‘Scream’ 2×05 Recap: “It’s Nice to See That You’ve All Bonded Through This Disaster.”

screamYou know what they say, “one dead body equals a school lockdown.” Wait? That isn’t a saying? Hmmm, well at George Washington High School it is. Remember when The Jake’s body dropped from the Lady of the Lake banner right in front of Brooke? That was a disaster. And, well, this episode deals with the aftermath of the body drop. Woo!!!

Titled, “Dawn of the Dead” this episode of Scream is a hat tip to the movie wITH THE GUY FROM MODERN FAMILY!!!! Not really sure how, since the movie is all about zombies — TBH I was expecting Jake to rise from the dead, groaning about brains and boobs. Oh well. But this episode def shows us exactly how NOT to handle a situation like this. Although, these are extreme circumstances. LBR, I hope nothing like this ever happens to any of you.

Anyway, let’s recap.


We start off the episode hopefully a few minutes after Jake’s body dropped onto the stage or else this police department needs to step it’s game up. The sheriff goes through a crowd of frantic and yelling parents, ducking under the caution tape and getting into the school, where it’s mayhem.


Ms. Lang was trying to direct everyone to get to the student center or as other schools call it, the library. She tries to stop Emma and Audrey from going the opposite direction, but Emma pulls out her puppy dog eyes and pleads with Ms. Lang to let them go see Brooke. Ms. Lang gives in (thankfully) and goes off with them to the auditorium where Brooke is still at.  2x05_5

It’s then that the sheriff comes in and gets everyone to pay attention with his Cop Voice. He informs the student body that the school is on lockdown–which means no one is getting in or out. This could probably, most likely end badly.




Back in the auditorium, Brooke is still on stage as Maggie takes not so flattering pictures. Brooke’s still covered in dried Jake blood and obviously part of the crime scene. Maggie tries to get Brooke to talk, and Brooke breaks my heart by talking about the night in the pool and how she should’ve said yes to Jake. 🙁

The girls come running in, only to be stopped by Maggie since Brooke was a crucial part of the crime scene. Instead, Emma and Audrey are forced to stand a little ways back as Brooke looks at them like, well, like her dead boyfriend’s body was just dropped in front of her.




This deputy dude — who is probably the killer LBR, comes in to inform Emma and Audrey that the sheriff needs them for questioning. Emma and Audrey start to retort as Brooke pleads for them to stay. Even Ms. Lang jumps in, stating that Brooke needs her friends. In the end, the deputy / killer takes Emma cause she’s higher on the list of questioning.



Already in questioning is Noah. He talks aimlessly about how he wasn’t really bros with Jake until that year — remember the DOOSH prank? Classic Noah. But, he did admit that it still hurt to see your kinda sorta bro with his insides on the outside on the school stage. The sheriff was interested in more important things like, when did Noah see Jake last and all that fun stuff. 2x05_14


Obviously, Noah couldn’t keep his mouth shut and ended up spilling that he thought that there was another killer on the loose. He basically hinted that all of what happened last year, was happening again. Goddamnit.


Emma was taken back to the learning center where all the eyes were on her for some reason? This had nothing to do with her? If anything, it was just cause Jake had been–you get it, I’m not typing it again.

Anyway, Kieran took her behind some books and started to apologize for not believing Emma about what she had seen in the woods. Emma didn’t really care because one of her bffs was dead…again. So they kissed and hugged and whatever.



Audrey was the designated Brooke-watcher and she was in the locker room while Brooke was showering off all the blood. There was a moment where Audrey mumbled about how she should’ve said something sooner about Jake, but Brooke didn’t hear her.



Brooke lamented that it was Super Weird that Jake was dead because they were texting the day before his body dropped like a new mixtape. Audrey automatically pointed out that there was a 93% chance that it wasn’t Jake texting Brooke, which surprised Brooke for some reason and broke my heart. Either way, Brooke was not happy that all of what was happening the months before was happening again. 2x05_24


Noah got escorted back to the student center where Zoe gave him the cold shoulder. Like okay, Zoe, I get where you’re coming from, but like something seriously tragic just happened so maybe be a lil warmer to your potential boyfriend?



