‘Scream’: Happy Almost Halloween…Not.

scream-halloweenHAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! On October 18th there’s a special 2-hour episode of MTV’s Scream. It’s full of everything you know and love about Scream: blood, murder, mystery, making out, and of course, your faves.

In the 2-hour special, the gang is seemingly all recovered from Kieran’s murderous rampage. We’ve got Noah and Stavo teaming up to create a best selling comic book series based on what went down in Lakewood. (BROS) Emma’s still dealing with the press and having to make some Big Decisions, according to Maggie (IDK about what though) Audrey’s got a new girlfriend (maybe?) telling her that it’s totally understandable that her friend group needs some time away from Lakewood.

Enter in a prime opportunity: Noah and Stavo’s editor (who is probably the killer) drags the bros to Shallow Grove Island, and obviously the whole gang comes along for some R&R.

Only the gang’s R&R quickly turns into S&GTFOTI (Survive and Get the F*ck Off the Island)

Apparently, this chick Anna Hobbs, killed her entire family. Even better? She was wearing a mask. Sound familiar?

A storm starts to brew, forcing everyone to stay on the island and from there, everything just starts spiraling. The group thinks Kieran’s back to get his revenge on the Lakewood six, while the survivors of Anna’s rampage think it’s Anna. Either way, it’s not gonna end well.

TBH, they all should’ve pulled a LC and stayed home with their respective signficant others.

(via tumblr)
(via tumblr)

Take a look at the trailer below and make sure you tune in on October 18th to find out who’s behind the mask(s)!!!

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