‘Scream’ 2×10 Recap: “Your Obsession is My Weapon.”

screamWelcome back, Scream Team. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every episode, I’m always like “Can the killer just chill???” and the killer is like, “nOPe!” And this episode was no different. The killer has drowned a picture perfect love story just like the Titanic and I hate it.

This episode was titled “The Vanishing” which was a French horror movie in the 80’s but then made again for us Americans and guess who it has in it? JEFF BRIDGES!  AKA the iconic The Dude from “The Big Lebowski.” If you haven’t seen it….I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

But I digress. “The Vanishing” is all about this professor who keeps plotting to kidnap ladies but always messes up, until he finally kidnaps one. The movie is told in the boyfriend’s POV and examines how he goes insane pretty much trying to find his girlfriend. And Jeff Bridges watches, hehe.

Anyway, let’s talk about Scream then



We start the episode off with Maggie cutting into Piper’s dead dead body. The sheriff tried to be supportive but basically just made faces at the stench the dead body was giving off.

The killer had ripped open Piper’s chest (ew) and stuffed a dead pig’s heart into Piper’s chest cavity for Maggie to fine. So you can stop making those “she didn’t have a heart!” jokes, cause Maggie was holding it in her hands. Disgusting.




Emma was in Audrey’s bedroom, trying to figure out the who, what, where when and how of Audrey’s lies. Audrey was pretty much an open book, ready to be read. The first question Emma wanted to know was if Audrey knew that Emma and Piper were half-sisters, which Audrey confirmed she did.




According to Audrey, she had no clue that Piper was the killer. She spewed the same story she had to Noah about inviting Piper to Lakewood to discuss Brandon James. Emma called BullShit and yelled at Audrey to stop lying and that there was no I in team just a ME or something like that. Then Emma didn’t want to ask anymore questions and stormed out. 2x10_10


Noah was high key worried about Zoe; she hadn’t come to Psych class AND it was the day after they did the sex and Noah was feeling self conscious about his performance. Or maybe he was just genuinely worried because murders.



Have no fear! Zoe texted Noah after he left an awkward AF voicemail for her. She asked him to meet her at their ~special~ place by the lake. Noah ditched Gym — as anyone would, and went to go find Zoe.

She led him on a text scavenger hunt which he immediately thought was odd. This was confirmed when the killer called him from Zoe’s phone, telling him to keep going into the woods or else Zoe was gonna meet the end of his knife. So Noah did as he was told.



Then the killer showed up and stabbed Noah in the gut. It didn’t seem fatal, but it still probably hurt like hell. Noah said something witty before the killer knocked him out




Back at school, Audrey and Emma both received a live stream link from the killer — it led them to a video of Noah who was knocked out and bleeding. Then the killer called the girls, telling them it was time to play hide and seek and Noah was the one hiding. Horrible game. 0/10.


Noah woke up and started to freak the f*ck out. He figured out that he was buried alive and that there was a camera recording him. He gave a rather lengthy monologue about how he wasn’t going to play into the killer’s games and he was going to conserve his oxygen. What he didn’t know was that Emma and Audrey were watching him talk, waiting for any clue he could give.


As Audrey and Emma tried to figure out where Noah was buried, Noah had started to hallucinate. He saw Zoe and the two of them talked about Stuff — he admitted that he was scared and Zoe comforted him. Even though it was all in his head, it was still very sweet.




Emma and Audrey had found a clue which was taking them to a farm where daffodils grew. Apparently it was vital to their friendship; it was where they first met. Audrey was sharing some sweet memories of the place until Emma stomped all over them by revealing she had found a letter that Audrey had written to Piper.

In the letter, Audrey was very much pissed; calling Emma a princess and a bitch. Audrey tried to explain but Emma was Not Hearing it. So the rest of the ride was spent in silence.



Through this whole episode, there were flashbacks involving the sheriff and Maggie. It just left me more confused than anything, but the sheriff went to the pig farm because the memories meant something to him.

There he found a secret room with a bunch of pictures and newspaper clippings. To him, it meant Brandon James was back. (but didn’t he die??) Maggie was sure of it, but still wanted to try and contact him using a secret way AKA probably a Ouija board or something.



Once at the daffodil farm, the girls started looking for Noah, but instead got a video of the killer slicing Jake open. They were in the exact place that Jake had been sliced and diced. 🙁



Tensions were high as the girls looked frantically for Noah. He was running out of time and no where to be found. The girls got into another yelling match and Emma demanded answers to what she had done to deserve Audrey’s wrath.

Audrey yelled back that Emma broke her heart. 🙁 Audrey loved Emma and Emma had taken Audrey’s heart and squashed it without even realizing it.

But before Emma could say anything, the two heard Noah faintly singing some child’s lullaby.


They rescued Noah just in time! But then they found a phone that had a live stream of Zoe being trapped in a box that was filling with water. Uh-oh.




The team figured out that Zoe was at the docks. Emma and Audrey wanted to take Noah to the hospital, since he had been, like stabbed. But Noah was insistent that they save Zoe first.




Unfortunately, they were too late. It seemed that the “live stream” was a recording and Zoe had already drowned in the box. It was horrible to see Noah make his crying face as he stared at his dead girlfriend.

First Riley and now Zoe. Both of his girlfriends were killed by the killer. The dude literally can’t get a break.



The killer had called the sheriff, telling him to get to the farm where Audrey, Emma and Noah just were. There, he and Maggie found a dead pig strung up and decorated with a crown and a mask, missing the heart and Seth Branson’s hand dangling from the rafters. Whatever that means.



While the police and EMTs responded to what happened at the lake, the killer called Emma and Audrey to gloat. He basically said that he would always win no matter what. What a little shit. He’s probably gonna die.



After comforting Emma, Maggie went out to contact Brandon James. She stuck a note into a tree that had some special meaning to her and Brandon back in the day.

Eli stepped out from behind the bushes after witnessing Maggie stick a note in the tree. And, again, I don’t know what that means, but he looked Freaked Out.


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