Robbie Amell Cast in ‘The DUFF’

Is it weird in learning that Robbie Amell got cast in The DUFF – the biggest shocker to me was that he had a reoccurring role on Revenge at one time? As an avid watcher of the show I was like when did I miss that?

We wrote it up as speculative at one point, but it was confirmed official – Robbie Amell has been cast in THE DUFF. He’ll be playing Bella Thorne’s love interest.

Now we were upset about the cancellation of The Tomorrow People, but we are excited that Robbie will be seen in a movie that we can’t wait to happen. The DUFF is such a smart and whitty book, and we think if done correctly, will be a hit along the lines of EASY A.

According to The Wrap-

He will play Wesley a slick but charming jock who Bianca (Mae Whitman) enlists in her quest to find herself and overthrow the school’s evil queen Madison (Bella Thorne), who had just named her their group’s DUFF aka “designated ugly fat friend.”

We are excited for this film! Can’t wait!

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