‘Scream’ Halloween Special Recap: “The Trick Was to Stay Alive.”


As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, Scream decided to make it a little bit more frightening by giving us a ~spooky~ Halloween special. SCREAMoween if you will.

I personally love when shows do this. It makes me happy? Kinda? Like all shows should have holiday-centric specials. It should be a law.

Okay, anyway, in Scream’s Halloween Special, we were treated to a few tricks (hehe) and got to see our Lakewood Six in action once again. Except this time, they were facing off a masked killer with a pair of garden shears.

I’m hoping this special was a thinly veiled homage to Halloween and Halloween 2. The premise of the special does involve a crazy girl who killed her family, so I think so. We’ll see.

Let’s get to recapping!

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We start off the episode with Killer Kieran’s hearing. The judge basically sentenced him to die in jail, which is totally what Kieran deserves. After the hearing, Kieran is in the holding cell while the guards joked about what he did.

While waiting to leave, Kieran looked up to see a masked dude in the vents. He tried to warn to guard for some reason, but it was too late. The masked dude killed the guard before letting Kieran out of his cell.


Kieran didn’t get to do much with his “freedom” the masked dude sliced Kieran’s throat open and killed him on the floor of the holding cell. R.I.P dude, bro. Hope they have hair gel in hell.



Meanwhile, Emma and Maggie are chatting about Emma’s Halloweekend plans. It’s a bit of a sore spot since that was when Piper revealed herself. Maggie thought it would be a gr8 idea to go visit some colleges. Apparently, Emma hadn’t even applied to college yet, which was like, Not Good.



But before Maggie could pester Emma more, Brooke showed up to break the “Kieran’s dead” news to Emma. Emma honestly, couldn’t care less, which was understandable.



Throughout the past eight months, Stavo and Noah had written a horror comic best seller. And now, their editor wanted a new story. Apparently, Noah was the “best writer” the editor had ever seen, but like, the kid’s like 18? Idk, seems sketchy.


Thanks to their editor, Noah and Stavo had an all expense paid vacay to an island so the pair could do research for the next book. Of course, they invited their friends and the group was ready to get out of Lakewood for Halloweekend.



Eight months later and Audrey has a new girlfriend. Her name is Gina and she and Audrey are v v much in love. Audrey even asked her to come on the mini vacay with her and group. Gina politely declined, saying that Audrey and her friends needed some time away from Lakewood. V supportive.



Okay SO the island had a nickname of “Murder Island” because there was this girl who went crazy and killed her whole family. Even better? The guys knew about it and just “forgot” to tell the girls. So Not Great.




Once the group got to the island, it seemed tensions were already running high between Stavo and Brooke. Brooke was applying to NYU and Stavo was not going to college at all. Stavo wanted to know if Brooke really wanted him to follow him to NYU. Trouble in paradise. 🙁




Getting a quick tour of the island, Stavo, Noah and the editor end up in a museum to find out more about the Anna Hobbs murders. Noah wasn’t feeling the story, thinking it was more legend than an actual story.




While the boys talked about island legends, Emma and Audrey ran into a hottie with a body while grocery shopping. His name was Alex and he was flirting with Emma so like maybe some Halloweekend fling?



As a pure stroke of luck, as Emma was telling Brooke and Audrey about Alex, he showed up to go fishing!!! Emma explained why she was on the the island and Alex revealed that he actually lived in the house where the murders went down. Yikes!




Still on research mode, the bros showed up to the grounds-keeping house, trying to talk to the grounds-keeper. All of them assumed Billie would be a boy, but leave it to Scream to oppose gender norms. Billie’s a chick!



Billie agreed to tell the story of Ann Hobbs to the gang at their campfire party. The story goes that Anna went psycho and stripped down naked to kill her family and some random Whitten dude, before killing herself.  Scary.



What was even more scary was that after Billie had told Anna’s story, she went back to her house, only to be MURDERED by someone wearing the mask! Dun dun DUN.



Oh right! Alex asked Emma out to lunch. So Emma was trying to ~be~ someone else while she went on a date with Alex. They chatted about his tragic past and Emma hid hers because on this Halloweekend she was just Emma. Nothing else.


While Emma was on her date, Stavo, Audrey and Noah went to go visit Billie, only to find a gruesome thing. They thought that it was joke, until Stavo realized it was real blood. So they called the cops.



The cop showed up and took a look at the scene, confirming that it might be serious. Then a storm started to roll in and the cop told them all they had to stay on the island. Major Bummer.



After Emma’s date, she got back to the house as the storm rolled in. No one was home yet, so it was little scary when the corded phone started ringing. Emma answered it to hear a familiar voice on the end of the line, telling her to look out the window. That’s when Emma found Billie’s body. Things were quickly spiraling.



