‘Scandal’ Season 4 Premiere Recap


‘Scanda’ returned to our screens for season 4 of the series last week and the question of “Where is the world is Olivia Pope?” was answered immediately. She is shacked up on an beautiful Island with Jake. Lucky Olivia! They are living in a lovers paradise until their supplies arrive along with some mail for Julia Baker, Olivia’s new identity. Of course as Olivia opens the letter their paradise comes crashing down as she finds a newspaper clipping about Harrisons death. Yes, Harrison is dead, not hugely shocking to us as it seemed inevitable following the last we saw of him in the season finale.

Olivia and Jake return to Washington to plan Harrison’s funeral where Olivia finds Olivia Pope & Associates completely empty with the furniture covered in dust sheets, it is clear no one has been working there other than whoever found her on that Island, and of course it was Quinn who traced Olivia though her love of fine Red Wine. Knowing someones weakness is always valuable.

We are introduced to Portia Di Rossi’s character in this episode, the RNC Chairperson whom Cyrus calls Lizzie Bear, and she is not impressed with the President nor Cyrus for that matter, she looks like she will be an interesting character and hopefully we will see more of her in future episodes.

OPA ex-employee Huck is working at an I.T help desk and when Olivia turns up he refuses to acknowledge her. Abbie is working at the White House as the Press Secretary for President Grant who has cleared out his cabinet and is causing quite a stir in Washington with his new policies. When Abbie meets with Olivia, she gives her a verbal smack down blaming her for Harrison’s death, something Olivia says is unforgivable. Despite the fact that Abbie is now working for the Grant administration, Cyrus does not trust her and is having her followed, so it is not long until he learns of Olivia’s return and he is furious

Jake pays David Rosen a visit to find out why he hasn’t taken down cyrus or B6-13, leaving him with the ultimatum of pull the trigger or give the files back.

Olivia has dinner with her Father, Rowan and he assures her he did not kill Harrison but he did take care of her Mother at the request of the President. Given Mamma Pope killed Jerry Grant, Olivia is not opposed to this.

Elsewhere at the White House, Mellie is walking around in her baggie clothes and Uggs,eating Cereal from a box and playing bowling. She is struggling to deal with the death of her son which is completely understandable. Later, as Mellie and Fitz visit Jerry’s grave, it is truly heartbreaking to see Mellie who is usually so strong, so bold become so broken.

As Olivia and Jake hang out at Olivia’s apartment, someone comes knocking for Olivia’s help. Another Scandal Olivia will get to the bottom of involving Senator Vaughn and Senator Sterling. It appears that Senator Sterling attacked Senator Vaughn as they worked together. She claims he assaulted her as she left the bathroom and in defense she she pushed him away and he fell over the stairway onto a table. As he is in hospital recovering Olivia with the assistance of Quinn comes to the realization that it was not the Senator he attacked but her assistant Kate. Senator Vaughn is covering for her assistant because she set up Kate knowing she was Senator Vaughn’s type, she knew he would make a pass at her. Talk about a horrible boss.

David Rosen is nominated for the job of the Attorney General by the Grant administration and it appears his relationship with Abbie broke down when he became obsessed with taking down B6-13. She tells him to take the job, get himself on the inside, get some power and use it to take them down.

Cyrus tells Fitz that is predictable that if Olivia stays in Washington she and Fitz will end up together somehow. Everybody knows it and it is naive to deny it.

At Harrisons funeral the only people in his life turned up; his OPA family, they say goodbye to their friend. This scene was a bit of a tear jerker, Rest in Peace Harrison.

Back at the White House Mellie and Fitz talk and it brings up Fitz’s one bad night and possible suicide attempt. It appears Fitz is not dealing with his sons death either and being President on top of that is pushing him to the edge. Out heart breaks for the first family, dealing with Jerry’s murder along with everything else is breaking them. Fitz tells Mellie that Olivia is back, even Mellie knows they cannot stay away from each other and she tells him that when he sees Olivia he WILL tell her. She at least deserves that.

As Jake and Olivia prepare to return to the Island Olivia brings up something harrison would say “Are we gladiators or are we bitches?”. Olivia is a gladiator and she stands up and represents Kate Warner in the fight of equality and the right of women in the workplace.

As Olivia walks through the Capital building she and Fitz cross paths in a squeal worthy moment. The Gladiator is back!

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