Exclusive: Catching Up with Katherine McNamara at the ‘Scorch Trials’ Premiere

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – one of our most highly anticipated movies of the year – is currently dominating the box office as the #1 movie in the world. Fangirlish caught up with the stars of The Scorch Trials – Gladers and beyond – at the premiere in New York last week. We’re kicking off our exclusive interview series with one of the film’s fresh faces, Katherine McNamara.

Kat plays Sonya, one of the leading members of Group B – a parallel group to our Gladers consisting of all girls (except Aris, played by Jacob Lofland) who were rescued from their own Maze. Though we don’t meet Sonya and Harriet (Nathalie Emmanuel), the other Group B leader, until near the end of The Scorch Trials, they’ve certainly been keeping busy. “Now Sonya’s escaped from the whole WCKD world and is now a part of a rebel force called the Right Arm,” McNamara said.

What should viewers expect from this mysterious group, the Right Arm? According to Kat, they will be allies to Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) and his friends. "Together with the Gladers, we fight back against WCKD through all the craziness that happens," she said.

In addition to the inside scoop on her character, McNamara shared that she felt the love of the Maze Runner family we've heard so much about from the first day she arrived on set. "This is such a tight-knit group and everybody's so close. From the moment I stepped on set, it was fantastic from the beginning," she said.

She also praised the filmmaking team responsible for making The Scorch Trials such a wonderful movie to work on and watch. "[Director] Wes [Ball] has such a vision, and the producers know exactly what they're doing to make this such a great film," McNamara said.

Check out our full exclusive interview with Katherine McNamara above, and see what the Scorch holds for Sonya in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, in theaters now.

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