The ‘Scorch Trials’ Cast Share Their Crank Apocalypse Survival Strategies

Last fall, Fangirlish had the pleasure of visiting the set of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. We spent the day at I-25 Studios, watching several scenes be filmed and sitting down with the cast, director Wes Ball, and more key figures to get the inside scoop on The Scorch Trials. We’ll be sharing everything that we learned on set in the weeks to come, so stay tuned and get ready for Scorch.

Though the Gladers’ troubles with WCKD have only just begun, we also know that they’ll be facing plenty of new enemies in the Scorch. Chief among these are the Cranks, victims of the Flare virus who, as the disease advances, deteriorate into mindless, zombie-like creatures bent only on killing. Even Cranks who aren’t yet “past the gone” can be dangerous, acting erratically and impulsively – sometimes with deadly results.

When we visited the set, the cast had not shot very much with the Cranks; however, Thomas Brodie-Sangster said that scenes with these new enemies were what he was most excited to film. He teased a little bit about what we can expect from the Flare victims: “We’ve got this kind of idea of what they’re going to look like, and we’ve done small bits of it, but I want to see how zombie-esque it’s going to be and what the overall image of those is going to be. They talk a lot about shadows and stuff, and I just think that sounds cool,” he said. “You get a snippet towards the end of [The Maze Runner] when Ava Paige is talking and it cuts to a guy on a table going through the trauma of it all. It’s interesting – it just looks rather horrible. It’s gonna be quite scary, I think.”

The Cranks introduce a whole new element of danger in this film, as Thomas was quick to point out. “It’s very different to the last film – whereas our baddies in [Maze Runner] were weird, strange, animatronic, real-life strange creature things, in this they are or were people. I think that’s a very different dynamic. I’m looking forward to seeing what that’s gonna look like,” he said.

From the quick glimpse at the Cranks provided in the film’s second trailer, we’re already terrified. However, to add some fun before we get scared out of our wits at the cinema, we asked some of the cast to share their Crank apocalypse survival strategies:

Dylan O’Brien

Get a bat and just hope that it’s like Shaun of the Dead zombies, where you can just kind of be in huge packs of them and it doesn’t matter because they can’t catch you anyway. You can just kind of hit all of them. Yeah, I don’t know. What’s really scary about this one [is that] the Cranks are vicious. And they’re fast. And we don’t really know they’re coming either, you know? So when we first encounter them, it’s a scary thing. There’s nothing I hate more – unless it’s in Shaun of the Dead, obviously, or it’s appropriate – than slow zombies. And we’re trying not to say the zombie thing either, but I think that’s kind of unavoidable – because at the end of the day, it is what they are. But ours will be the coolest, so that’s all that matters. They’re fast, they’re vicious, and they can move. I think that is literally like a scary thing, zombies. If they can run at you… World War Z freaked me out, because they were fast. You’ve just gotta stick together – stick with the message of the movie here, I guess.

Alex Flores

I always like Shaun of the Dead, so just like, let’s get to the Winchester and chill there.

Dexter Darden 

That’s a good question. Let’s see… It would be a lot of duct tape. I feel like duct tape solves a lot of problems. I don’t know why every time someone has a problem, it’s like, “Yeah, get the duct tape, peroxide, and a bottle of water – you’ll be okay.” I’d make a survival kit of food for sure. Especially being Frypan – Frypan has to be the one that will provide food for everybody. I’d make some food; I’d get some water. We played with BB guns in the hotels – we have BB gun wars – so I’d probably have a lot of BB guns for us, too.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials hits theaters September 18.

Interviews were edited for clarity.


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