‘The Resident’ 1×08 Press Release & Photos: “Family Affair”


The March 19th episode of The Resident, entitled “Family Affair” has some family drama for Devon, as well as him and Irving caring for a patient who gives them good advice, Mina has a patient who has crush on her, and Conrad and Nic decide to admit a homeless woman – against Bell’s wishes.

Official plot synopsis:

Much to Bell’s dismay, Nic and Conrad decide to admit a homeless Jane Doe, whom they suspect was dumped off by another hospital during Chastain’s big Charity Ball. Elsewhere in the hospital, Devon and Irving care for a male escort who offers surprisingly good advice, Micah returns for a checkup and falls even harder for Mina, and Devon’s parents (guest stars Brian George and Zenobia Shroff) are in town.

What could go wrong?? I can only bet something does.

The Resident airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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