#Reign’s 2×01: The Plague – M3 Canadian Promo

I know we just shared the above picture yesterday, but how amazing is it?!

There are a lot of reasons why I love that Reign is filmed in Canada. There are always amazing and at the extras. the show seems to get away with a lot more than other CW Network shows (hello season one sex scenes – plural!). And we always get a Canadian promo for each episode, which is usually different that what we’re given in the states.

The best thing about this season 2 premiere promo is that it doesn’t just jump into the episode. It shows us where we’re coming from, what had happened to our characters before. Francis can’t just rise as a great king without dealing with killing his father.


With an episode titled “The Plague”, there has to be depictions of it in the trailer. Of those affected, who are you most looking forward to seeing ill. I’m all for Pascal. That kid needs to go so Bash and Kenna can have a long and happy relationship.

Reign returns on Thursday October 2nd.

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