REVIEW: 5 Reasons Why You NEED to Read Deception by @CJRedwine

deception-c.j.-redwine I remember when I read Defiance. I walked into my bosses (at the time) office, sat the book down and said, “This book needs to be a movie. There is no author that writes romance the way that this one does.” And I still stand by that statement, and am even more floored as I sit here to write the review of the sequel Deception. Here’s my top five reasons that you need to pick this book up now!

(1) Logan. Get that name in your head girls – because I am telling you, you will be swinging your Team Logan banners. Logan’s strong, swoony, and by the descriptions of his kisses, boy’s got moves. He’s that all in one guy you want – bad boy yet practical. Romantic yet stubborn. Protective yet freeing. He’s the strong yet vulnerable type. And just when you think too perfect – BAM! You realize you were right, but Logan redeems himself with a vengeance. Just say hello to your new literary boyfriend.

(2) Girl Power. Girls are kicking ass and taking names in this book! They don’t back down – fight with the boys and are even more fierce. In their world it was law that girls rely on the protection of men, but hey – when your whole cities crumbling, and stuff is happening, these girls rise up and tell you – ya, I don’t need a man.

(3) Fights. Seriously, there’s some battles, and it’s not always human. But that doesn’t stop anyone from attacking. People are fierce in their convictions and don’t back down! Their is a lot of you thinking that you are going to know what is happening, but you don’t.  Their is blood shed, but it’s all in the name of a better world and defending self. That Commander is one scary peeved dude. And the Cursed One. Dude. I will be looking for that one everytime an earthquake happens in Southern California. That’s all I am saying.

(4) Secrets. Secrets always have a way of coming out, and somebodies lying in this story. Tsk, tsk. That stuff always comes out. Just when you think you know – you don’t. And the outcome of those secrets is kinda somewhat shocking. I don’t know if I could be the strong, fearless woman that these women are. Especially when deal with some liars and secret keeper.

(5) Love. I will say it now and say it again. NO ONE writes romance like C.J. Redwine. It’s the romance that you feel, that you love, that you can’t walk away from. You fall in love with her characters. You root for them, and you fall apart when they do- but you find a way to keep hoping that they’ll make it through. And when they do, there is a sigh of relief. And when they don’t there is the fan flailing and yelling of “How could you do this to me?”

Deception is an excellent followup to an amazing debut. It will capture your heart and mind – hold onto it – and then make you cry. It’s an epic ending that will leave you clamoring for the next book in the series.

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