Protestant Scots trying to remove her from the throne.  Mary confronts Francis, blaming him since he locked her in the tower and she was unable to assist her mother.  Francis thinks they can convince his mother to lend them money for an army to go assist Marie de Guise and Mary’s throne.  Mary is doubtful, since she has tried and been denied several times in the past.

They visit Catherine, who immediately expresses her condolences to Mary.  It’s pretty apparent they are not discussing the same thing, and Catherine informs them that although the English Mary is not yet dead, she has already named her successor, the Protestant Elizabeth.

Henry enters and expresses his anger with this situation.  He comments on Mary’s lack of pregnancy and says he’s wasted money and armies by supporting Mary over the years.  He is unconcerned with her mother’s plight, saying Mary’s own head might end up on a spike next to her mothers if things progress the way they have been.

Francis tries to apologize on his father’s behalf, but Mary is not concerned with words or threats.  She is upset that no other country is coming to her mother’s aid.  Francis has tried reaching out to several, but they are only concerned with what the king has to say.

Mary has decided to reach out to her uncle, who has one of the largest armies in the area.  Francis thinks it is dangerous, since his men are only loyal to him, but Mary feels like she has no other choice.

Penelope attempts to visit Henry, but his guards try to send her away.  She tells Catherine that she is pregnant with Henry’s child, screaming it so Henry can hear through the door.  When the guards begin to take her away, Henry opens the door and tells Catherine to set her up in one of his chateaus with his other mistresses, so his child can have siblings to play with.

Upset that Henry isn’t showing her any attention, Penelope calls out for Henry again.  Catherine tells her that if she continues to claim things that are not true, Henry will completely tire of her.  The last two women he tired of are now dead.  Catherine is also willing to make an example of Penelope herself.

Greer’s father and younger sisters arrive at the castle.  He only brought two of her sisters so Greer can introduce them to potential suitors.  Greer thinks they are a bit young, but her father thinks he should have brought them earlier.

He complains to Greer about the mess she put herself in with Leith, asking if Lord Castleroy will be surprised on their wedding night.  She tells him that they did not get that far in their relationship.

Kenna greets Bash in their rooms.  He has been out of the castle looking for the Darkness.  How long?  The entire month?  Has he been back to the castle during his hunt?  He tells Kenna that he stopped by their new home, but it will beed to be worked on before they can move in.  He was also worried about the interactions between Henry and Kenna, but she says she avoided the king and was waiting for Bash to return.

They kiss, but Bash stops, making Kenna questioning why.  She thinks he wanted a virgin, but he only says he wants her experience to be different.  He wants her to forget everything that came before him.  He wants her to tell him what she wants, explicitly.

Catherine is angry that Mary reached out to his uncle.  She thinks he is vicious and a threat to any throne.  He was thrown out of Mary’s father’s court because he tried to get more power than the king wanted him to have, so he left and built a bigger army for more power.

Mary’s uncle knows he was only invited due to the situation, making a comment about not being invited to their wedding.  He mentions that he has heard that Henry is not well, saying he also knows why he was asked to come bail out his sister.  Her uncle wants to be appointed the second in command to the king as a payment.

He tells Francis that his men are loyal to him, not to anyone else.  Francis claims he can control them, but her uncle knows better.  Mary says they will present it to Henry, but both know Henry will not follow through.

Catherine finds Penelope in the kitchen with a male servant.  They are about to have sex, but Catherine threatens the man for laying a hand on one of the king’s favorites.  When gone, she pretends to be concerned for Penelope and her unborn child’s health.  Catherine decides the only course of action is to lock Penelope in a tower so she (and her baby) can be safe.

Greer introduces Lord Castleroy to her father and sisters.  He wants to take the girls on a tour of the castle, since they have never been to one before.  However, Greer’s father  thinks the tour can wait until after discussing Greer’s dowry.  Castleroy has thought about it and decides that he doesn’t need or want the money, that he only wants Greer’s father’s blessing, which he readily gives.

Francis finds Henry in his war room.  Henry is planning a war, to take England.  He wants to claim the English throne for himself, sending generals out that day and the next.  Francis knows it will not work, since the French army will be spread too thin.  Henry says he had a message from God and Francis will one day rule half of Europe.

Afraid of his father’s actions, he tells Catherine about the potential war that he is starting.  Catherine knows of this, saying she has informed the generals that they cannot do anything without her approval.  Francis is worried that Henry will find out about Catherine’s undermining Henry, but Catherine is not concerned.

