Exclusive: Dexter Darden Talks Glader Camaraderie at the ‘Scorch Trials’ Premiere

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – one of our most highly anticipated movies of the year – is currently dominating the box office as the #1 movie in the world. Fangirlish caught up with the stars of The Scorch Trials – Gladers and beyond – at the premiere in New York last week. Next up in our exclusive interview series, we talked with the lovely Dexter Darden about what the Scorch holds for Frypan.

Dexter’s character, former Glade chef Frypan, was one of our favorites in The Maze Runner. We couldn’t wait to see him reunited with his fellow Gladers on-screen in The Scorch Trials. For Dexter, the Glader reunion was just as exciting off-camera. “It was a homecoming, but it was great for us because we got so close after filming,” he said. “We really bonded on set, but afterwards we still found time to spend time with each other.”

This off-set bonding included activities that ranged from grabbing Korean BBQ to supporting leading man Dylan O'Brien by watching his episodes of Teen Wolf. (We just have one question: how can we get an invite to that Teen Wolf watch party?)

The fun the Gladers have together off-set carried over to create an amazing work environment for The Scorch Trials. "Coming back and working and filming was so great. We kept up that same camaraderie and that vibe, and [Director] Wes Ball definitely set the same tone in directing," Dexter said.

Dexter especially appreciated Wes Ball's directing style when the time came for a scene that required him to trade his character's trademark humor and light for a moment of darkness. "There's one scene where we lose somebody who means a lot to me as a friend, but also a lot to Frypan. Wes saw where I was at and saw that I was gonna be able to bring it how I needed to, and so he just kind of talked to me and was like, 'Whatever you need. Whatever you need, you bring. And whatever you need, you get.'" Darden said. "That's what he did, and that's what he does with all of us. Kaya [Scodelario], who has a lot going on; Dylan [O'Brien] has a lot going on... He really just allowed us creative space to be able to be free and do what we need to do."

Check out our full exclusive interview with Dexter Darden above - including which scenes he's most excited for fans to see! - and see what the Scorch holds for Frypan in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, in theaters now.

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