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‘Scream’ 2×03 Recap: “How Can You Escape…If They Can See Everything?”

‘Scream’ 2×03 Recap: “How Can You Escape…If They Can See Everything?”

screamThe short break we had from the bloodshed ended in tonight’s episode of Scream (titled Vacancy). We also got some backstory to not only why Emma’s dad left all those years ago, but also why he came back to Lakewood.

The episode title name is what I guess is a small tribute to the movie with Kate Beckinsale and the other Wilson brother. In the horror movie, the couple ends up in this creepy motel (sensing any coincidences yet?) where the only thing the TV plays is creepy slasher films. Except all of the films seem to take place in the exact room they’re staying in….creepy right? Also sort of parallels what happens in this episode of Scream, but we’ll get to that.


We start the episode where we left off last week–Audrey finding Jake’s mangled body. Gross and smelly and with a note attached just for Audrey. Needless to say, it was NOT cool.


The killer then decided to call Audrey to rub it in her face. Audrey was not chill about the whole thing and wanted to know why this killer decided Jake had to go. I want to know what the note meant. What did Audrey do or not do?


Still reeling from the fact that her ex hubby was back, Emma informed her mom that she and her dad were going out to breakfast the next morning. Maggie warned Emma that her dad had left and there was reason behind it so she better be careful. Emma didn’t really take the advice, saying she knew her dad.


The next morning, Emma called up Audrey to chat about Emma’s dad being back in town. Oh yeah, remember when Audrey was a pertinent part of Emma’s life and then they turned 13? Yeah. Apparently Audrey also knew Emma’s dad before the leaving thing!

Audrey immediately found it strange, all things considering, but Emma wasn’t aware of Jake’s death or the weird stuff going on with Audrey so she quickly took offense and hung up on Audrey. Rude.


Emma still went to meet her dad in the morning and he tried to be one of the cool, hip dads, but it wasn’t really working and both of them realized how awk it was. 2x03_82x03_9

After her dad tried to get Emma to talk about what happened with Piper, Emma steered the convo back to what she wanted to know. Why did her dad leave? And according to him, Maggie was the one who made Emma’s dad leave. So that’s ANOTHER lie of omission that Maggie has committed. This relationship is just crumbling right before our eyes. 2x03_142x03_15

While Emma was spending Quality Time with her dad, Audrey and Noah were headed to the motel’s storage locker. You remember that Audrey had found Jake’s body there the night before so she was trying to get Noah to change his mind about the whole storage locker, but Noah was adamant. 2x03_172x03_18

Luckily, or unluckily, there was no sign of Jake’s body in the storage locker. Noah was very disappointed that there was nothing there, but Audrey was over the moon (but also kind of worried)



Turns out there was something to be found. Audrey spotted a camera that had been recording the entire night, which meant she was on it. Quickly trying to divert Noah’s attention, she accidentally made him more curious.


Finding the camera, Noah was excited to see what was on it, hoping for some damning evidence. Audrey was just trying to steer him away from the whole ordeal. 2x03_222x03_23

But! Apparently there was also ANOTHER CAMERA which could potentially have damning evidence on it as well, but Noah was more concerned about the one inside the locker than the one outside of it.


Back at school, Brooke was at rehearsal for Lady of the Lake, but was more concerned about a missing Jake. She even resorted to calling him! Damn you Jake! 2x03_252x03_26

Zoe was also at the Lady of the Lake rehearsal and decided to start a friendship with Brooke. The two talked about the Lady of the Lake and how Zoe was planning on taking her dad as her escort. How cute.


Brooke then told Zoe that it was painfully obvious that Zoe had a crush on Noah. Zoe blushed and stammered but kind of sort of confirmed it? And it was ADORABLE. 2x03_292x03_30

Someone who wasn’t adorable (in Brooke’s opinion) was Stavo. He had planted himself in the back row of the theater. Brooke then confronted him, asking if he was like obsessed with her or something. Stavo quickly shot her down, solidifying his rep as the guy who just likes to watch everything.


Emma took to Kieran to complain about how shitty her dad was and how he left because of her mom. Kieran didn’t really know what to say, but Eli did. He chimed in with his own personal dad story. Like whatever, man. 2x03_352x03_36

Kieran and Emma had another face sucking moment before Eli reminded them he was there. Kieran obviously didn’t want anything to do with Eli and tried to send him off before realizing that Eli didn’t know where he was going. 2x03_37

So Emma stepped up and offered to show Eli around school. The two of them went off and Emma brought up the previous day where Eli just was all creepy and weird. Eli played it off but I still think he’s weird.


Back at Noah’s, he was SUPER EXCITED to see what was on the camera. Audrey couldn’t be more nervous.


