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5 Things We Learned From the ‘Riverdale’ Panel at SDCC

Filming for Riverdale Season 3 may only be a few weeks underway, but the cast and creatives behind the hit CW show did not come to San Diego Comic-Con empty-handed. After a sizzle reel recounting some of the most buzz-worthy moments from Season 2, fans were treated to an exclusive first look at the new season and a panel moderated by Kelly Ripa and featuring seemingly the entire population of the fictional town.

We’re breaking down the Season 3 footage and the four other most interesting things we learned from the Riverdale panel at SDCC, straight from stars KJ Apa (Archie Andrews), Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper), Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge), Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones), Luke Perry (Fred Andrews), Mädchen Amick (Alice Cooper), Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge), Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom), Ashleigh Murray (Josie McCoy), Mark Consuelos (Hiram Lodge), Casey Cott (Kevin Keller), Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones), Vanessa Morgan (Toni Topaz), and Executive Producers Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Sarah Schechter and Jon Goldwater. Here goes nothing.

1. Time Jump and Trouble for the Twins

Let’s start off with the footage, which reveals that the new season will start with a slight time jump – skipping what Archie calls “the worst summer ever” and picking up at back-to-school time. Archie has his car up and running and the gang seems to be having a fun Labor Day weekend… until Betty finds her mother and sister Polly partaking in a strange and concerning ritual in their yard, which involves holding Polly’s twin babies up next to a bonfire.

This ritual is almost certainly connected with the farm, where Polly sought refuge all the way back in Season 1. Now that we’re learning more about it, the farm seems to be more of a cult. The Executive Producers promised that it will play a big role in Season 3, as Polly brings Alice into the fold. We will also eventually meet the mysterious leader of the farm, Edgar Evernever, who has yet to be cast.

2. Smooth Sailing for Bughead… Not So Much for Varchie

It wouldn’t be a Riverdale panel without some shipping talk, and two fan favorite pairings – Bughead and Varchie – were hot topics of conversation. As far as Betty and Jughead are concerned, it seems that after a tumultuous Season 2, they’ll finally have some peace. “Right now, I think they’re rock solid,” said Lili Reinhart. “They start off Season 3 as the investigative duo they were in Season 1.”

As for Archie and Veronica? Not so good news in that department. Camila Mendes teased that Veronica will be keeping busy – working at Pop’s, running her speakeasy, and continuing being a high school student – but that there may be trouble for her relationship.

3. Archie is On Trial

We can hardly blame Varchie, as an arrest is sure to throw a wrench into any relationship. As you probably remember, Season 2’s big cliffhanger was Archie’s arrest for the murder of the boy from Shadow Lake. As much as we don’t want to see Archie in prison (or juvie, or under house arrest, or… wherever they end up putting him), it does kind of serve him right for confronting Hiram Lodge without backup and without a wire. Just saying.

Anyway, Apa revealed that the new season will start with Archie on trial for murder. “We’ll see if he goes away or if he doesn’t go away.” Cue the #FreeArchie campaign and a whole lot of drama.

4. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Of course, Varchie and Bughead aren’t the only ships in this town. We learned that Reggie (Charles Melton) will have “a very unexpected romance” coming up. He will also be working at Veronica’s speakeasy. We’re not sure how to feel about that – does it mean Reggie and Veronica will be getting together? We’re going to be watching very closely.

Let’s not leave the adults out, either. A fan asked what would happen to Bughead if Falice (FP and Alice) get together, and Executive Producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa slyly replied “tune in to Episode 3.” As if that wouldn’t immediately send us into a meltdown. It’s fine.

5. A Fascinating Flashback Episode To Come

While not officially confirmed yet, Aguirre-Sacasa also strongly hinted that an unconventional flashback episode is coming up sooner rather than later. Fans asked if we’ll ever get to see more flashbacks showing the parents in the town – and it sounds as though we will indeed. Aguirre-Sacasa teased an episode that will consist of flashbacks to the parents in high school, played by their own teens on the show. Now that’s something we’d definitely be interested to see.

Stay tuned for more Riverdale news and interviews from SDCC!

Riverdale Season 3 premieres on The CW on Wednesday, October 10.

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