Riverdale: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC


As the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con nears the two-week mark, we can practically feel the new television season get closer within our reach. And while we’ll have to do our absolute best to be patient in the wait for Riverdale’s midseason bow, nothing can halt our excitement for Greg Berlanti’s latest masterpiece.

Heading into Riverdale’s freshman season, not a whole lot is known from the show. All we have so far is a synopsis detailing some new things we can expect. But with the Riverdale pilot set to debut at Comic-Con, we’re expecting to have all of our questions below answered.

Here are five – of many – questions we want answered at San Diego Comic Con:

1. How will Greg Berlanti masterfully spin this?

When it comes to mastermind producer Greg Berlanti, you really have nothing to fear as he’s proven year-in and year-out that he knows how to bring shows to life and sustain them. While Riverdale is certainly one of the most-anticipated new shows this season, there’s still a mystery surrounding it given we have yet to see a trailer. Given Riverdale is based off the characters from the beloved Archie comics, we know that Berlanti is going to shake things up. Especially when it comes to comics because he knows that no one wants the same old thing. So how will Berlanti masterfully spin Riverdale into his next hit? What tonal change can we expect? What can we expect to see from the comics included in this live-action series? With Berlanti at the helm, you know you can have faith.

2. What can we expect from this spin on these iconic characters?

One of the great beauties of adapting a comic book into a live-action medium is getting to see characters that people have loved forever come to life. But with that said, it’s also understood that when you’re adapting something that you’re not following things to a tee. They say “based on” for a reason. Television takes its own creative license with their properties, and we expect Riverdale to do the same. So one of our questions heading into SDCC is what can we expect from this spin on these iconic characters that we know and love? How will Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Josie, etc. compare to their comic book counterparts? It’s one of the beauties of that live-action shift that brings these old characters to the forefront in today’s entertainment world. Plus, with Greg Berlanti at the helm we can expect these characters to be well taken care of.

3. What can we expect from the Archie/Betty/Veronica triangle?

When it comes to adapting comics into a television show while there is acceptance of changes, there are also some elements that are expected. Case in point with Archie: the love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. These three are synonymous with each other, and their relationship has been a significant piece to the comics. But you know Greg Berlanti, he likes to turn things on their axis. So what can we expect to see from the Archie/Betty/Veronica triangle? Will there actually be a triangle? It’s not something that we’re expecting to see right away, but given the significance in Archie’s background it’s something we’re definitely expecting at some point in this show. When it comes to television you never force two people together with so much immediacy. It never works out. Television has learned to embrace the slow burn, which is what we’re expecting to see with Riverdale.

4. What will be the driving force behind this show?

When you think about comic books there is usually a storyline focused on in that given issue. But with television while there are smaller storylines there is also the overarching conflict of a season that must be established and maintained. So basically we want to know what will be the central conflict that drives this show throughout its first season? Given the synopsis, it sounds as if high school golden boy Jason Blossom’s death is what will shift the tone in the pilot and perhaps hover over the season. It sounds as if his sister Cheryl Blossom is hiding something about her brother’s mysterious death, which might be that season-long arc that is teased throughout as it brings dark dangers to Riverdale.

5. What will the core dynamic be like?

When it comes to successful television shows or stories in general something that it integral is a solid core dynamic between your show’s characters. The characters are what drives the show, not the action or drama so much. Your audience will keep coming back because they give a damn about these fictional people that are so very real to them. So what can we expect to see with this cast dynamic? These characters are synonymous with one another, and it appears as if we’re going to see a nice core friendship developing between Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead among others. When it comes down to it, if we don’t care we won’t watch. And with Greg Berlanti at the helm, expect Riverdale to have a heavy character focus.

Riverdale premieres midseason on The CW.




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