Meanwhile, Bash and Kenna are still in bed.  They have not taken things further, but Bash still wants Kenna to forget anyone who even looked at her in the past that was not him.

Francis invites Mary’s uncle into the throne room, telling him he thought about the request.  Francis knows that Henry will never appoint him, but that was not the real plan all along.  Francis will be the next king of France, so the future of the country is in his hands.  He will agree to appoint Mary’s uncle to the position that he wants, when he is king, as long as Francis will be the one commanding the army.

Mary’s uncle agrees, since he doesn’t think it will take long for Francis to take the throne.  Mary was not invited, since they both know she will not allow Francis to agree.

Francis tells Mary that her uncle will send enough people to Scotland to save her mother and her throne.  Francis says he will be going to Scotland as well, in order to ensure her mother’s safety.  Mary knows Francis is saving her country, but is still worried for Francis’ life.

Bash leaves his rooms and sees Mary kissing Francis.  He immediately goes back and kisses Kenna, removing her clothes and bringing her to bed.  She thought he wanted to take things slowly, but he says he doesn’t anymore.

Catherine visits Penelope on her request.  She admits she was never pregnant, which Catherine knew all along.  Catherine offers to send Penelope away, to be trained and become one of her flying squad.  This group of ladies sleep with men for information.  Penelope thanks her, performing a rather sad looking curtsy.

Greer, her family and Lord Castleroy are enjoying a meal.  He tells Castleroy about all the things he envisioned for his sons, but he only had daughters.  He tries to have Castleroy invest in his tunnels, telling Greer that she is not smart enough to understand when she tells him Castleroy does well in the spice industry.

Castleroy stops Greer’s father, telling him he is no longer just addressing his daughter but Castleroy’s future wife.  He also did not investigating of Greer’s family’s holdings and knows they are broke.  He did, however, draw up another contract for Greer’s father to look over.

Upon their marriage, Castleroy will finance a trust for each of Greer’s sisters with money to pay for their own dowries in the future when they marry.  The only stipulation is that Greer will have a hand in deciding who they will marry, making sure that love is involved.  This completely cuts Greer’s father out of the equation, as well as making sure he doesn’t sell them off like he is doing with Greer.

A good businessmen knows how much something is worth, and Greer is priceless to Castleroy.

Francis and Mary are in bed together.  He hopes that Mary isn’t the only one waiting for him when he returns.

Kenna and Bash are in bed together as well.  She calls him out on his actions.  She know he is thinking of someone else, and like her she wants him to only think about her.  Both now and in the future.

Henry knows that Catherine and Francis have been working behind his back and cancelling his plans.  He has already sent out troops in order to go to war with England.  Catherine tries to talk some sense into him, but he won’t listen.  Looking over the plans Francis realizes they will be able to win, but only if they have a second army on the other side of a frozen marsh.

Catherine knows he is talking about Mary’s uncle’s army, the one who is supposed to go to save Mary’s country.  Francis knows Mary will be angry, but they will lose their entire army if he doesn’t do this, which would make both France and Scotland vulnerable to England.

Henry is looking forward to working with his son.

Castleroy visits Greer, apologizing because he thinks he was acting out of line.  Greer disagrees, and thanks him for helping both her and her sisters.  He gives her a copy of their marriage contract, to look over and sign when she is ready.  He tells her it means nothing without her approval, since she is now in charge of all the marriages in her family.  She kisses him, saying it felt right.

Mary is angry that Francis is taking the army meant to save her mother and her country, in order to save France.  He claims he cannot defend Scotland without ensuring France’s safety, but Mary says he has never defended Scotland with anything other than words.

Mary calls their marriage a mistake, saying she should have done many things but didn’t because she loves him.

He claims he will go to Scotland as soon as his war is over, but Mary doesn’t think that will happen.

She wants him to promise her two things, that he will no longer make promises he cannot keep and that he will return to him alive.

Mary talks to Lola and Greer as Francis leaves with his purchased army.  She doesn’t know if their marriage will survive, even though she hopes Francis does.  She will do anything she can in the future to ensure the safety of her country, and not allow Francis to put her country in danger again.

What did you think about the episode?  Did you enjoy how awesome Castleroy was, both giving Greer power and putting her father in his place?  Were you as upset as I was about Bash’s own actions, but enjoyed Kenna telling him how it will be in the future?

Do you think Mary and Francis’ marriage will hold up under pressure?

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