Noah even called the dude from the motel, asking him if he had any idea about the camera in the motel storage box. The dude played dumb and hung up on Noah. Audrey was still pacing, waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Noah plugged the camera into his computer and waited for the memory to upload. Audrey was freaking OUT, I was sweating, the music was getting intense and Noah was urging his computer to go faster. 2x03_46

Audrey decided to take matters into her own hands and grabbed a bookend. Just about to slam a bookend into the back of Noah’s head, the memory card came up blank. BUT STILL. AUDREY WHAT?!?

Honestly, this moment just marks how deep Audrey is in this and how she will go to any lengths just to make sure that no one finds out. Even if it means slamming a bookend into the back of her BFF’s head. Which is terrifying.


Yeah, okay, so yay for nothing being on there, but booooo for Audrey thinking she had to do something that drastic to prevent Noah from finding out.

TBH, I think, yes, it will be bad if/when, everyone finds out that Audrey did some shady shit, but I also feel like Audrey should just tell someone–even though I know she won’t because she’s Audrey, maybe they could work together to take down whoever was behind the mask. 2x03_502x03_51

The reason there was nothing on the camera was all thanks to the killer. Thanks but also no thanks? I’m sick!! Of this!!!! I just want Audrey to trust someone enough to say something.

Secrets, secrets are no fun, they could kill someone. 2x03_522x03_532x03_54

Emma’s dad admitted that he came back because Riley Mara (!!!!) had been emailing him. What he didn’t know was that Riley was killed by Piper. So someone set him up too!! What is going on?!


Back at school, Brooke and Zoe were having girl time and talkin about boys and stuff. I really hope their friendship blossoms; I live for Strong Female Friendships, but for now, I’m chill with them making fun of the Lady of the Lake thing and talking boys. 2x03_56

Speaking of boys, Brooke’s convo was interrupted by an unknown caller. And that caller happened to be Mr. B. Ugh. Brooke was NOT happy to hear from him, and I don’t blame her, all things considering. Remember? His whole identity was fake, he got with some other girl student from his past and then she ended up dead? Yeah, not good. I bet he’s still hot though.


Brooke dragged her #GirlSquad into the bathroom to discuss when Audrey dropped the bomb about Emma’s dad being back in town too. Emma clearly didn’t want that to be brought up, but it was kind of important? Brooke was hurt that Emma didn’t tell Brooke about her dad, but somehow Emma reasoned that it was all Audrey’s fault? IDK.

All I know is that I’m sick of these secrets. The only one’s who been honest the whole time is, weirdly, Brooke. The others need to catch up. 2x03_602x03_612x03_62

Audrey ending up flipping her lid at Emma, calling her selfish. Like some people had bigger issues at hand, M&M, like dead bodies and ex boyfs coming back.

I’m all for someone reminding Emma that there’s Bigger Issues to deal with, but I also think Audrey’s plate of diss was a little uncalled for. I JUST THINK THEY NEED TO HAVE A POW-WOW SESH AND DISCUSS THINGS. 2x03_632x03_64

APPARENTLY, all the parentals went to high school together and were pretty tight. So of course, it made sense that Maggie and Emma’s dad went to the sheriff to be like ‘can u help us.’

At first the sheriff didn’t really want to deal with it, but a sly look from Emma’s dad changed his mind. I wanna know why that look changed his mind and not like the fact that all those people were murdered and all that jazz. 2x03_652x03_662x03_67

The sheriff wanted to keep the whole Riley Emails under wrap. Maggie was against it, Emma’s dad was for it. They ended up all agreeing to keep it a secret even though Maggie was not happy about it. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I like when a show includes it’s parents, reminding the audience that, hey these characters have parents and whatever is happening is affecting them too!

We even got to see Emma’s dad and Maggie have a serious argument about how Maggie hated the idea of keeping secrets from Emma. She also pointed out how sharing a horrible experience like the one Emma and her dad went through, wasn’t something to bond over. True dat, Mags. 2x03_682x03_69

Emma went over to the coffeehouse to get her schedule where she ran into Eli. Eli tried to charm the pants off of her by apologizing for the comments he made earlier. She shrugged it off and acted like it was NBD. Don’t really know how I feel about these two, but we’ll see. 2x03_702x03_71

Along with her schedule, Emma got a note from her dad to go to the motel. Eli was too curious about the note so I’m suspicious, but Emma didn’t seem to mind. 2x03_722x03_73

At the motel, before Emma got there, the guy from earlier went to go give Emma’s dad his wine, but got a worse surprise. The masked killer was waiting for him, plastic spread out around the room.


RIP that guy. Honestly, that kill was really aggressive, so much blood. And! And the killer wasted a PERFECTLY good bottle of wine. 🙁

So the question becomes, did Emma’s dad kill the motel guy? Did he kill Jake too? I need answers people!