Eli immediately wanted to know what the sheriff asked Noah about. Noah gave him the DL on the whole sheriff situation and Eli looked somewhat relieved. I immediately became suspicious about what Eli knew vs what he didn’t know. 2x05_28


Emma’s phone buzzed so she decided to take her entire backpack around a shelf of books which was a good move considering there was someone else’s phone in there!!! And Eli CONTINUED TO BE SUPER CREEPY AND WEIRD. Why dude?? Were you waiting for her to find it?? 2x05_30



As Emma was checking her backpack, the boys were discussing why the F they were all stuck in the student center during the lockdown. Stavo made some horror movie comments alluding to how they’re all probably gonna go crazy and kill each other, Noah didn’t think that was possible, and Kieran just looked so bored. 2x05_35





The phone ended up belonging to The Jake! I’m not even surprised he had an Android phone because of course he would. Anyway, Emma freaked out because the phone obvio wasn’t in her bag before she went to school, which meant that someone had put it in her bag while she was at school. Kieran did nothing to calm her, just basically said that the killer put it in there. Great job, Kieran. You really know how to handle Stressful Situations. 2x05_40


Audrey came back to the student center just in time to see that Emma had Jake’s phone and of course she kinda sorta freaked a bit.



Emma wanted to give the phone to the cops, but Audrey stopped her by confirming that once again, they were pawns in a sick game. Audrey was not having it while Emma cried again. Totally understandable, but Kieran was kind of confused, which was confusing to me. 2x05_43


Mayor Maddox showed up to comfort (?) Brooke. Odd, considering he sent Jake to do his dirty work and then Jake ended up dead. Awk. But the sheriff pointed out that it wasn’t Mayor Maddox’s style to drop a dead body in front of his daughter. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. He did hide a body in his freezer. 2x05_47



Noah finally wore Zoe down and they managed to talk about ~feelings~ for like a minute and a half before Noah brought up the fact that the killings were starting again. Like seriously, Noah, I get it, it’s important, but dude. One death can’t prove shit. Maybe it’s just someone being a dick. I mean, you’re probably right, but chill for a sec. 2x05_50


After blabbing about his theories, Zoe admitted that she was a huge fan of the morgue and thought that Noah could be the hero instead of leaving the “figuring out who the killer was” to Emma. She also said that doing the Morgue was his way of coping which I thought was very insightful. Yes. Four for you Zoe. 2x05_54




Eli came running over to inform everyone that the cops were searching everyone’s lockers. Kieran started spiraling because there was something in his locker that the cops couldn’t find. Eli was, as usual, not helpful, just cryptic. So Noah raised his hand to go with Kieran after Kieran said Noah’s favorite phrase “I’ll be right back.” Hey, if you ever want Noah’s help with anything…



Audrey and Zoe made some lame excuse to get the guard away from the door so that Noah and Kieran could get out into the hall. They made it to Kieran’s locker without getting caught, but when Kieran got to his locker and grabbed his backpack, that’s when the deputy / killer showed up.




HA THIS WAS A WEIRD TWIST. I honestly thought it was like drugs or something, like any NORMAL TEEN WOULD HAVE. But no, Kieran had a gun in his locker. This is fine, right?




The sheriff played good cop about the gun with the whole, I’m not gonna arrest you, come down let me be your dad now, blah, blah, blah, until Kieran saw right through it. Basically, the sheriff wanted an in or else Kieran was gonna go to jail. Nice. Love corrupt cops. LOVE EM. At least this show is realistic, right?



Anyway, as Kieran was making deals with the po-po, Noah was darting around the halls, still trapped outside of the learning center. He called Emma to give her the down-low, interrupting her convo with Eli about him being creepy and stalker-ish. Emma seemed unfazed about Kieran’s gun, just asking if he was okay. Kieran had been walked down the hall by the cops and Noah quickly hung up because he didn’t have any answers or didn’t want to get caught or whatever.2x05_68


Luckily, Eli had been listening in — at this point, it’d be weird if he didn’t and had come up with a Plan. He wanted Emma to give him Jake’s phone to get rid of, playing nice guy, but obviously I was suspicious.  2x05_71


JoJo’s Too Little Too Late starts to play since the sheriff walked in, Kieran behind him, and asked for Jake’s phone. What the shit, Kieran?? You ratted your gf out?! Ballsy move, kid.



The sheriff took Emma into questioning since that was as good as time as any, apparently. They talked about her time in rehab and also when she was in the mental ward because Will (remember HIM?!) was haunting her. The sheriff came to the conclusion that Emma was telling the truth and believed her about the phone being “mysteriously” placed in her bag. 2x05_77


Back in the learning center, this bitch showed up again. I honestly am over her. She went on some rant about how everyone around Emma dies and how there’s always a crazy Duval at the center of every bad thing that happened. Emma responded by bitch slapping the shit out of that chick and I was SO proud. 2x05_79


Brooke finally sat down with the sheriff AFTER everyone else — cause that’s how this thing goes, and didn’t hold back about the last time she saw Jake. Her dad was in the room with her and was kind of proud of her when Brooke admitted she chose her dad over Jake. Like??? Mayor Maddox what’s your deal? 2x05_81


Brooke flat out said that she was 98% sure that Branson killed Jake. Although I highly doubt that Branson killed Jake, Brooke had some good reasonings to back up her claim. The sheriff jotted Branson’s name down, but Brooke had a look in her eyes that she was going to take care of Branson herself. 2x05_89



After her cat-fight, Emma got sent to the guidance counselors office where she was locked in the tiny ass room. Her phone rang, showing her that an blocked number was calling her and when she answered, she heard that modulated voice saying her name once again.

