‘Scream’ 2×12 Recap: “Evil Hits Home”

screamThis Tuesday, we wrapped up a very haunting season of Scream. From bloodshed to tears to even more bloodshed, we’ve finally unmasked the killer and let’s just say the “who done it” was less exciting than the “why done it.”

In the process of finding out who the killer was, we lost a brave soul, hurt another, and relationships were tested. Let this be a lesson to all of us, when a stranger calls, don’t pick up the phone.

Ironically enough, the finale was called “When A Stranger Calls” otherwise known as, “the movie that scared me away from babysitting until I was fourteen.”  Basically, it’s about a girl who’s being tormented by a stranger calling and harassing her from inside the house she was babysitting at. Caller ID is a blessing and a curse, folks.

But anyway, let’s get to recapping!





We start the episode off where we left off last week. Emma and Audrey were still arrested and in the back of the police car. Audrey was yelling at the officer about how they didn’t do it, but the officer didn’t give a shit.

And since he was paying attention  to the girls instead of the road (never take your eyes off of the road, folks) he almost ran over someone in the middle of the road! But he swerved and ran into a light pole instead, which was like mildly better I guess.



The killer showed up (!!!) and killed the officer (because the crash didn’t I guess) before going around to terroize the girls. But instead of stabbing them right then and there, the killer just dropped the handcuff keys off and ran away. Kinda sweet?



Anyway, Emma and Audrey were on the lam, running far and wide across Lakewood as the sun rose. They got into a gas station and wanted to use the cashier’s phone, but it turned out that the killer had called the gas station FOR Emma. How’d they get the number??

The killer told Emma that he didn’t want the game to end so that’s why he let the girls free. But he also threatened that if the girls were to go back and turn themselves in or call the cops, that someone was gonna die. Okay, we get it, you kill people. [deep sigh]





Brooke was sadly cutting up oranges when Stavo knocked (OMG) on the door before coming into the Maddox house. He tried to comfort Brooke before turning the focus onto how guilty Audrey and Emma looked. Brooke stood up for her gal pals though and shut down Stavo’s theories about the girls killing anyone. Score a hundred for Brooke for defending her girl squad.




Even though Emma and Audrey couldn’t go to the cops or anything like that, the killer didn’t say anything about going to boyfriend’s houses. So Emma climbed through Kieran’s window to talk to him and kiss him while he was shirtless. They mostly talked though, about how Emma and Audrey were released and what the plan was.




Then Eli came home, barging in right after Emma (and Audrey) dive bombed out of Kieran’s window. Apparently, Kieran threw his cousin under the bus and sent the police after him. There was some shady comments thrown around before Eli stormed off again.




Brooke went to go visit Noah at the hospital to talk about her dad being murdered — since her BFFS were on the run and her boyf was an insensitive jerk face. The two bonded over the murders of their loved ones.

Then, Emma called Noah to give him an update. She even tried to fix an unbroken bridge between her and Brooke. She admitted to the two of them that her and Audrey were hiding out in the movie theater until they could come up with a plan. Obviously, that was a call to assemble.





Once everyone was at the theater, (which was ironically playing “When a Stranger Calls”) Brooke received a call from the killer, which Emma handled with grace. (JK) Emma basically invited the killer to come to the movie theater. Good job? Maybe?



There was a cute little montage scene where the gang all got weapons from the movie theater in order to defend themselves. Emma also reminded them that they didn’t have to stay with her and risk their lives. But, of course, they stayed. #TeamFriendship




While waiting for the killer to show up, Noah went Meta on Brooke, even though she asked him not to. He talked about how they were at the unmasking stage and how it was the final showdown.

Then, he joked about him being the killer, which he quickly retracted when Brooke threatened to kill him with the hook she was given as a weapon. [squinty eyes @ Noah]



Backstage, (is there a backstage at the movies?) Emma and Audrey were chatting about how the killer wasn’t going to show. Even Kieran called in to give his opinion on the situation. Basically, everyone thought Emma’s idea wasn’t going to work.





While Audrey, Emma and Kieran were talking, Noah was faced with his own dilemma. Stavo showed up cause apparently Brooke texted him. Brooke claimed innocence and found it fishy that Stavo showed up while they were waiting for the killer. Even Noah had to agree, sending his bae bro off.




Not long after Stavo angrily left, a movie started to play in the theater. The group (sans Audrey) ran into the theater to see a montage of all the deaths that had happened throughout the season. Emma ran to turn off the film before anyone else could be emotionally damaged. (Too late tbh)



But when Emma cut the movie, she also cut the power! Brooke reached for her phone, just in time to come face to face with the killer!

In an attempt to escape, Brooke was stabbed rather fatally and left for dead. Emma ran onto the scene and started shooting at the killer. He bolted and Emma ran after him, but never caught up to him.

The cops were called and Emma had to high tail it out of there before she was caught. There was no sign of Audrey throughout this whole thing and Kieran reported the back door was open so *hopefully* she got out before the cops came.





Stavo showed up at the hospital — in tears, wondering how Brooke was doing. She had gone into surgery since her stab wound was so bad.

