‘Riverdale’ 2×01 Review: “Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying”

Okay, so Riverdale’s second season premiered on Wednesday and, who am I trying to fool, I wasn’t expecting any of this. Which is a good thing, it really is. Who wants to watch a show you can predict all the time?

Not me, that’s for sure.

And, honestly – I enjoyed this episode, probably more than I expected. I liked the ladies – as I always do, but I liked Archie better than I did most of the first season, I enjoyed the different family dynamics and I’m really curious about our mystery for the season: who’s the killer and what is he after?

Let’s go through some most of the interesting things about this season premiere:

Fred Andrews is alive

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Fred is alive and kicking after getting shot at Pop’s. The episode started with an heroical Archie driving his father to the hospital. Mr Andrews got surgery and finally woke up after some pretty weird hallucinations with Archie’s graduation and wedding, among others.

We really didn’t see that coming!

Cheryl Blossom is lying to everyone

On first season finale Cheryl set Thornhill on fire in a purification ritual kind of way. Imagine our surprise when she met Betty and Kevin at the hospital and told them a completely different story. It seems now that Cheryl was actually sleeping when the mansion caught got on fire, so her lovely mother tried to get in and save her, getting third degree burns in the process. If this wasn’t shocking enough, later, we see Cheryl get all bitchy with her mom, telling her how the table’s are turned and she’s  was now in charge.

Archie might not be telling all the truth

Am I the only one that thinks Archie is not being as honest as he can? Every time someone asked him what did the shooter do after firing the gun, it seemed like he was hiding something. Yes, he ends up confessing that he didn’t tell all the truth because he was ashamed of being paralysed and not doing anything, but, honestly, I don’t think that’s it.

Hiram Lodge is back

We knew he was getting out of jail but I certainly wasn’t expecting him back on the premiere. His return may look like a minor thing due to all the drama around, but it is not. It surprised me, and not in a good way, how pleasant and compliant was Hermione was with her husband, I hope it changes soon. But Veronica was the total opposite, she hasn’t forgive her father, and thinking that her parents were somehow involved with Fred Andrews getting shot didn’t help. I just  hope wish this situation doesn’t cause make deep damages ion Veronica and Hermione’s relationship.

The angel of death is in Riverdale

Fred Andrews getting shot was not an accident, just as many of us were thinking, there was no robbery. It is inevitable to consider that the main intention of the man in the hood was killing Fred, especially after seeing how he actually killed Ms Grundy. So the real questions here are Who is this man? Why is he doing this? Who is going to be his next victim? What did Ms Grundy and Mr Andrews had in common so this man wanted them both dead?

Other thoughts:

  • What was doing Archie’s mom on Fred’s hallucinations?
  • Where was Polly?
  • What happened to Alice Cooper’s haircut?
  • There was someone at Fred’s bedroom touching his dropper?
  • Please appreciate KJ’s acting when Archie was calling his mom. He was so good. So, so good.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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