As Audrey was getting ready for work, the killer called her again. She was so tired of him, but he had alllll that dirt on her so she had to do whatever he said. So she ditched work and made her way over to the motel. 2x03_782x03_79

At the movies, Noah met up with Stavo, who had some insight on Noah’s podcast. He told Noah that if Noah were to ever find out who was the accomplice that it could put him in danger. Noah always hears these things from Audrey but never listens until someone else tells him. 2x03_80

Brooke showed up with Zoe, who went into nerd babble mode and even spoiled Of Mice And Men for Noah. The rest of them were doing their own things. Brooke, rolling her eyes at Stavo. Stavo giggling at how pissed off Brooke was, and Noah was making heart eyes at Zoe.


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Brooke took control and forced Noah to ask Zoe out, saying he would be lucky if Zoe said yes. It was adorable and I loved it. Ah, those two nerds. Love them.


Turns out Mr. B likes movies! He was at the movie theater–where Audrey was missing from, and caused Brooke to get a bit angry. Mr. B took her over to the corner to have a chat while the rest looked on.


He basically said that he had seen Brooke around town but always made sure Brooke didn’t see him. Mr. B, you’re hot and all, but like you lack tact.

2X03_1262X03_128Mr. B followed Brooke over to her friend group (strength in numbers, right?) where Noah stuck his foot in his mouth. Mr. B made it clear that he was not a Noah Fan and made Brooke a lil mad. So of course, she decided to make Stavo her boyfriend. 2x03_892x03_90

Mr. B didn’t really believe Brooke, but Stavo took the part v seriously and well…


Brooke was obviously taken aback, but I SQUEALED when this happened. I want them to be a thing. Very badly.


Deciding to cut their losses, the group went to leave the theater, but not before Mr. B dropped a Rose Bomb. He was the one who left the flowers on Brooke’s car, not Jake. Major Bummer. 2x03_96

Brooke was v angry and pretty much broke up with Jake over text. And he texted back!!! I just want to know who has Jake’s phone and is texting Brooke. Also, will she feel shitty when she finds out Jake’s been dead?


Emma went to her dad’s motel to find the door was slightly open. Emma took that as an invite and went inside to see that the room was seemingly empty.


On the dresser were old news clippings and things from the past killings. Why did Emma’s dad have them? Not only that, while Emma was looking at the clippings, the bathroom light turned on!!! 2x03_1002x03_101

Noah interrupted Audrey’s drive to the motel to talk about Stavo being a voice of reason. Audrey didn’t have time to discuss it, since she was, you know doing dirty work for the killer, so she quickly hung up on Noah. She had other things to worry about.  2x03_1022x03_1032x03_104

Like this. The killer FaceTimed her to show that Emma was in the hotel along with him and the dead motel guy. So that wasn’t Great. 2x03_1052x03_106

Emma ignored Audrey’s call so Audrey went to 911, reporting an emergency at the motel. Speeding as fast as she could to the motel, Audrey was clearly worried about Emma. And so was I. 2x03_1072x03_108

Emma was thisclose to getting daggered, but before she opened the bathroom door, shouting from outside got her to leave the motel room. Phew. Dodged a bullet–or rather, a knife. 2x03_1092x03_110

Walking outside, Emma went over to the bar where she heard some fighting only to find her dad choke holding some other dude. Whoops. This was SUPER BAD. 2x03_1112x03_112

Emma asked her dad flat out why he was like this and her dad blamed it on what happened. Which basically alluded to the idea that it might happen to Emma too. Emma did not like that answer.

He even told her that he had already checked out of the motel and didn’t even send her that message. So Emma’s dad WASN’T the motel dude killer, but who was?2x03_113

Emma’s dad then went on to say that he left because he hit Emma’s mom. Super shitty. Wow.

Then the cops, who Audrey called, showed up. Audrey showed up, surprising Emma and Emma’s dad was taken away by the cops. Alls well that ends well…?


Emma and Audrey were friends again and Audrey assured Emma that she wasn’t her dad nor was she ever going to end up like her dad. Touching moment between the two.

This friendship means a lot to me for various reasons, but mainly because the two of them care for each other, truly and genuinely. They would go to the ends of the Earth to protect the other and part of me dreads the moment Emma finds out about what Audrey did. 🙁  2x03_1172x03_1182x03_119

Back in her car, Audrey found the corkscrew that the killer used to kill the motel guy. His blood was literally on Audrey’s hands. Gross. Audrey proceeded to freak out –as one should, and that’s how the episode ended!


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(Sub “Emma’s dad, Mr. B, etc.” for she)

Audrey Jensen “Well Shit” Tally: 22


  • That motel guy
  • That wine bottle
  • Emma’s dad’s pride

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