‘Scream’ 2×11 Recap: “Not All Angels Are Innocent.”

screamEven though this is the second to last episode of Scream, I still have no clue on who the killer is. Even though this episode ended with a taunting “To be continued,” the episode gave us more than enough Fresh Content to hold us over until the finale. Of course, we’ll be on the edge of our seats until then, but still.

This episode was titled “Heavenly Creatures” which is a 1994 movie with Kate Winslet as one of two young girls who decide to kill one of their mothers and escape to their own little world. If anything, this is a parallel to the relationship that Emma and Audrey have — and maybe that’s to say they’ve actually been the ones killing everyone. Hmmm.

Anyway, let’s dive into this week’s Scream.




Right off the bat, we see the killer sneaking into Emma’s house like super late at night. He goes into her room, where she’s dreaming about butterflies and rainbows, and looks around before spotting her dream journal on the dresser.

He opens it–with his knife, like a killer does, only to hit something which causes Emma to wake up. When she looks over, she doesn’t see anyone in her room, but hears some commotion downstairs.



The killer was no where to be found when Emma got downstairs, but she did find a wooden heart with her name cut into it. Cute, but creepy. Probably clashes with a lot of things. So she quickly called for her mom who called the cops.



Maggie and the sheriff had a  little chat in the kitchen as Emma was being consoled by Kieran. Maggie wanted to leave the whole Brandon James issue alone and focus on who else could have ties to Piper. The sheriff quickly came to the conclusion that Ms. Lang could be a prime suspect.



The next day, the sheriff questioned Ms. Lang only to find out that she didn’t really know Piper — it was a big orphanage and the two barely played together.

The sheriff also asked Ms. Lang about her cassette tapes and the personal interviews on them. Ms. Lang fessed up, saying that she was doing an informal something on the survivors of last year. She also admitted that Emma seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with Piper and the craziness Emma had been through probably wasn’t helping. Uh-oh.



The Gang went to go visit Noah in the hospital, bringing him coffee and movies. Noah shot down both of his gifts — seemingly very shaken up and depressed about what he had been through. He told the gang that he wanted them to take down his murder board and that he was finished with the podcast. 🙁



After visiting Noah, Brooke went back to the hotel room she had been staying at with Stavo. They watched her dad’s speech about being together in the dark times before making a pact to go home to their respective homes.




While Audrey and Emma and Kieran took down Noah’s murderboard, Emma found a newspaper clipping from Will’s (HAHA REMEMBER HIM?!) funeral. Eli was in the background, which meant he was in town. So what does THAT mean??





Audrey went back to Noah to give him an update on the murderboard. It had been officially taken down. She also gave him the photo strip from the photo booth from the carnival. Audrey told him that she knew what he was going through (remember, Rachel?) and that she was there for him.

Noah then decided to do one last podcast dedicated to Zoe, which I thought was really sweet since Zoe was the Morgue’s #1 Fan.



As Noah talked about his plans, Audrey received a text from the killer which made kinda sorta sense? IDK, but she ran off back to Kieran and Emma to tell them about it.




Back at Emma’s house, the three of them came to the conclusion that Eli was probably the killer. Kieran immediately wanted to go after him and probably punch him or sternly talk to him. Emma quickly grabbed him and tried to calm him down by telling him that if Eli really was the killer and Kieran confronted him, then it would be Bad News.



Meanwhile, Eli was going through the Mayor’s office because he was looking for a way to stay in town. His mom did burn down the house he and Emma were chillin’ in but now the Mayor wanted her out of town. Eli didn’t want to leave so he went to get leverage from the Mayor.



Stavo went to go visit Noah in the hospital, telling him not to stop doing the podcast. According to him, Noah was the only one who was actually telling it like it was.

Then Stavo sent Noah a comic book drawing of Noah to get him Pumped Up!! And it worked — Noah was doing one last podcast.





Kieran snuck into his own house, waiting until his aunt and fifteen year old cousin went to go have a beer (???) on the porch. He went into Eli’s room and Facetimed (??????) the girls as he looked for some evidence.



He did find something! He found all of Audrey’s letters to Piper that were hidden behind Eli’s bed. Pretty damning evidence if I say so myself.




Even more damning evidence was the stack of old photos of Emma that were stuck in between the letters. This pretty much stamped Eli as the killer, but just to be sure, the girls decided to go to the pig farm while Kieran returned the letters into Eli’s bedroom. Eli did see Kieran go into his room and was just like ??? so IDK if he was mad or genuinely curious as to why Kieran was in there.




Brooke returned home to sass her dad once more. Her dad actually looked relieved that Brooke was home and I’m sorta proud of Brooke for being the better person and going home — since Stavo didn’t.



When Noah tried to upload his not final podcast, he ended up being hacked by someone. An alternate file was uploaded and instead of a podcast it was a short film by the killer which put together the pieces and showed how Emma and Audrey were most likely the killers.



Brooke even watched it, seeing Audrey pick at Jake’s dead body. The sheriff’s department saw the video as did Noah and everyone else. So on a scale from great to a disaster, this is sharknado times 500. 2x11_51




Of course, the girls didn’t know about the video — they had just pulled up to the farmhouse. Emma suggested Audrey look outside while she looked inside.




Emma found a secret room in the farmhouse and quickly called Audrey to get her ass up there. The two of them found the journal that the killer probably stole out of Emma’s room the night before. It was open to the page where Emma goes into detail about stabbing her friends. The two wondered why the killer had left it open to that page specifically.



Mayor Maddox had gone to the pig farm to meet with the person who texted him about his documents in his office, who I assume was Eli, only to be stabbed with a pitchfork and left for dead.


The girls had found the mayor in the barn and tried to stop the bleeding. Only problem was the fact that the cops showed up at the same time. So they found Emma and Audrey with bloody hands and a dead mayor. Welp.



So the girls were arrested while Maggie and Kieran — who both showed up too for some reason, yelled about it.



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