‘Scorch Trials’: Honoring Minho’s Heroic Moments

In honor of Ki Hong Lee’s 29th birthday, I decided to pay homage to his character Minho in The Scorch Trials. For those who don’t know already, Minho is my favorite in the series, for both the book and the film. So let’s discuss why I admire this character so much, especially in Scorch Trials.

Minho shows his muscle

Once discovering WCKD is behind the so called “safe haven” Minho and his friends have been brought to, our favorite Gladers decide to break out of the compound and make a dash for it on their own. When a guard starts firing shots at the group, Minho performs an impressive maneuver and knees the guard in the chest, knocking him unconscious. Needless to say, I was just as impressed as the Gladers were by Minho’s secret skills.

Minho protects his friends

Making their way across the Scorch, the Gladers stumble upon an abandoned mall and take refuge there from the sandstorm. Minho manages to find a way to get the electricity running again - much to his dismay once he learns what he has awoken. Terrifying, barely human beings known as "Cranks" come charging at Minho and Thomas, and Minho clocks one in the head with a metal pipe to save his friend. He then runs with Thomas to inform the others that it's time to find a safer place and continue their search for the Right Arm, a resistance against WCKD.

Minho will carry you through

Sadly, as Minho and his friends are escaping from the mall, Winston is scratched in the abdomen by a Crank while protecting the others. As he grows weaker from the wound, Winston has trouble crossing the Scorch on his own. Minho and Frypan use a makeshift stretcher to carry Winston, showing just how far these individuals are willing to go for each other. Even when Winston confesses his isn't going to make it and pleads with his friends to not let him turn into "one of those things," Minho is hesitant about leaving him behind.

Minho is resilient

Starving and dehydrated from crossing the Scorch, the Gladers spot a building that they hope will contain both shelter from the harsh conditions and survivors who would be willing to help them on their quest for the Right Arm. Running towards the building at full speed due to an unexpected lightning storm, Minho is struck before they can make it inside. Carried inside by Newt and Aris, Minho remains unconscious and appears to be yet another fallen Glader. Thankfully, Minho pulls through and merely grunts at the fact that he was struck by lightning.

Minho is resourceful

Once inside the building, they're greeted by a survivor named Brenda, who immediately takes the Gladers to meet the man in charge. Once Minho and his friends are introduced to Jorge, he soon discovers they came from WCKD and proceeds to bind them upside down. Ever the resourceful one, Minho is able to push Teresa towards the latch that will release them - and one by one, they make their way back to solid ground.

Minho makes the ultimate sacrifice

Despite some bumps and hiccups along the way, Minho and his friends finally meet up with the Right Arm. It's here they learn more about WCKD's endgame for them - and Teresa's part in it. She believes what WCKD is attempting is for the greater good and makes a deal with them to keep her friends safe, which involves her giving up their location. WCKD then attacks the camp in hopes of getting everyone to surrender and bringing the escapees back to their compound. Minho makes the ultimate sacrifice by fighting off WCKD long enough for his friends to get a safe distance away. Minho is then tasered and dragged into WCKD's hovercraft, much to the dismay of Thomas and his fellow Gladers. Minho chose to save his friends over himself, the most selfless act anyone can do and the epitome of heroism.

Minho has so many honorable characteristics, each of which is played exceptionally well by Ki Hong Lee. Throughout reading the series, I was always struck by how strong, dependable, loyal, and of course, sassy Minho was - and Ki Hong Lee only improved upon all of his traits for the films. It's always interesting to see your favorite character brought to life, and I can't thank Ki Hong Lee enough for doing the character justice and only further reminding me why I rooted for Minho to begin with.

I leave you with one of my favorite Minho quotes that is more than appropriate for the end of The Scorch Trials: "If we're gonna die, let's do it freakin' fighting!"

Just a girl who fangirls too much and decided to channel that into her writing ;)