Soon, everyone was home, in time to learn that there was probably a killer on the loose. Brooke believed it was Kieran’s killer come back to finish off the Lakewood survivors. Noah started to get super meta about the whole thing, thinking it was Freddy vs. Jason and everyone was just FREAKING OUT.



And tHEN, Gina showed up!!! She found the dead cop on the porch, demanded answers and then said that the boat she came in on had already left. So all of them were stuck on the island, with a killer on the loose.

Emma thought they could use Alex’s boat, but it turned out Alex’s boat was also gone. So they were seriously stuck. Ugh.



Back at Alex’s house, Emma and Alex had a nice h2h about why Emma and Co weren’t freaking out about the whole ordeal. Emma explained what had happened and Alex gave credit where credit is due.



Okay so the editor like DISAPPEARED halfway through the episode only to return during the storm. No one wanted to let him in because they didn’t trust him and thought he was the killer.

Eventually, they did let him in, only to lock him in a closet. So. Either they just saved themselves, or he’s gonna be the only one to survive. We’ll see.



The boys had decided to go out to Alex’s truck to try and get the radio going so they could talk to someone since the phones weren’t working. While they were out there, the boys had a nice little chat where Stavo realized that Noah had a severe case of survivor’s remorse. Poor guy.




Back in the house, Alex had set out a nice meal for whoever was around. He gave some speech about Buddist philosophy or something, idk. All I could think about was how Brooke just casually stood by, watching it all go down as she drank her wine. Iconic. halloween_57


Turns out that Audrey’s girlfriend had gotten to the island early and spent her time creeping on Audrey. Weird.

So Audrey confronted her about it and Gina projected her past onto her current relationship and honestly, it did not look good on Gina. So she could potentially be the killer. Ugh.



JK JK. ALEX IS THE KILLER! He killed the editor dude (who escaped, whatever, I don’t care about him tbh) Anyway so Alex killed this dude, which wasn’t cool. And he’s the killer.


Meanwhile, the rest of the gang (sans Emma) went in search for Some Answers. Just generally, they didn’t know that Alex was the killer. But they did find a secret passage-way. So of course, they had to go through it.


And THEY FOUND THAT IT LED TO BILLIE’S HOUSE. So Noah managed to come up with the real story of Anna Hobbs. That the Whitten guy had killed all of Anna’s family and Anna had killed Whitten in self-defense. Then she had died from her wounds because she had been stabbed during the fight. Poor gal.



And another realization came to the group when they figured out that Alex wasn’t actually Alex. Which meant Emma was in danger. Yikes!!



Emma was locked in a room–ironically, by Alex, and came face to face with the killer (Alex). She fought him off and grabbed his weapon before she shoved him back out the door.



A few moments later, Alex showed up, pretending like nothing had happened. It was a stupid game he was playing and I was already over it. Ugh.



OH! Emma found the REAL Alex Whitten. He had been killed and stuffed in a dresser. Gross.



Yeah, so again, Emma had been betrayed by a pretty face. 🙁 “Alex” came back in yelling about how he had done everything for her and it was getting v v tiring listening to the speech again. Whatever.



Emma didn’t give two shits about what had actually happened to “Alex’s” parents. She was just planning her next move. But “Alex” was faster and he grabbed all the weapons and shoved her against the door, telling her that it was all for her. Whatever. Again.



So Emma played along. She knew what he wanted to hear — I mean, she had been dealing with this shit for over a year now. So she had it down pat.

But when she had a chance, she made her escape. She stabbed “Alex” with the gardening shears and went running up the stairs.



Yeah, so Emma went all “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” and it was actually the greatest part of the whole special. We finally get to see Emma embracing her family name; it makes her strong. She’s a Duval, BITCH!

Oh and “Alex” went flying off the balcony and ended up dead. So, everything’s been resolved. halloween_85




Everyone made up and all was right in the small town of Murder Island. Audrey and Gina were gonna try to make it work, Brooke was dragging Stavo to NY and there were no buts about it. Emma got tatted with her last name as a ~reminder~ TBH I’m just glad it wasn’t a dreamcatcher or an infinity symbol.



But we weren’t done yet. We see Emma’s dad standing at Kieran’s grave, looking like he was a cat who had just killed a mouse. Then we hear the lady at the motel welcoming a “Mr. James” to Lakewood. Dun DUn DUN.

The Halloween Special did a very nice job of setting the third season up. We find Emma embracing her whole self, last name included, and realizing that the shit she went through made her a strong badass. The gang’s all still alive, for now, so everything’s just peachy keen. For now.

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