She pulled up the blinds to see the killer, butch knife in hand, standing on the other side of the window. Ha, cool, how is no one seeing this? 2x05_92


Instead of just chillin where she was safe, Emma took matters into her own hands and slammed a chair against the window, shattering the glass. Nice.

But when Emma got out into the hall, ready to brawl once more, she saw that the hallway was empty, void of any masked killer. 2x05_129


The sheriff took Maggie off of Jake’s body — in a legal way, stating that she was too close to the victim. Maggie was obviously upset and stomped off the stage, leaving the sheriff alone with Jake’s body. The sheriff used Jake’s hand to unlock his phone which he took from Emma earlier. The phone displayed messages from Mayor Maddox, which made him look shade…ier. 2x05_98




Noah finally got back into the student center to find Audrey being super weird about Stavo. She had basically spent the whole episode talking about how creepy he was. If anything, it proves that she has a crush on him. Hehe, cute. But off topic.



Audrey accidentally let it slip that she had been getting calls from a stranger, which Noah picked up on and didn’t let go of. Audrey tried to distract him, but started digging a deeper hole, talking about multiple bodies instead of just one. Audrey, bae, check yourself before you wreck yourself. 2x05_103


Still talking about her Stavo obsession, Audrey brought up the fact that Stavo had been drawing them all bloody and dead. Noah was Over It, thinking that it was totally normal for Stavo to be drawing that stuff since he was a horror fan. Noah, ugh, always seeing the good in people. 2x05_104



Audrey “pretended” to be surprised at what Stavo was drawing, making a big deal of it and showing it off to the students in the room. Everyone freaked out and Stavo tried to explain himself. 2x05_110



The kids weren’t having it and all went at him, fists a throwing and connecting with Stavo’s beautiful face. Stavo’s tablet was smashed in the fight as well. 🙁

Thankfully, Kieran and a couple others tried to get people off of him, but it wasn’t really working. Audrey realized what she did, and immediately regretted it.

Honestly, this scene made my heart hurt. I was a little wary of Stavo because of, well, the drawings. But as he tried to explain that they were just comics, my heart grew three sizes. He literally was just trying to express himself through his art. It just happened that he picked the Lakewood Five to draw — honestly, they’re a good looking group so. Don’t worry, Stavo, you can draw me in a pool of blood any day and I will hang it on my wall. <3 2x05_111


The sheriff came to break up the fight and we found Stavo curled up in a ball on the floor, all bloody and scared. Goddamnit, I’m so sad. This hurts, man. Audrey, that was shitty. 2x05_113


But luckily, Emma came stumbling back into the student center from her fight with the window and drew all the attention to herself. Everyone was like ???? and she just stood there with blood dripping off of her, as usual. 2x05_114



The lockdown was lifted soon after and Emma was taken to the nurses office to get patched up. There, she told Ms. Lang and the sheriff that she had a panic attack from being kept up in that room. She failed to mention the masked killer, but whatever.



Kieran tried to redeem himself, but Emma wasn’t having any of it. She put him in his place and then walked away, claiming that she needed to be alone. This ship is sinking and I don’t know how I feel about it.



Stavo got stitched up and Audrey tried to make amends. Obviously it did not go well and Stavo threatened to break something that Audrey loved (so Noah?) if she came near him again. Harsh, but understandable. 2x05_121


Brooke went for a dip in the pool to scream out her pain about Jake being D E A D. It was sad, I didn’t like feeling emotions. Too much emotions. I worry about her and what she’s gonna do.




Noah had sneakily stolen Audrey’s phone while she was trying to befriend Stavo. In his car, Noah tried a bunch of passwords to get into her phone, even password. Eventually, he figured it out, before it locked him out and he started going through her texts, cause he was raised in a jungle, apparently. 2x05_126


Of course, he stumbled upon Audrey’s damning evidence. Now, what he’ll do with it, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What did you think?

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  • Emma’s arm
  • That chick’s cheek
  • Stavo’s beautiful face
  • Stavo’s tablet

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