‘Scream Queens’ News: All the ‘One Tree Hill’ Feels

In case you were considering skipping tonight’s episode of Scream Queens, I’m here to tell you that tonight may just be the most important episode of the season. Remember this picture that had us all swooning?

Chad and Chad

Well, Chad Michael Murray is making his appearance tonight! Chad (Radwell) is taking Chanel to his family’s house in the Hamptons for Thanksgiving, and CMM is playing the role of his brother, Brad Radwell. All those Lucas Scott fans out there (including me) are in for a treat! *SWOON*

Also in Scream Queens news:

Oliver Hudson, who plays Grace’s Dad, was interviewed on Watch What Happens Live last week and he totally revealed some spoilers about season 2!

Hudson says he has some ideas about what will happen on the second season, but was hesitant to say anything. That is, until he slipped up and told us that season 2 will be set at a summer camp. Hmm…a very good setting for a horror show. Any ideas on plot arcs?

Ryan Murphy also revealed that the second season will add about 10 new characters and one of the characters will be a huge male pop star. This season we got Nick Jonas, so who could season two bring along?

Don’t forget! Only FOUR characters are moving on to season 2! Have your guesses changed? Let me take a quick guess again: Zayday, Chanel #1, Grace, and Pete. Although, I can’t really see Chanel being very cooperative at a summer camp.

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