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‘Riverdale’ at SDCC: Talking Season 3 with EPs Sarah Schechter & Jon Goldwater

Riverdale‘s most recent season was a wild ride from start to finish, juggling murder mystery, political intrigue, underworld crime, and high school musicals. So where do we go from here? Executive Producers Sarah Schechter and Jon Goldwater (who also serves as CEO of Archie Comics) were on-hand at San Diego Comic-Con to answer some of our burning questions about just that.

During the show’s Hall H panel, we learned that Riverdale will pick back up in the fall after a few months’ time jump. As the EPs tell it, fans can expect a season of change. “Our kids are going into their junior year finally, and I think junior year is very much about growing up. Suddenly the inevitability of becoming an adult is very clear,” Schechter said, referencing decisions such as which college to attend, whether to leave town or stay, what career to pursue, and even who you want to be. “I think that really influences this year, and for the parents [as well] – that struggle to see their kids as adults and acknowledge who they’re becoming.”

The parents will not only be looking to the future with their children, but also their shared past – something many Riverdale fans are eager to delve into further. “There are threads to the past and to when our parents were teenagers,” Sarah said. “Part of what’s fun and part of the casting was to cast people who the audiences knew as teenagers. It humanizes the parents in a way where they’re not these sort of caricatures. We’ve known them, we’ve loved them, we’ve seen them grow up… so it’s all very purposeful.”

Something else the fans are loudly hungering for is another musical episode – after the Carrie-inspired “A Night to Remember” ended with a show-stopping (literally) murder. Thankfully, it sounds like Midge’s death won’t put a stop to the drama department altogether. “In the dream universe, every episode would be a musical,” Schechter said. (Um, hard same.) “We love that. We have such an incredibly talented cast. […] Also, Kevin Keller really has to redeem himself. By his sort of metrics, it didn’t go that well. People died – not what you want when you’re putting on a high school musical. He has a lot to prove.”

Naturally, the Archie Comics are also top of mind when talking about Riverdale. While the show has established its own space in the canon, Jon Goldwater shared that the source material is never too far from the forefront. “Some of the scenes [from the comics] are too much fun not to do,” he said. “Afterlife [with Archie] is near and dear to our hearts, so it’s always lingering.”

Watch our full interview with Sarah Schechter and Jon Goldwater below:

Riverdale Season 3 premieres on The CW on Wednesday, October 10.

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