‘The Resident’ 1×04 Review: “Identity Crisis”

In the fourth hour of Fox’s new medical drama, The Resident, we open up to a busy ER where there is chaos. We have a new nurse who doesn’t quite know how to handle her job. They fired the good nurse because she was too expensive to keep on staff with the budget cuts noted from the previous episode.

The new nurse fails to triage a patient and he ends up dying in the ER. In the midst of all this, the patient, which Conrad refers to as John Doe through the episode, lost his phone. They found a backpack on him, but it was someone else’s and the new nurse didn’t know that. To be honest, she didn’t seem very prepared to do her job.

This nurse gives Conrad the wrong name and due to this error, he delivers the worst news any family member can get, a death announcement to the wrong family. In this episode, you also see Conrad showing Devon how to deal with this. Seeing death day in and day out can be emotionally tough on anyone and I’m glad that this show shows the impact it has on these doctors.

Let’s just say, I bet that nurse won’t be able to find a job again after causing a patient’s death on her first day and giving information making Conrad tell the wrong family their son is dead.

Eventually, we see this plot come full circle, and the veteran nurse is re-hired, also hands Conrad John Doe’s phone, which allows him to identify the patient and deliver the death announcement.  As Conrad notes, it’s the worst part of his job. I couldn’t imagine doing it day in an out.

Another plot in this episode, is Nicolette’s. Nic tries all episode to help Lily, her and Conrad’s Leukemia patient, who arrived back in the ER at the end of the last episode. Due to Lily getting treatment off site, her records aren’t in the system and Nic has trouble all episode obtaining them. I just love her determination to help Lily throughout the episode. There’s really a connection between nurse and patient.

But what I believe I loved the most about this episode was the elderly woman dying of gallbladder cancer. She had fallen in love and wanted to marry just in case the surgery wasn’t successful. It was just a very sweet story about this adorable elderly couple making sure that they get their happy ending in case she dies in surgery. It not only touched my heart, but it definitely seemed to touch the hearts of Devon and Conrad as well. They were just the most adorable elderly couple. They did get to marry in the episode.

And then there’s Mina, who I’m growing to love for her spunkiness. She gets herself benched after performing surgery on a patient in the ER, per request of Conrad. When the lady getting the gallbladder surgery was given to Dr. Bell, who Conrad questions the ability of since he’s got a questionable record lately, Mina gets frustrated by being benched, knowing she can help. I think Conrad wanted Mina in there too, because he has began to not trust Dr. Bell’s record. It leads to a nice conversation between them. I definitely want more friendship between Mina and Conrad.

I love the swapping up of the dynamics between the characters, week after week. I’m interested to see how it all comes together.

All in all it was a good episode, but compared to the last few episodes, I found it a little slow.

I will applaud them, though, for the message that they keep bringing week after week, and that is that sometimes you have to go against the messed up system to save a life of a person. Because lives are always more important than the money.

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