Inside SDCC Offsites: SYFY’s Human Claw Machine

Creating a buzz-worthy offsite event at San Diego Comic-Con has become a badge of honor for networks and studios in recent years. These immersive installments allow fans to have a unique, hands-on experience and command lines to rival the infamous Hall H. One of our favorites at this year’s convention wasn’t strictly related to any one fandom, but it sure was a good time. Please allow us to introduce you to SYFY Network’s Human Claw Machine.

The Human Claw Machine is pretty much what it says on the tin. After signing a waiver (of course), I was helped into a harness and helmet before being strapped into a life-size claw machine and lowered into a pit of limited-edition prizes. The prizes were all hidden in SYFY-branded mystery boxes, so it was a game of chance.

All in all, the experience only took about a minute, but it was so fun (and, okay, a minor adrenaline rush). When you’re spending most of the weekend standing in lines and braving the crowds of the convention floor, it’s so great to actually be able to do something and get off your feet.

Wondering what was in the box? I scored a Wonder Woman Funko Pop!, as well as some cool SYFY sunglasses and a t-shirt. Not bad, considering most claw machines leave you empty-handed.

All in all, I would consider SYFY’s Human Claw Machine exactly what I want to see from an SDCC offsite. It doesn’t take up your whole day, it’s a unique experience that makes for a great Instagram post, and you walk away with swag. Here’s hoping they bring it back next year!

syfy human claw machine sdcc

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