#Reign’s star, @torrancecoombs, connects with fans through facebook

Torrance FBTorrance Coombs, everyone’s favorite bastard (although now he has to contend with Clarissa!  Oh my god, the things we need to discuss in the Reign recap tomorrow), took over Reign‘s offical Facebook page yesterday for an hour.  Going through the questions answered made me love him so much more.

Torrance discussed acting, Francis, his favorite shows, music and superheroes.   Here’s just a few from the first 50 or so questions (of over 5,000 – keep it up fans!)

All names intentionally left out.

Did you always intend to be an actor or did you sorta fall into it? Love the show btw and your character.  Torrance Coombs Definitely fell into it. Had a passion for acting in high school but never thought it would turn out to be the practical career choice.

Reign is amazing! Do you think there is still hope for Bash and Francis to be brothers like they were in the first episode? No more competition for Mary?  Torrance Coombs I hope so. I think there’s a deep love there that’d be hard to keep down forever.

Torrance Coombs, you said you like Game of Thrones, who is your favorite character in the books? Would you want to be in the show, and if so who?  Torrance Coombs Tyrion is my fav in the books. I thought I’d have made a good Ramsay, or maybe Gendry or Edric Storm.

If you hadn’t gotten this role on Reign, where do you think you’d be instead right now? Love you on the show, keep up the great work!  Torrance Coombs No idea. That’s the crazy thing about this business. There are roles I wanted badly and was devastated when I didn’t get them. But if I’d booked those jobs, I wouldn’t be doing Reign. If I weren’t doing Reign, who knows what other amazing things might have come along. You never really know.

What are the character traits that you actually have in common with bash?  Torrance Coombs His capacity to love, and his general disdain for the rules of society.

If you could choose a super hero, who is your favorite?  Torrance Coombs Probably Spider-man.

Whats your fav music, what type of music are you into?  Torrance Coombs Some of my favs: Arcade Fire, Stars, Decemberists, Depeche Mode.

how many seasons of Reign are there going to be? Like is there a 2nd season in the making?  Torrance Coombs We have 22 episodes ordered so far for a full first season. We won’t likely know anything more until May.

torrance byeMAY?!  Seriously?  I need to know NOW if we are getting a second season.

Go through the rest of the questions Torrance answered on Reign’s Facebook page (credit for everything).

And come back tomorrow and talk to me about the mid-season finale (why do we have so many breaks between episodes?!  sad!)

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