‘Riverdale’ Star KJ Apa Cast in ‘The Last Summer’

We knew that there would be a point in life that we would see the kids of Riverdale branch out and we knew that there would be a time when they movie world tapped KJ Apa to do something.

The actor has been cast in lead the ensemble cast of The Last Summer, the Gulfstream Pictures romantic comedy that will be directed by Bill Bindley. Don’t you worry, he’s going to be around for Riverdale, the production doesn’t start until April 23rd.

What’s the movie about? It follows a group of kids in Chicago the summer before they go off to college. Who knows what hijinks will happen – we don’t.

The script was written Bill Bindley and Scott Bindley with a polish by April Prosser (Plus One).

Though we don’t know much, we’l be watching it. Why? Cause KJ Apa.

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