‘SEAL Team’ Photos: “Never Get Out Of The Boat”

Deployment has added a whole new dynamic to SEAL Team and we’re about it. Every week it’s one thing after another and it’s something that we can’t wait to see. The drama, the intrigue, the missions. We’re all about what happens next.

There aren’t many episodes left in the season, but we’ll be on the edge of our seat for every single one. Next weeks episode is entitled, “Never Get Out of The Boat” and here’s the synopsis –

Jason leads the SEAL Team on a dangerous daytime mission where Sonny is wounded and must now rely on Clay and his brothers to save his life. Also, Jason sees more of Amy, and Clay struggles with his long-distance relationship with Stella, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, March 21 (9:01-10:00 PM, ET/PT). 

Oh Jason, what have you done?


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