IMO, seeing a male tv character openly cry is one of the manliest things a character can do. So props to the writing team for that.

Anyway, Noah tried to reassure him that it was all going to be okay. I mean, Brooke survived multiple stab wounds and hypothermia last season and came out better than ever. She was gonna be fine, right??



The sheriff was there — for obvious reasons– and ended up comforting his son in the most fatherly-son exchange we’ve seen from these two all season (aka a knee pat)

Noah interrupted this by pulling the sheriff aside to give him a new suspect. The sheriff was still suspecting Audrey and Emma, even if there was too much evidence, but Noah threw out another name to be considered. Eli. Ohhhh yea.



While hiding out in Brooke’s car, Emma found a cute picture of the three girls. She cried a bit to herself, which was totally fine, before she received a snapchat from the killer. He had Audrey and told Emma to come face the mask before Audrey was killed.



Emma showed up at the orphanage. (TBH this took me a while to figure out) Ready and willing to face the mask once and for all. But before she did, Kieran called her to make sure everything was okay. They exchanged some words, an “ILY” before hanging up.



After hanging up with Kieran, the killer called Emma, teasing her about why she was there. Emma just wanted to get it done and over with and so did I. I was more anxious than anything.



While Emma was on the phone, she was attacked by the killer and then chased him up the stairs. She went into one of the open rooms to find a tied up, unconscious Audrey.




BOTH KIERAN AND ELI SHOWED UP OUT OF THE BLUE. Kieran was worried about Emma so he had Noah ping her phone and he came to find her. Eli had followed Kieran from the hospital and was bleeding and holding a knife in his hand.





In a very tense few minutes, with a lot of yelling, Eli tried to convince Emma that Kieran was the bad guy while Kieran was trying to convince Emma that Eli was the bad guy. Eli had a long list of reasons why Kieran was the killer; apparently been stabbed by Kieran outside of the orphanage and called the cops on Kieran, he showed up in Lakewood to confront Kieran about the restraining order (remember the girl in Atlanta?) ((Kieran had done some shit and blamed it on Eli))

Kieran tried to blame it on Eli; saying that Eli had stabbed himself and even done all those terrible things. Eli, in a fit of rage, went to stab Kieran, prompting Emma to shoot Eli in defense.






TURNS OUT KIERAN WAS THE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was right, so that’s all that matters, tbh.

No, but Kieran just kinda outed himself by saying the same thing that the killer said to Emma on the phone. Then it looked like he was having a seizure as he Joker-style laughed his way into admitting that, yes, he killed all those people.


Ah, then in a valiant attempt to redeem himself, Eli tried to swing a loose bedframe pole at Kieran, but Kieran shot him a bunch of times (without looking so props) and Eli slid down the wall, leaving behind a trail of blood. 🙁




Okay, so basically, Kieran and Piper were a thing long before he met Emma. And he was the accomplice that helped Piper. There was a great moment between him and Emma where he admits to being the second killer and how that was Piper’s big surprise.

According to Kieran, it was all fun and games, espeically when someone got murdered. He was having the time of his life with Piper and playing Emma like a violin.

Then the girls went and killed his Piper, he even said “My Piper.” which grossed me out a little ngl. With Audrey ruining his plan, he decided it was only fair to torment her too.

The whole scene overall was fantastic. I have to give props to Amadeus for pulling this switch off so seamlessly. He quickly turned from Dad-boyfriend to Psycho Killer in a matter of seconds and it was fantastic.




In an attempt to save each other, Emma went off in one direction while Audrey stayed handcuffed to the radiator, both of them trying to get Kieran to go after them. Kieran was obviously torn; he wanted to kill both of them.


Emma hid out in some abandoned toy storage room, luring Kieran to her. Kieran had uncuffed Audrey from the radiator and brought her with him as he searched for Emma.


In an tussle, Emma got the gun on him. She started to shoot at Kieran, missing, but scaring him into backing into a pole. There, Audrey lassoed her chains around his neck, yanking him and keeping him trapped at the girls’ mercy.





Obviously, it would be an easy out for Kieran if Emma were to just kill him. But Emma was smarter than that. Instead, she decided to let him live his life away in jail. Get wrecked, Kieran.


After Kieran was taken away in handcuffs and everything was slowed down to a montage to show Audrey and Emma being the final girls once again, we fast forward three months to catch up with our faves.

Noah is still doing his podcast for all his loyal listeners, chatting about how he was right but also wrong.


BROOKE SURVIVED SO THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. She is now eating take out with Stavo and his dad and talking about television. Cuties.


These two are having girls’ nights out complete with Magic Mix — aka, dumping chocolate into popcorn so every handful is a surprise.


Maggie got a response to her note to Brandon James and let’s just say it wasn’t gr8. There was a knife and some blood. Yeaaaaahhh


And finally, Kieran, donning orange, gets a call from someone who calls him out on wearing the mask. AKA it’s pretty certain that Brandon James is back…

dun dun DUN.

And with that, we conclude another season of Scream. It’s been a KILLER time, y’all. Stay safe.

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