RUMOR: [Speculative Spoiler] River Song Catches Up With New Doctor

Who better to bring back to taunt and torment the new Doctor than his wife, River Song. Yes, rumor states she’ll be back for Doctor Who, season 8 and while I utilize a cliche in my wife rhetoric that’s really what Steven Moffat so often has River doing to the Doctor. She’s quite the spitfire, which I like… if none of you are getting that and keeps the Doctor humble. Someone has to do it. Have you seen how inflated his ego has been lately?!


Although, maybe it’s Moffat who is nervous about the introduction of the new Doctor, because he seems to think surrounding the two-hearted alien with familiar faces is the best way to ease the Doctor’s new face into Whovians’ hearts:

“This time I’ve made sure we’ve got a bunch of characters around him so that we can have a new Doctor introduced and we can push that Doctor a bit further if you’ve got a familiar world around him.” (x)

However, with Peter Capaldi at the helm of Doctor Who who knows what kind of teasing will go on. The Doctor will certainly seem seasoned, but as for wit, Capaldi’s known for his biting kind. This should get interesting, yeah? And Alex Kingston is gorgeous and smart so she’s a welcome addition always on my television screen.


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  • Goody Weaver

    UGH. As a lifelong (literally been watching since I was 2, and I’m almost 42 now) Whovian, I feel literally nauseous at the prospect of this character returning. And I am horrified that idiot Moffat is so obsessed with River Song, he cast Capaldi just to have a realistic boyfriend for her. Makes me want to puke. The whole storyline is so petty and beneath the entire character of the Doctor in the first place. And River Song is absolutely intolerable. UGH.

    • Beth

      Awwwww… it’s sad but I know a lot of people feel as you do. And yeah… a lot of the new plotlines have turned numerous Whovians, especially those of us who have been watching since we were children off. I too am not as enthusiastic about this next season. I feel your pain.

      • Goody Weaver

        :) Thanks for the sympathy.

        • Beth

          No problem… it’s nice to know there are Whovians out there who worry about the way the show is going since sometimes I feel alone in my rants. :)

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