Rita Ora Discusses Her Role in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


We told you before we won’t apologize for our need to cover Fifty Shades of Grey from all angles. We read everything that we can get our hands on about the movie – as well, you know, we’re obsessed.

We’re actually looking forward to Rita Ora being in the movie. The singer/actress discussed her role with OK! Magazine. Turns out she calls it more of a cameo.

“Everyone is going to have their own opinions.  But for me this was such a great cameo to be involved in, and even though I’m only in it for a little bit, it’s opened the door to a lot of movie things that I haven’t actually announced yet.” she told them.

We agree. The world is going to be full of opinions – as they already are about the movie, but we don’t give a f*ck. We’re excited.

She went on to say, “Fifty Shades is going to make a lot of waves, I’ll tell you that much. It’s going to be awesome.”

We believe you Rita!

Up next for Rita is coaching on The Voice UK. Can’t wait to see it! Fifty Shades opens Valentines Day.

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