SDCC 2016: A Chat With the Cast of CBS’s Scorpion

Following an epic cliffhanger, Scorpion season three is bound to have us on our toes. We caught up with Jadyn Wong (Happy), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby), and executive producer Nicholas Wootton at San Diego Comic Con and asked them about all things Scorpion.


Jadyn Wong and Eddied Kay Thomas in the Scorpion press room.

Obviously, our first questions centered around a certain proposal. Okay, it centered around THE proposal. Who is Happy married to and would we get our answer in season three?

“Season three starts just a few hours after season two ended. So, a lot of questions and loose ends established at the end of season two we’re gonna have to deal with right away.” Thomas answered. “Its a sticky situation we’re in.”

“I can’t say too much. I’ll just say, she’s conflicted, and that’s it.” Wong teased.

Executive producer Nicholas Wootton went on to tease us even further, “We have sufficiently kicked up so much dust with that one admission from Happy. We have a long way to clean this all up.”


Nicholas Wootton in the Scorpion press room.

We all know that the heart of Scorpion doesn’t lie with the complex plots, special effects, or technology. It lies within the characters and their relationships with each other.

“We really learned more about what we could do technologically and emotionally with these (season two) episodes. The more we put into them, the more we get out.” Wootton commented.

Thomas went on to remark on how he is grateful to be part of such a multi-dimensional show as Scorpion. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to be on a show that has those emotional scenes. I get to do action, I get to do comedy, I get to do romance.”

Finally, with any spy show, there has to be some dimension of paranoia. Have on-screen situations ever affected their off-screen lives?

“There are moments when I ask a little bit more about some of the facts or the cases and perhaps it might be loosely based on something… It kinda stops me for a second, I don’t wanna think about that.” Wong commented.

As for Thomas, “I look at the show as an escape. Life is too short to get worried about these things too much. Hopefully, we’re bringing some relief from those very real problems.”

Scorpion season three will return to CBS on Monday, October 3rd.

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.